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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fantastic Four #1 Value

Fantastic Four #1 comic cover
When it comes to this comic do I really need to explain it's importance? After all, it is the first superhero comic that was published under the Marvel Comics brand.

Before it was Atlas Comics, and even before that, it was Timely Comics when Captain America, Namor the Submariner and the original Human Torch were created in the golden age of comics. However, during the time of Atlas Comics, superhero comics were out and not selling well. Which is why you see mystery and science fiction stories in the very early issues Tales of Suspense, Tales to Astonish, and Journey Into Mystery. 

During the 60s, DC Comics revamped many of their superheroes (Green Lantern/Flash) and made a major comeback in the superhero genre. They also put out Justice League of America #1, and Stan Lee was ordered to create a superhero team for Marvel Comics. 

The result was Fantastic Four #1, which introduced the iconic team of Reed Richards as Mr. Fantastic, Sue Storm as the Invisible Woman, her brother Johnny Storm as the 2nd Human Torch, and, of course, everybody's favorite, lovable Thing a.k.a Ben Grimm. FF #1 in 1961 was Marvel's comeback into superhero comics during the silver age.

There's no doubt that Fantastic Four #1 - the first appearance of the Fantastic Four, is one of the most coveted silver age key issues to own. But, hey, let's get to the point of why you're really here - the Fantastic Four #1 values.

Overstreet 1982-83 Guide 12th Edition:

Mint: $1,200 
Fine: $550 
Good: 175 

Overstreet 1990-91 Guide 20th Edition:

Near Mint: $2,650 
Fine: $1,060 
Good: $265

Overstreet 2002-03 Guide 33rd Edition:

Near Mint: $32,000 
Very Fine: $9,350 
Fine: $2,526 
Very Good: $1,684 
Good: $842

  Overstreet 2013-14 Guide 44rth Edition:

Near Mint(low): $105,000 
Very Fine: $27,000 
FINE: $6,000 
Very Good: $4,000 
Good: $2,000

Talk about some pretty huge jumps in value from the last ten years for grades of VF and low NM. Low near mint went up $73,000 dollars in ten years and very fine did a nice $17,650. That's an increase of $1,750 each year for very fine, and an increase of $7,300 every year for a low near mint copy.

A pretty darn good investment if you ask me. With Josh Trank helming the Fantastic Four reboot, this issue is sure to get another kick in the ass in value as well. If you haven't already, be sure to visit my list of top Fantastic Four key issues to view and seriously think about adding some more value to your comic collection.

Thanks for reading and until next time!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Scarlet Witch Actress Confirmed for Avengers Age of Ultron!

To say that I'm only excited about the Avengers Age of Ultron sequel would be an understatement. I'm super excited about seeing where they take the franchise next.

However, I do have to admit that I'm not all that excited about the latest casting confirmation for the Scarlet Witch. And it has nothing to do with the fact that she's Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's sister. Well, okay, very little to do with it.

Yep, we're talking about Elizabeth Olsen, and she will be stepping into the role along side Aaron Taylor Johnson as the sister/brother duo of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. I'm not all that upset about Aaron Taylor Johnson as the mutant speedster, and I'm not all that upset about Elizabeth Olsen being cast as the Scarlet Witch either. However, I just don't see Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch. I'm not talking about acting prowess. I'm talking about actual looks. Sure she can die the hair red and all, but the Scarlet Witch is suppose to be overtly sexy, sultry, and alluring.

She has a certain look that Ms. Olsen just doesn't. Not to say that Elizabeth Olsen is not attractive. Sure she is, but in a cute, girl-next-door way. The Scarlet Witch doesn't look like the girl next door. There's just that X factor that isn't there.

And why are we being introduced to these characters when they are kids or teenagers? What's going on with that? I have no wish to see a teen version or a barely old enough to drink Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in an Avengers movie. That really just limits the options of who can best play the character. For example, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter resembles Wanda Maximoff a lot more than Elizabeth Olsen. Appearance wise, I would believe Atwell to be the character.

