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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Iron Man Key Comic Issues Part 3

Alrighty, we are already at Part 3 of this key Iron Man comics list. To tell you the truth, there's a lot of minor key issues in this 3rd part, with the exception of one, perhaps.

Iron Man #65 cover

Iron Man #65
  • Origin of Doctor Spectrum
As I was saying earlier, a minor key issue for a not so well known character. There are quite a few incarnations of Doctor Spectrum due to the whole alternate universe thing. One incarnation is a hero closely identified with the team Squadron Supreme. 

However, in this universe, Doctor Spectrum is a villain, and the character, created by Roy Thomas Baker and Sal Buscema, was actually based off of Green Lantern. Wow! 

Anyways, Doctor Spectrum's first appearance was in Avengers #69, and he was part of the super villain group the Squadron Sinister.

ebay - A few unslabbed copies on ebay. Quite a few mid grade copies and high grade copies.

ComicLink - Two CGC 9.6 copies available.

Iron Man #73 comic cover

Iron Man #73
  • Stark Industries changed to Stark International
 Yep, Stark Industries really hits the big time in this issue, and because it becomes such a gigantic company, it needed a name change to identify it as such. Not an extremely important key issue, but it does have a great battle between Shell-Head and the 3rd Crimson Dynamo in it. 

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mycomicshop - A few unslabbed copies here as well. Highest is a low VF. 

ebay - Handful of unslabbed copies. Some are extremely affordable. You will have to shop around on ebay, but, hey, isn't that whole fun of it? Did not see any CGC copies of this issue there.

Iron Man #74 cover
Iron Man #74
  • Death of Crimson Dynamo (Alex Nevsky)
 It's the end of Alex Nevsky's career as the Crimson Dynamo, and of course, the Crimson Dynamo character is just too good to permanently get rid of so someone else will take up the mantle. And that's just what happens.

After his death, the KGB confiscates his armor to use for their own purposes. Although this is a highly unknown and not so sought after key issue, the story line and arcs to these issues are just amazingly good. I would get them just to enjoy their stories, but these may just become great investment comics in the future as well.

NewKadia - Keeping up with the unslabbed goodness, there are four copies here. Highest is a VF and the lowest a low FINE. You will need to scroll down a bit.

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Iron Man #86 comic cover
Iron Man #86
  • First appearance of Blizzard
There are many who take up the mantle of the Blizzard, originally known as Jack Frost, and this super villain is well known in Iron Man's rogues gallery. This is the first appearance of the original Blizzard, who first appeared as Jack Frost in Tales of Suspense #45.  

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Iron Man #87 cover image
Iron Man #87
  • Origin of Blizzard
Of course, every villain needs an origin, right? Of course, they do. This is it in this issue. Not much more to say about that in that regard. Not a very sought out key issue, so it's still considered a sleeper. The question is will this key issue awake from its slumber. So far the answer is no, and it's still pretty affordable.

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ComicLink - If high grade CGC copies is what you're about, it's best to check ComicLink as they do have more options available for this issue. 

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