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Saturday, October 5, 2013

HIGH GRADE ALERT! Green Lantern #87 CGC 9.4 Located!

Green Lantern #87
1st appearance of John Stewart
2nd appearance of Guy Gardner
1st Elliot S. Maggin story
Published Dec 1971 - Jan 1972 
Writer: Denny O'Neil & Elliot S. Maggin
 Artist: Neal Adams

High Grade Key Issue Located: - Once again the fine folks at have a stunning CGC 9.4 graded copy of Green Lantern #87, the 1st appearance of John Stewart, for sale. Off White to White pages, and it's been signed by Neal Adams. This is a CGC SS (Signature Series) copy, and was signed on 5/19/2012. A super great price for a Signature Series high grade CGC copy for this key issue, and with a highly desired signature of comic artist and legend Neal Adams.


This bronze age key issue published by DC Comics is a great, over-looked first appearance and key issue. It's actually pretty surprising that Green Lantern #87 doesn't cost more and the demand is just moderate. 

The first black Green Lantern ever, as well as the fact that John Stewart has become quite a popular comic character within the series and was also the featured Green Lantern in the popular cartoon series Justice League. He is a major recurring character in the Green Lantern mythos without a single doubt.

Not that it's all about John Stewart in this comic book issue, though. This key comic has plenty more key issue awesomeness and also happens to have the 2nd appearance of yet another popular Green Lantern that goes by the name Guy Gardner. And any Green Lantern fan knows of the mischievous and hot-headed Guy Gardner. He is definitely a character that shakes things up in the Green Lantern universe.

To top off the key issue goodness of this particular issue, this is the first comic script by Elliot S. Maggin, who first wrote it as junior class term paper. When he received a B+ and disagreed with the grade, Maggin rewrote it as a comic script and sent it to DC Comics. Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams picked it up and began drawing and fleshing the story out and the rest is history! Pretty cool story of how he broke into comics if you ask me.

Once again, this DC Comics Green Lantern key issue is in moderate demand. You can find high grade CGC Universal copies for a couple hundred bucks, around the mid $200 to $300 mark if you shop around carefully. Unslabbed copies will go for even cheaper on ebay for sure. At least that is for now.

However, the CGC 9.4 Signature Series copy at is a super bargain. Regular CGC Universal graded copies of this issue are going for only a hundred dollars less. The price is amazingly low for a Neal Adams signature and high grade CGC copy. It's definitely worth checking out for sure.

Is Green Lantern #87 a good comic investment? Yep, I believe this bronze age key issue sure is concerning DC Comics of from the bronze age era. The year 2022 will mark it's 50th anniversary as well and it's quickly beginning to creep up upon us.

If you're a fan of the Green Lantern comics, this first appearance key issue of John Stewart is a must have. Like most DC Comics bronze age key issues, I'm predicting this key comic book won't be much of a sleeper for much longer. As I say when it comes to comic investing, it's always best to get 'em early. 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Fans who are looking for more Green Lantern comics to invest in be sure to visit the blue link to see even more of the best Green Lantern key issues.

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