And, of course, if you look at the comic panel to the left, I see very few resemblance of Olsen in the actual comic character, except for the color of eyes. That's just my opinion, though, and I do think an actress should, at least, look pretty close to a comic character if they're going to portray them. To further my point, there is a striking resemblance of the Scarlet Witch in the comics to a certain actress that became an instant American icon with an unforgettable T.V. show during the 70s! Yes, I know, she's a bit old to play the character now, but I'm talking about looking like a comic character. If you haven't guessed it yet, it's Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame. 

From the picture at the left, don't tell me you couldn't see her in the Scarlet Witch costume and pull off the character at least visually.

The point is, Lynda Carter looked like the character of Wonder Woman. She even looks like the character of the Scarlet Witch. Elizabeth Olsen just doesn't make me think of the Scarlet Witch from the first glance. Or the second. Or the third.

Then again, I could be surprised. Olsen has stated that she is really getting into the character (why aren't there actresses that are already comic geeks to begin with?) and is mindful of not screwing up the character. Every actor says that line when stepping into the role of a character that has a fanatic fandom.

So as a fan of the character, I have to admit that I'm worried about this casting decision. I have more confidence that Ben Afleck can pull off Batman better than this call, and he can maybe even pull off the Scarlet Witch better as well. Then again, this is just all my opinion. What do you all think?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Avengers #55 Value

We all should know that the first full appearance of Ultron in Avengers #55 is on the hot burner right now since the character will be the main villain in the upcoming Avengers sequel slated for 2015 release. Lot's of collectors are gunning for this issue.

However, before the movie hype shot the demand for this issue into overdrive, it was pretty much a sleeper throughout the decades. This is a late silver age comic, mind you, published in 1968, so there should be quite a few more copies floating around than earlier silver age comics.

Anyways, let's see how well this comic has performed in the last few decades. 

Overstreet 1982-83 Guide 12th Edition:

Mint: $3.00
Fine: $1.50
Good: .50 

Overstreet 1990-91 Guide 20th Edition:

Near Mint: $9.00
Fine: $4.00
Good: $1.30

Overstreet 2002-03 Guide 33rd Edition:

Near Mint: $45
Very Fine: $29
Fine: $12
 Very Good: $8
Good: $4

Overstreet 2013-14 Guide 44rth Edition: 
Near Mint (low): $90
Very Fine: $35
Fine: $15
 Very Good: $10
Good: $5


ebay: $550 (CGC 9.0) Nov 2013
ebay: $830 (CGC 9.4) Nov 2013
ebay: $132.49 (unslabbed 7.0 FINE/VF) Nov 2013
ebay: $99 (unslabbed 5.0 VG/FINE) Nov 2013 

As we can see, this comic is going way over Overstreet guide for many of it's grades on ebay of all places. If they're selling above guide on ebay, you can be sure they're selling above guide most everywhere else as well.

But, as you can see from the data, this comic hasn't really performed all that well throughout the decades from VF and down. From 2002 to 2012, it went up only $6 in ten years at VF!

Wow!  As an investment, I think this will no doubt keep going up, but very slowly for most grades. This is a super long-term investment - within the 20-30 year range for VF and lower copies. Actually, I wouldn't bother with mid-grade or low-grade copies for this issue.

I think once the movie hype dries up for Avengers #55, prices may fall and level off, with the exception of high grade NM copies within the 9.4 - 9.8 range, which are now at ridiculous prices and may just level off once the hype dies. Lower than 9.2, you'll have a long wait to recoup your investment if prices do fall once the hype is gone. I predict low to VF unslabbed copies of this issue will take a nice dip once the hype is gone. Perhaps, even low to mid grade CGC copies as well.

I can't foresee this first appearance key issue of Ultron being like Iron Man #55, first appearance of Thanos, which has kept pretty steady in value since its big boost in demand. Mostly, the reason for this is because Thanos is known to still be a presence in upcoming Marvel movies. It's not known if Ultron will be a one shot villain, or if he will be set up to be a presence in other future Marvel movies. It's really too soon to tell. 

