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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 8.0 VF

It's been awhile since I've written anything in "The Vault" section of Total Comic Mayhem, so I thought I'd share my latest and most recent snag. 

I've been talking about this one for a long time. The first appearance of The Punisher is one of the most sought after Marvel first appearances from the bronze age, and a major Spider-Man key over-all.

The Punisher was also one of the first comic characters I really got into and started collecting.  I really loved the Death Wish movies starring Charles Bronson, and The Punisher comics reminded me of the movies. I still have the entire run of the first Punisher on-going series #1-24 that I collected as a kid.

Created by writer Gerry Conway, the Punisher concept was originally an antagonist that would later become a hero and was originally called The Assassin. Thank God, Conway believed the word was too closely associated with negative views. However, Stan Lee recalls that he had an unimportant character who was one of Galactus' robots called the Punisher, and suggested the name to Gerry Conway. Conway went for it. John Romita Sr. helped with the costume design, especially The Punisher logo, which was originally sketched as a small logo on the breast. John Romita Sr. blew up the skull and added the cartridge bandolier as the skull's teeth. Ross Andru was the first artist to pencil the character in comics.

After having this bronze age key comic on my want list for quite some time, I knew it was time to get it. I didn't want this issue in mid-grade. That I knew, and for most of this year, I tracked the sales of this comic on ebay, mycomicshop, and ComicLink. 

Due to my budget, I decided on a CGC VF copy that was up for auction on ebay. I got it for $467 (that's with shipping included), and from my data it was around the average value for that book at CGC 8.0. CGC VF copies are now dropping above $500 to the mid $500 range, with one even selling for $600, so I got a pretty ok deal.

The funny thing is shortly after I got it, I told Gerry that it wasn't as exciting as when I received my Giant Size X-Men #1 back from CGC. I mean, I was ecstatic about finally having this major Spidey key issue and in a decent grade, but I wasn't overly ecstatic. 

Now, I'm a lot more satisfied with the investment choice. As Gerry once told me, "I don't want a copy just to have it," when we were talking about the option of a low grade copy for a comic he wanted. I didn't want a low grade or mid-grade copy for ASM #129 just to have a copy, either.

I'm real interested in seeing how this one performs next year. February 2014 marks the 40th anniversary of Amazing Spider-Man #129! That's right, the Punisher will be 40 years old.

Looking for ASM key issue comics? Be sure to visit the link to see my list of Amazing Spider-Man key comics. Or, you can see more comics in The Vault section of Total Comic Mayhem.

Thanks for reading and see ya next time!


  1. Wow, great job scoring that key issue! Looks like a beaut! And on top of that, you've got a Giant Size X-men 1? You sure know how to make a fella feel jealous, man. By the way, if you ever get tired of looking at them, you can just send 'em my way. ha-ha. Heck, I'd be happy just getting one of those at a 6.0. Keep the good stuff coming! And happy collecting!

    -- Jeff

  2. Heya Jeff, how goes it? Always great to hear from you! Thanks, I've been gunning for this key issue Spider-Man comic for quite some time now! I'm really excited I got had to take time to grow on me. Any new snags yourself?

    1. Yeah, I've finally managed to nab a slabbed Amazing Spider-Man 121, in the VF range. Wanted to get that baby before the next movie came out.


    2. Great snag, my buddy Gerry is also gunning for ASM #101 and 121! Don't know what grade he has in mind for it though. Is your copy unslabbed or CGC?

    3. Oops, nevermind, just read the "slabbed" part of your comment. Hahaha...sorry, been staring at the computer screen way too long! Great snag, and the trailer for the new Amazing Spider-Man flick comes out the 5th of December. I'm really interested in seeing it. I hope they show the Rhino, because I'm a bit worried about how he's gonna look.