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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Part 2 of the List of Incredible Hulk Key Issues

Alright, we're wrapping up the few last Hulk key issues within the Incredible Hulk comic Volume One seriesIf you haven't read Part 1 yet, you can click the link to do so.

I'm pretty sure you can guess what major key issue will be on this list, but there are a few other keys worth checking out also. Break out your want lists and let's get to it!

Incredible Hulk #180 cover imageIncredible Hulk #180 
  • First appearance of Wolverine

Only until a few years ago was this issue even regarded as a key comic book. Now, it's becoming increasingly sought after since it's been given the key issue status of first appearance of Wolverine. Actually, the first brief appearance of Wolverine, who was created by Len Wein and John Romita Sr. and first drawn by legendary comic artist Herbe Trimpe. The rest is comic book history!

This comic has awoken from it's slumber and has been climbing steadily and ridiculously in value within the last five years. - Ah, those awesome cats over at mycomicshop brings us the high grade goodness for this major key issue. A splendid CGC 9.6 and PGX 8.5 are here for the taking. PGX copy is considerably cheaper as expected. There's also CGC 5.5 that's ridiculously over priced and tagged higher than the PGX 8.5. Huh? 

ebay - Quite a few CGC options for Incredible Hulk #180 in the search results on ebay. A few high grade copies as well. Some unslabbed copies. This comic is getting more and more expensive.

Incredible Hulk #181 cover pic
Incredible Hulk #181
  • 1st full appearance of Wolverine

I've mentioned this comic quite a few times on Total Comic Mayhem, and as I've said before if this isn't one of the holy grail Marvel first appearances ever, it's definitely one of the top Marvel first appearances from the bronze age of comics. Is there any other character from the bronze age of Marvel in which they try to put him or her everywhere and in everything? Wolvie is the most popular character in the X-Men comics after all, and there are plenty of Uncanny X-Men key issues with him in it.

In the past this was known simply as the first appearance of Wolverine, but now it's the first full appearance of Wolverine. Still, this is the holy grail of bronze age investment comics, and will cost you some mulah to get even in Very Good grades, which I personally wouldn't go below for this issue. - two CGC copies located here. One is a CGC VF and above the thousand dollar mark as expected. The other is CGC 4.5 VG+ and not very cheap either. Both are Signature Series, however. The VF copy is signed by Stan Lee, and the lower grade CGC copy is signed by both Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.

ebay - As expected, there's a wide selection of copies on ebay. A lot of unslabbed and CGC graded copies. No problem finding this comic here, because it's so in demand. A good deal may be a different story, however, but it's worth a shot to click the link and check them out.

Incredible Hulk #182 cover image
Incredible Hulk #182
  • Wolverine appearance
  • 1st Crackajack Jackson
  • Death of Crackajack Jackson 
  • First appearance of Hammer
  • First Anvil

Okay, to be honest, I don't think most really care that Crackajack Jackson is in this issue or that it's his first appearance. He did teach the Hulk how to spell and write if you must know, and he is the father of the Hammer. The real reason this issue is in demand and quite valuable is because it still carries over the Wolverine story arc from issue 180 and 181.

This is no sleeper bronze key comic, and it will cost you some bucks if you're gunning for graded copies. - Several copies here. One is a very nice CGC 9.4 copy for under $500. The other two are CGC 9.2s. One is a good deal at $225. There's also an unslabbed VF+ going for $145 dollars. Still a decent grade for this key issue.

ebay - No problem finding this bad boy here. A nice selection of unslabbed and CGC graded goodies. 9.4 CGC copies will cost you around $400-500 bucks. 

Incredible Hulk #330 cover
Incredible Hulk #330
  • First McFarlane Work on Hulk
  • Thunderbolt Ross Dies

I remember when I discovered Todd McFarlane's work on Amazing Spider-Man, I collected his entire run and got 'em for a buck a piece when I was kid. Then, I snagged all the work he did on the Incredible Hulk for about the same price. This issue is McFarlane's first artwork done on the Incredible Hulk series, but it's a double whammy of a copper age key issue. The Hulk's long time nemesis, Thunderbolt Ross, goes down for the dirt nap in this issue also.

This bad boy can be bought for well under a fifty bucks for high grade CGC 9.8 copies. I'm truly surprised that this copper age key is in less demand than Incredible Hulk #340, but for now it's an extremely affordable investment comic.

NewKadia - Super affordable. Two copies at decent grades are worth snagging here. One is a solid VF and the other a VF+! Both are lower than $30 bucks, the solid VF lower than $20 bucks. - A whopping high grade CGC 9.8 for $75 dollars. Also in stock are unslabbed mid-grade copies for less than $10.

ebay - High grade CGC copies can found for under a hundred bucks. Unslabbed copies in high grade are extremely affordable here on ebay for this copper age key issue. 