I have been wrong before, so getting this key issue now when the hype is strong is really a tough call to make. Personally, I did not put stock in this comic, nor Avengers #54, in which Ultron is disguised as the Crimson Cowl. 

My best advice on investing in this comic book now from looking at the data? Get high grade! NM 9.2 at the lowest! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

HIGH GRADE ALERT! Marvel Premiere #15 CGC 9.4 Signature Series!

Marvel Premiere #15
1st appearance of Iron Fist
Intro Daniel Rand
Origin of Iron Fist

Published May1974 
Writer: Roy Thomas

 Artist: Gil Kane

High Grade Key Issue Located:
mycomicshop - Looking for a high grade investment worthy copy of the first appearance of Iron Fist? Well, mycomicshop has just the one for you concerning this bronze age key issue. One CGC 9.4 copy has been located here. I know, it's only a 9.4, but that's not all to this Marvel Premiere #15 copy. 
Before you check out the price and think otherwise, it should be noted that this CGC 9.4 copy is also a Signature Series. Whose signature? Well, none other than from the legend himself, Stan Lee! Investment comic worthy? You betcha!
Okay, so sure this a Marvel first appearance comic! Okay, sure it's the first appearance of Iron Fist, who has a pretty small, cult following among Marvel Comic fans! Sure, it's a bronze age key issue.
Big whoop, right? Wrong!

Can we say television show coming soon? As Kevin Smith would say: Believe it, sir!

When some of us were hoping for a live action movie of Daniel Rand and his adventures as the supernatural martial artist Iron Fist, we are getting the next best thing. That's right Marvel and Disney and Netflix are partnering to bring us a live action television series of Iron Fist, as well as a few other characters as well.

Want more info on the subject. Just click this blue link to read more about the Iron Fist television show coming soon.

But back to the subject at hand! Will this bit of news give the comic a boost in demand? Well, that's the big money question.

So far, no, it hasn't, but the news is still fresh out there. It hasn't quite caught on just yet. Keyword being: yet!

If the series is a hit, expect the demand and value of this bad boy to get a nice jump upward! I got this comic quite a few years back unslabbed for cheap. I need to get it CGC graded soon.

Despite the television series, this bronze age key issue first appearance of Iron Fist is still no lightweight. No, sir! High grade NM copies are already near or past the thousands mark. It will only get worse if Iron Fist becomes a popular T.V. series.

Besides, it's signed by comic legend Stan Lee! "'Nuff Said!" If you're looking for bronze age comics to invest in, Marvel Premiere #15 is one you should have or be on the hunt for!

Looking for more high grade comic investments and key issues? Be sure to check out the High Grade Alert and Key Issue Alert sections, as well as the On The Hunt section for lists of key issue comics by various titles. 

Marvel Partners With Netflix For Live Action T.V. Shows!

Well, it seems Marvel and Disney issued a press release earlier this month about some pretty big news concerning some Marvel Comics' favorite comic characters getting their own live action T.V. shows! Yep, you heard that correct.

Partnering with Netflix, some of Marvel's more street-level characters will get the light of day or be revamped into live action projects. One of these characters will be none other than Daredevil (Matt Murdock), and the Man Without Fear will be leading the pack in 2015. This show about the crime fighting adventures of Matt Murdock as Daredevil will be exclusively available on Netflix only. Please, please, please, I hope they start him off with the yellow and black costume and after a few episodes give him the classic red costume!

Iron Fist comic art
However, Daredevil isn't the only character to jump into live action T.V. As much as I was hoping for an Iron Fist live action movie, it seems he has instead been downgraded to one of the characters who will get his own T.V. series. It's cool that he will finally be brought to life on television, but let's face it: A movie would've been much cooler. Or, would it have been? Perhaps, those at Marvel realized that the character just wouldn't translate well in a full feature. Or, perhaps this T.V. series are setting up the character to gain more popularity for a soon-to-be possible silver screen debut.

