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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NewKadia $250 Gift Card Give Aways All Through October!

Last month NewKadia gave away 10 free $100 gift cards everyday. That means there was up to 300 winners in the month of September who got gift cards of $100 to spend however they saw fit at NewKadia. That's pretty awesome!

However, if  you didn't win anything, don't fret. NewKadia is still bringing the awesome! Now, for the whole month of October, there will be a chance to win a whopping $250 NewKadia gift card. Actually, there will be 155 chances to win in October! Every day one person will be randomly drawn to win a $250 gift card, and 4 will be randomly picked to win $100 gift cards to NewKadia!

That's a lot of comic  books or a nice silver or bronze age key issue comic book to nab.

Just like the last two drawings, if you made a purchase from NewKadia between August 1, 2005 and Sept 26th 2013, you are automatically entered into the drawing. There is no purchase necessary to enter and win, however. 

You can still enter the drawing for free even if you've never shopped at NewKadia before. All you have to do is 

A. Send one email between Sept 28, 2013 and Oct 27, 2013 to 

B. In the email type your first name and last name, and the city where you live. 

C. Only send ONE email. If you send more than one email, all of your entries will be disqualified. 

Then each day check the NewKadia site to see if you've won. It's best you visit the site above to learn exactly what to do to enter. Each day they will post the winners they drew by name, city, country (if you're outside the U.S.) and the first few letters of your email address.

If it's your lucky day and you see yourself on the winners page, you have exactly 24 hrs to claim your prize. Just do it the moment you see it, and send in a claim email to

Be sure to use the same email address you used to purchase comics there or the one you used to enter the contest if you've never purchased from NewKadia before. Add "I'm a winner of a Gift Card" to the subject line of your claim email. I suppose you can put your full name within the email as well.

You will only receive the $250 gift card from NewKadia if you send in this email claim and follow their instructions correctly. It's best to view their contest page and read the information carefully.

So, if you just heard about this and want a chance to win $250 worth of comics, visit the blue link and head over to NewKadia to learn more on how to enter and win. If you've already purchased something from them between their required time frame, just keep checking the site everyday to see if you've won.

Good luck and hope you win!

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