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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Iron Man Key Comics Part Two

Welcome to part 2 of the list of Iron Man Key Issue comics from The Invincible Iron Man volume one series. If you've have not read Part 1, you can click the link to read that and jump back here when you're good and ready.

Iron Man #31
  •  First appearance of Kevin O' Brien
Unless you're a super Iron Man fan, this is a hugely lesser known key issue first appearance of a not so well known Kevin O' Brien. However, he does end up becoming the very first Guardsman. Not a very sought out minor key, but not exactly an easy find on the market either.

ebay - A few unslabbed copies available for sale on the worlds biggest flea market. Three CGC copies located, including a nice Signature Series 9.6 signed by Stan Lee displayed below:

Invicible Iron Man #33 cover

Iron Man #33
  •  First appearance of Spymaster
We are talking about the original Spymaster here. This industrial espionage character has been quite a pain for Tony Stark and Stark Industries, and quite a few have taken up the mantle of this super villain. However, Iron Man #33 holds the original and the original Spymaster died without anyone ever knowing his true identity.

mycomicshop - Only a few unslabbed copies, lower grade copies here. Quite affordable still.

ebay - Only a handful of unslabbed copies at the blue link. No CGC found at the time of this writing on ebay.

Iron Man #43 comic image
Iron Man #43
  • First appearance of the Guardsman

The first time that Kevin O'Brien dons the Guardsman that Tony Stark builds for him. The Guardsman starts off as a good guy, saving Iron Man and Tony Stark, but the armor ends up driving him insane as well.

ebay - Another not so easy find. Only a handful of unslabbed copies within the search results on ebay. Only CGC copy located here on ebay and is displayed below:

Invincible Iron Man #46 cover picture
Iron Man #46
  • Death of Guardsman

The original Guardsman didn't last very long, and the character Kevin O' Brien dies in this issue.

mycomicshop - Only one unslabbed Very Good copy is waiting to be added to someone's Iron Man collection.

ebay - A few unslabbed copies, in which one (at time of writing) is advertised as a VF. There is, however, a CGC 9.6 located in the search results, as well as a PGX 7.5. You can click the blue ebay link and be brought directly to the ebay search results for Iron Man #46 to check them out. You will have to scroll a bit.

Iron Man #54 comic cover
 Iron Man #54
  • First appearance of Moondragon
Created by Bill Evertt, who also created the character of Namor the Submariner, Moondragon is quite a well-known character for fans of Thor and Thanos. Her father's soul is bound to Drax the Destroyer's body. With the Guardians of the Galaxy movie gearing up to be an epic Marvel cosmic movie, there's a good chance her character may be introduced on the big screen in the upcoming sequels.

ComicLink -


Iron Man #55 cover
 Iron Man #55
  •  First appearance of Thanos
  • First appearance of Drax the Destroyer
  • First appearance of Starfox
  • First appearance of Kronos
  • First appearance of Mentor
This Iron Man key comic has been on Total Comic Mayhem quite a few times and should need no introduction as it is the first appearance of Thanos as well as Drax the Destroyer. However, this issue written by Jim Starlin hosts a mega of Marvel Comics first appearances within its cosmic rogue gallery.

We also get the first appearance of Starfox, Kronos, and the Mentor (Thanos' father) in this bronze age key issue. Since the Avengers movie debuted Thanos on the big screen, and Guardians of the Galaxy confirmed that Thanos will also have a part in that movie as well, Iron Man #55 has been on high demand since.

mycomicshop - Two CGC mid-grade copies available. One is a 7.5 and the other a 6.5. Looks like the 9.6 I located awhile back was snagged, which isn't surprising. If this key Iron Man comic is still on your menu, you may want to click the link and check it out. 

ebay - Of course, there's a whole lot of copies of the first appearance of Thanos and Drax the Destroyer on ebay. No problem finding graded or unslabbed copies of this high demand comic.

Read Part Three by clicking the link below. Or, if you missed Part One, navigate your way below!

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