Luke Cage Powerman image
Another character who will get some T.V. licking good spotlight is none other than Iron Fist's Hero For Hire partner Luke Cage, Powerman! Jessica Jones from the comic series Alias is also scheduled for her own show as well. So far the word is that all of these characters will then assemble for a Defenders T.V. show. Not exactly the Defenders I remember in the comics, so I'm scratching my head about that one.

Alias Jessica Jones art
Each character will have a minimum of four 13 episode series, which is pretty cool. I'm intrigued to see the first live action attempt for Iron Fist and Luke Cage just as comic fan.

As for the comic investing part of my brain, I'm hoping the T.V. shows will be super successful in gaining more popularity for these characters and their key issues will also see a nice jump in demand. Let's be truthful now - That would be friggin' great, and when it happens, I'm keeping a keen eye on my Marvel Premiere #15, first appearance of Iron Fist. If you're looking for a high grade copy, click the link to see where I've located a very nice CGC 9.4 Signature Series!

Personally, I'm pretty excited about this batch of news, and I'm hoping that this road Marvel and Netflix are taking will pave the path for these characters to eventually hitting the big screen in the future someday. Well, I mostly mean Luke Cage and Iron Fist, but I'd also love to see Daredevil get a reboot movie as well.

But who knows? Maybe the folks at Marvel and Disney have just decided that these characters will do better in a television series than a big budget blockbuster. Only time will tell, but keep a lookout for this happening in 2015. Looks like that year is gonna be huge for comic fans!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Iron Man Key Comic Books Part 4

Winding down to the last few Iron Man key comic books to this list here. This is Part 4. Of course, if you've missed the previous postings, you can navigate your way back using the links at the very bottom of this list. We've got some important keys in part 4, so let's get this done with!

Iron Man #118 comic book cover

Iron Man #118
  • First appearance of James Rhodes
An important and major key issue within the Iron Man titled series. As we all know James Rhodes is an important character in the Iron Man mythos, and was in all the Iron Man movies from the get go. First played by Terrence Howard and then Don Cheadle, James Rhodes has become a popular character in Marvel Comics, especially when he dons the armor of War Machine.

ebay - A few copies here. Nice selection on CGC high grade copies. Saw two 9.8s. Unslabbed copies are way cheaper, as expected.

mycomicshop - Only one copy available at a FINE grade!

Iron Man #120 comic image

Iron Man #120
  • First appearance of Justin Hammer
AI think we all remember the cartoonish representation of Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2, but this villain in the comics is nothing to laugh about. A major threat to Tony Stark's company and Iron Man's safety, Justin Hammer's first appearance is marked in Iron Man #120. It's a key worth noting and contemplating about getting as an investment, despite the movie hype has well died down.

ebay - Nice selection here. Only two CGC copies. One a 9.4 NM and the other a 9.8!

NewKadia - 3 mid grade copies here, all affordable!

mycomicshop - 3 unslabbed copies. Highest is a solid VF!

Iron Man #128 comic image
Iron Man #128
  • Classic Tony Stark Alcoholism Cover
This is a pretty sought out Iron Man key issue, and it's popular mainly for it's cover by Bob Layton. This issue is the last of the nine part story fan favorite Iron Man story arc "Demon in a Bottle" by writer David Michelinie and Bob Layton.

ebay - As expected, CGC high grade copies are already in the hundreds. Unslabbed copies are more affordable, but most are mid grades. Higher grade unslabbed are still up there.

mycomicshop - I was expecting the folks at mycomicshop to have some high grade CGC copies of this issue since it's quite sought after. A beautiful 9.6, a solid 9.4, and a nice 9.2 available here.

Iron Man #170 comic pic

Iron Man #170
  • James Rhodes as Iron Man
It seems Tony Stark just can't keep off the bottle, so someone has to fill in for him to keep the world safe, right? Well, there's no one else better than James Rhodes to replace Tony for a while and don the Iron Man suit. This issue begins James Rhodes as Tony's replacement until the genius millionaire gets his act together.