Incredible Hulk #331
  • Grey Hulk series begins

Going back to his roots, it was time Marvel shook things up with the Hulk and he went back to his original grey color for a short time. To be honest, I don't really care for the grey look, but that's just my opinion.

NewKadia - Three copies here, but only one resides as a high grade VF+. The other is a solid VF and the last is a low VF. Since this is a copper age minor key issue, it's extremely affordable. - Only super cheap/affordable unslabbed copies here. Highest is a VF. 

ebay - Very limited selection of high grade CGC comics above a 9.4. Unslabbed copies are available and super affordable.

Incrediblre Hulk #340 comic cover
Incredible Hulk #340
  • Hulk vs. Wolverine
  • McFarlane art

As much as Hulk fans love to see him go up against the Thing, we also love scraps between him and Wolverine! This issue is the 2nd Hulk vs. Wolverine bout in the Incredible Hulk series and one of the best of all time. 

This issue is also penciled by Todd McFarlane, making it even more in-demand. Within the Hulk title, Incredible Hulk #340 is one of the few valuable copper age comics and pretty in demand. However, you can still get a nice high grade 9.6 for under a hundred bucks if you shop around on ebay. A CGC 9.8 will cost you within the $200-300 range. - CGC 9.6 with WHITE pages available, as well as an unslabbed solid Fine copy for the taking. 

ebay - Unslabbed copies are no problem to be found here. There are a few CGC copies. Some high grade CGCs, but most are well above the hundred dollar mark, nearing or past the $200 dollar mark.

Incredible Hulk Special #1
  • 1st Incredible Hulk Annual
  • Fights Inhumans

Basically this is only a key issue because it's considered the first Incredible Hulk annual, but it is a valuable key comic. Guide has this for $200 at a 9.2 or low near mint.

NewKadia - Only one copy available at a FN-. Pretty cheap and under $30 bucks if you don't mind unslabbed copies. - A nice CGC 9.4 investment copy waiting to be added as another prized comic in a lucky key issue hunter's collection. Not a cheap buy for this one, but it is a signed Signature Series with Stan Lee and Jim Steranko's signatures. If the SS CGC series appeals more to your tastes, this may be the copy for you.

ebay - Surprisingly only a few copies of the King Size Incredible Hulk #1 are available that I found at the time of writing this list. Less than a handful of CGC graded copies. Nothing lower than a VF, but that can very well change.

Not too many important key issues within the Incredible Hulk titled series, but there are some important silver age Hulk key comics in the 2 part Tales to Astonish key issues list on Total Comic Mayhem. You can cruise on over and take a looksee by clicking the link, or if you haven't read Part 1 to this list, you can do so by using the navigation links below. 

Well, that's it for the Incredible Hulk volume one key issue list. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Be sure to share on facebook or twitter or email it to your friends and family. See ya next time!


  1. Hi! I'm just writing to say hi and to thank you for your excellent advise on comic investment. A little over two years ago I ran into your blog and it started me thinking into getting myself some key issues as an investment choice; then I proceeded to purchase a nice copy of Incredible Hulk 180 raw from ebay. (also a Captain America 100 but it's nowhere as nice) Today I received it after having it CGC graded and came back as an 8.0. For the price I got it in 2012 and what it's worth today it has turned out to be a bargain. SO THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

    1. Hi Laura, long time since I've heard from you. How are ya? That's awesome! That's what I like to hear and congrats on that snag. You're welcome and thank you for sharing that! It is nice to know that some are benefiting from this site and allways good to hear from you.

  2. Thanks! I'll be around reading your advise and see what else I can snag ;)

    1. I surely hope to see you around more often also. Always appreciate your comments, Laura. Thanks for chiming in! How is the first appearance of Henry Pym in Tales to Astonish? I remember you saying you got a copy of that a while ago!

    2. I wish it was TTA #35. The one I have is TTA #44 first Wasp. That one is still in the raw, but I reckon it's around the VG territory. I'd love to get number 35 though ;)

    3. The first appearance of Wasp is still a great investment comic. Any recent snags lately?

  3. Wanted to point out hulk 271. Rocket Racoon has gotten some attention with the Guardians movie.

  4. Huge fan here! Been following in the shadows for quite awhile. Love your posts! You may want to add Hulk #271 / #449! Best regards!

    1. Damn, I've been trying to do spring cleaning on this site for almost 2 years, but the market is moving so fast with all these new comic movies and tv shows, I keep get pulled away from updating these lists. One of these days I'll get to it.

    2. matt (prev. unknown)September 2, 2016 at 7:23 AM

      Thumbs up!!