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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DC Comics Upcoming Movies Post Man of Steel

It seems that WB may have finally found an in with the box office success of Man of Steel, and a few of their other stalled comic book movie projects may have finally found their way out of limbo and are once again gaining momentum to leap from the comic book panels onto the big screen.

I use the word may with emphasis here. With DC/WB's track record of limbo hell for many of the movie projects concerning their library of comic book characters, it's hard not to take what they say they're planning with their comic book properties in the movies with a grain of salt. Just two years ago, Jeff Rubinov, President of Warner Bros. confirmed a Justice League movie, Flash movie, and Wonder Woman movie. Then immediately after the huge success of the Avengers movie, DC and WB shot out a confirmation of a Justice League movie to go head to head with the Avengers 2 in 2015.

However, not long after, the Justice League movie was taken back by WB's reps., it was announced at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) that the sequel to Man of Steel would have Batman appearing, and this sequel to Man of Steel would be released in 2015 and replace the Justice League movie that was confirmed to go head to head with the Avengers 2 Age of Ultron. It was further confirmed that a Superman/Batman cross over in film is happening when it was announced that Ben Affleck would be the new but older aged Batman that will meet Henry Cavill as Superman.

No doubt that the confirmed showdown between Superman and Batman in the follow up to Man of Steel has created a lot of excitement and buzz. Having two of the first superheroes in comics meeting up first in a movie is a perfect way to kick off the beginnings of a shared DC cinematic universe. Many are buzzing about what DC/Warner are already planning post Man of Steel. If that is, indeed, the plan and DC/Warner doesn't get cold feet.

With all the negativity surrounding the decision to cast Ben Affleck to don the Batsuit that still doesn't detract from the fact that WB and DC may finally have somewhat of a road map in how to progress forward with a shared DC universe on film. Once again, I use the word may with emphasis, but they do have an in. Whether they chose to walk through it is a different story.

A Flash movie has been yacked and yabbered about for years now. Within those years, this movie project has always peaked its head out from limbo only to fall back into it after a few seconds. 

Now more reports are going around saying that the Flash movie is next on DC/Warner's docket of DC Comics superheroes to hit the big screen in 2016 after the highly anticipated Superman/Batman crossover movie in 2015. Despite all the rumblings going on, DC Comics nor Warner has come out and confirmed this. 

Whether this ends up to be true or not, I've been pretty reluctant to even write about it. As I've said before, this movie project has been jerked around so many times that I pretty much just shrug my shoulders and think, Whatever!

Update: It seems that a Flash television show is in the works instead of a big screen debut. Click here to learn more about it.

Back on the rumor circuit is once again the Justice League movie. Now it's being said that the movie has been pushed to a 2017 release date although nothing has been confirmed by DC or Warner Bros. No director has even been assigned for the project either.

The only good news is that the Latino Review has been dropping tidbits here and there about the Justice League movie, and they are pretty good at digging up insider news and rumblings concerning Marvel and DC Comics tentative cinematic plannings.

New reports are confirming that Ben Affleck has already signed on for multiple Batman sequels and may even direct the future Justice League movie. He was originally asked by Christopher Nolan to direct Man of Steel back in 2010 and there was buzz about him directing the Justice League movie before Man of Steel was released. 

But it does seem like DC Comics and Warner Bros. are in the process of making a shared cinematic universe for their heroes, as Wonder Woman has also been cast in the Man of Steel sequel.

It's pretty certain that there won't be a Green Lantern sequel, and Ryan Reynolds will most likely not suit up as the iconic comic character again. He has expressed very little desire to reprise the role, and comic fans have been celebrating his reluctance to do so. Actually, many comic fans (and I mean MANY) have expressed that Ryan Reynolds should do them a favor by never taking on a comic book movie role ever again.

I think that's worse than 50,000 fans signing a petition for WB to change their minds and get Ben Affleck outta there as the next Caped Crusader. I think Ryan Reynolds is pretty much done with comic book characters, and Hollywood may be done with considering him for one.

Out of the roster of DC Comics movies, it's pretty apparent that the least to happen soon is a Wonder Woman movie. At least in the near future. If a Justice League movie does happen, she will probably be in it, but as a solo movie, I don't think Warner really knows what to do with the character. 

But I could be wrong. Recent reports have been circulating that casting calls for a "physically strong" female about 25 to 33 is underway concerning Zack Snyder's sequel to Man of Steel. Oh, yes, and the part is for a female lead.

Churning the rumor mill handle, many in the geekosphere are already running at the lip or should I say keyboard or both that the casting call is for the role of Princess Dianna of Themyscira a.k.a Wonder Woman. In light of this speculation, a pretty bad ass fan film of Wonder Woman is gaining a lot of attention and sparking fan interest of a possible Wonder Woman movie. 

It's pretty astounding and the actress who plays Wonder Woman looks amazingly great for the part. You can view the fan film below.

Wonder Woman may be on Zack's mind, but didn't Man of Steel have a scene where Clark Kent enters that Kryptonian ship that Lois Lane was investigating and finds a bunch of pods with skeletons in it except for one?

Also, didn't the prequel movie comic give away who was on that Kryptonian scouting ship? Yes, I think the casting call for Superman's cousin Kara Zor-El a.k.a Supergirl may be a better bet.

Who knows, though? I could be wrong, and I've been plenty of times (Vision in Avengers 2) and it just may be that Zack Snyder has intentions to introduce Wonder Woman in the Man of Steel sequel. I'm not really holding my breath about it for sure, but I do admit the idea is as awesome as when Emily Deschanel dressed up as Wonder Woman on a Bones episode. 

I'm just happy that the Man of Steel sequel and a Superman/Batman team up is happening, so I'm not gonna ask for too much. Oh, and if you're wondering which comic book has the first Superman and Batman team up (not crossover) you can visit the link and scroll to the bottom of the page.


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