Not too bad for an Iron Man key comic. It's demand is moderate, but high enough to make this a bit more valuable in higher grades.

Newkadia - Two copies. One a solid VF, and the other a low VF. Super affordable and perfect gifts.

ebay - Great selection here. Lots of unslabbed copies and some really high CGC 9.8s for under a hundred bucks! This key issue is in moderate demand.

mycomicshop - Unslabbed copies. No CGC, but the highest is a solid NM for under $10! Not too shabby!

Iron Man #200 cover picture

Iron Man #200
  • Tony Stark returns as Iron Man
  • New silver and red armor
  • First appearance of War Monger
I still have this issue from my childhood collection of Iron Man comics. Little did I know then that War Monger would appear some odd years later in the very first Iron Man movie. However, this is the first Iron Man armor that I laid my eyes upon, the silver and red armor, and this issue is the first appearance of that armor. Ah, such great memories. This is an investment worthy comic, but only in high near mint grades.

ebay - Very easy key issue to find on ebay, and not very expensive at all. Lacking on the high grade CGC copies, however, at the time of this writing.

Newkadia - Two copies here. One a solid NM! The other, not worth getting for a copper age book, unless you wanna just read it.

mycomicshop - Surprised that there are no CGC graded goodies here. Only unslabbed, and the highest is a VF? Oh well, at least it's extremely affordable.

Iron Man #282 comic cover

Iron Man #282
  • First appearance of War Machine
One of the few investment comic worthy copper age issues to get within the Iron Man titled volume one series. War Machine has become a popular supporting character in the Iron Man comics and has even made it to the big screen. This issue is more in demand, a definite newer Iron Man key issue to consider, and will cost you a bit more.

ebay - Tons of copies here, both unslabbed and slabbed. A wide selection of grades as well, quite a few high grade CGC copies in the search results. 9.8s are already in the hundreds. Click the link to check out the ebay search results for this key issue.

mycomicshop - Quite a few copies here as well. Two CGC copies for sale. One a 9.8 and the other a 9.6! The rest are unslabbed.

Iron Man King Size Special #1 comic book cover

Iron Man King Size Special #1
  • First Iron Man Annual
The very first Iron Man annual issue, which is always a  good investment. Back then they called them King Size Specials before the whole "annual" bit came into play later on. Not a difficult comic to find.

 ebay - Quite a bit of unslabbed copies available in the ebay market place for this issue. Mostly low to mid grades, but very affordable. On the high grade front for this issue on ebay, two high grade CGC copies available. First is CGC Signature Series signed by Stan Lee at a low NM 9.2. The other is a pedigree from the Western Penn collection.


mycomicshop - 3 unslabbed copies. Two are solid FINEs and  the other a low grade copy. Very affordable.

Alrighty, that's all folks. In this entire list we have seen a few key issue comics that are worthy Iron Man comics to invest in soon, and some that are majorly in a slumber. 

If you missed any part to this series, you'll be able to navigate to any part you desire. Also, if you missed my Tales of Suspense key issue list, click the link below to read all about that. There a quite a few Iron Man key issue comic books in that list as well.

Iron Man Key Comic Issues Part 3

Alrighty, we are already at Part 3 of this key Iron Man comics list. To tell you the truth, there's a lot of minor key issues in this 3rd part, with the exception of one, perhaps.

Iron Man #65 cover

Iron Man #65
  • Origin of Doctor Spectrum
As I was saying earlier, a minor key issue for a not so well known character. There are quite a few incarnations of Doctor Spectrum due to the whole alternate universe thing. One incarnation is a hero closely identified with the team Squadron Supreme. 

However, in this universe, Doctor Spectrum is a villain, and the character, created by Roy Thomas Baker and Sal Buscema, was actually based off of Green Lantern. Wow! 

Anyways, Doctor Spectrum's first appearance was in Avengers #69, and he was part of the super villain group the Squadron Sinister.

ebay - A few unslabbed copies on ebay. Quite a few mid grade copies and high grade copies.

ComicLink - Two CGC 9.6 copies available.

Iron Man #73 comic cover

Iron Man #73
  • Stark Industries changed to Stark International
 Yep, Stark Industries really hits the big time in this issue, and because it becomes such a gigantic company, it needed a name change to identify it as such. Not an extremely important key issue, but it does have a great battle between Shell-Head and the 3rd Crimson Dynamo in it. 

NewKadia - Ah, finally something at NewKadia. Of course, all are unslabbed, as NewKadia doesn't sell CGC graded comics. The highest is a solid VF, the second highest a low VF, and the lowest a solid FINE. All are extremely affordable, plus if you've never bought from them before, use the discount code new4 during checkout to get extra savings.

mycomicshop - A few unslabbed copies here as well. Highest is a low VF. 

ebay - Handful of unslabbed copies. Some are extremely affordable. You will have to shop around on ebay, but, hey, isn't that whole fun of it? Did not see any CGC copies of this issue there.

Iron Man #74 cover
Iron Man #74
  • Death of Crimson Dynamo (Alex Nevsky)
 It's the end of Alex Nevsky's career as the Crimson Dynamo, and of course, the Crimson Dynamo character is just too good to permanently get rid of so someone else will take up the mantle. And that's just what happens.

After his death, the KGB confiscates his armor to use for their own purposes. Although this is a highly unknown and not so sought after key issue, the story line and arcs to these issues are just amazingly good. I would get them just to enjoy their stories, but these may just become great investment comics in the future as well.

NewKadia - Keeping up with the unslabbed goodness, there are four copies here. Highest is a VF and the lowest a low FINE. You will need to scroll down a bit.

mycomicshop - More unslabbed copies for those who care not for graded copies. Highest is a mid-grade copy for collectors more on a budget. Once again, extremely affordable Christmas gifts concerning key issues. 

ebay - Quite a nice selection of extremely affordable unslabbed copies that would make excellent Christmas gifts for sure. However, if you're all about high grade copies, I was only able to locate two so far on ebay, which are featured below.


Iron Man #86 comic cover
Iron Man #86
  • First appearance of Blizzard
There are many who take up the mantle of the Blizzard, originally known as Jack Frost, and this super villain is well known in Iron Man's rogues gallery. This is the first appearance of the original Blizzard, who first appeared as Jack Frost in Tales of Suspense #45.  

NewKadia - Five copies here. Highest is a low NM, and the lowest a VG+. Extremely affordable and would make a great Christmas present for the comic collecting fan in your life!

mycomicshop - Loads of copies here, but unfortunately highest grade is only a 7.0 FN/VF. Also, all are unslabbed.

ebay - Quite a few unslabbed goodies here and extremely affordable. Remember, many of the issues on this list are not highly sought out. A lot of collectors don't even know these issues are key issues. Did not find any CGC copies on ebay for this issue.

ComicLink - Seems like the place to find high grade CGC copies for this issue is over at ComicLink. A nice CGC 9.8 awaits.

Iron Man #87 cover image
Iron Man #87
  • Origin of Blizzard
Of course, every villain needs an origin, right? Of course, they do. This is it in this issue. Not much more to say about that in that regard. Not a very sought out key issue, so it's still considered a sleeper. The question is will this key issue awake from its slumber. So far the answer is no, and it's still pretty affordable.

NewKadia - Six copies available! Highest is a VF+! These minor key issues are still greatly affordable.

mycomicshop - More unslabbed goodness with highest grade once again FN/VF.

ebay - Same deal as the rest of the issues on the 3rd part of this list. Quite a few unslabbed, but only found one high grade CGC copy on ebay featured below:


ComicLink - If high grade CGC copies is what you're about, it's best to check ComicLink as they do have more options available for this issue. 

Ready for Part 4? Just click the link to jump on over there!

<< Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 >>

Iron Man Key Comics Part Two

Welcome to part 2 of the list of Iron Man Key Issue comics from The Invincible Iron Man volume one series. If you've have not read Part 1, you can click the link to read that and jump back here when you're good and ready.

Iron Man #31
  •  First appearance of Kevin O' Brien
Unless you're a super Iron Man fan, this is a hugely lesser known key issue first appearance of a not so well known Kevin O' Brien. However, he does end up becoming the very first Guardsman. Not a very sought out minor key, but not exactly an easy find on the market either.

ebay - A few unslabbed copies available for sale on the worlds biggest flea market. Three CGC copies located, including a nice Signature Series 9.6 signed by Stan Lee displayed below:

Invicible Iron Man #33 cover

Iron Man #33
  •  First appearance of Spymaster
We are talking about the original Spymaster here. This industrial espionage character has been quite a pain for Tony Stark and Stark Industries, and quite a few have taken up the mantle of this super villain. However, Iron Man #33 holds the original and the original Spymaster died without anyone ever knowing his true identity.

mycomicshop - Only a few unslabbed copies, lower grade copies here. Quite affordable still.

ebay - Only a handful of unslabbed copies at the blue link. No CGC found at the time of this writing on ebay.

Iron Man #43 comic image
Iron Man #43
  • First appearance of the Guardsman

The first time that Kevin O'Brien dons the Guardsman that Tony Stark builds for him. The Guardsman starts off as a good guy, saving Iron Man and Tony Stark, but the armor ends up driving him insane as well.

ebay - Another not so easy find. Only a handful of unslabbed copies within the search results on ebay. Only CGC copy located here on ebay and is displayed below:

Invincible Iron Man #46 cover picture
Iron Man #46
  • Death of Guardsman

The original Guardsman didn't last very long, and the character Kevin O' Brien dies in this issue.

mycomicshop - Only one unslabbed Very Good copy is waiting to be added to someone's Iron Man collection.

ebay - A few unslabbed copies, in which one (at time of writing) is advertised as a VF. There is, however, a CGC 9.6 located in the search results, as well as a PGX 7.5. You can click the blue ebay link and be brought directly to the ebay search results for Iron Man #46 to check them out. You will have to scroll a bit.

Iron Man #54 comic cover
 Iron Man #54
  • First appearance of Moondragon
Created by Bill Evertt, who also created the character of Namor the Submariner, Moondragon is quite a well-known character for fans of Thor and Thanos. Her father's soul is bound to Drax the Destroyer's body. With the Guardians of the Galaxy movie gearing up to be an epic Marvel cosmic movie, there's a good chance her character may be introduced on the big screen in the upcoming sequels.

ComicLink -


Iron Man #55 cover
 Iron Man #55
  •  First appearance of Thanos
  • First appearance of Drax the Destroyer
  • First appearance of Starfox
  • First appearance of Kronos
  • First appearance of Mentor
This Iron Man key comic has been on Total Comic Mayhem quite a few times and should need no introduction as it is the first appearance of Thanos as well as Drax the Destroyer. However, this issue written by Jim Starlin hosts a mega of Marvel Comics first appearances within its cosmic rogue gallery.

We also get the first appearance of Starfox, Kronos, and the Mentor (Thanos' father) in this bronze age key issue. Since the Avengers movie debuted Thanos on the big screen, and Guardians of the Galaxy confirmed that Thanos will also have a part in that movie as well, Iron Man #55 has been on high demand since.

mycomicshop - Two CGC mid-grade copies available. One is a 7.5 and the other a 6.5. Looks like the 9.6 I located awhile back was snagged, which isn't surprising. If this key Iron Man comic is still on your menu, you may want to click the link and check it out. 

ebay - Of course, there's a whole lot of copies of the first appearance of Thanos and Drax the Destroyer on ebay. No problem finding graded or unslabbed copies of this high demand comic.

Read Part Three by clicking the link below. Or, if you missed Part One, navigate your way below!

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