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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tales of Suspense Key Comic Issues Part 3

Winding down to the last Marvel key comics within this Tales of Suspense Key Issue list. This is part 3! Enjoy!

Tales of Suspense #63 comic cover
Tales of Suspense #63
  • 1st silver age origin of Captain America
Yes, this issue would be the first retelling of the golden age origin of Captain America in the silver age of comics. Once Cap established himself as a comic character worth having his own series, his origin would be retold quite a bit in his own Captain America titled series.

Of course, his original origin story is first told in Captain America Comics #1 from the golden age. 

NewKadia - Finally, the fine folks over at NewKadia have a key issue in stock. Only one, however, at a decent FN+ grade. 

mycomicshop - Three CGC copies available, the highest being a CGC 8.0 VF. Not too bad. The other is a 7.0 and the last CGC is graded as a FN+ 6.5. If you lean more towards unslabbed copies, there's one at a FN+ as well. 

ebay - Quite a few options here. As always, a boat load of unslabbed, raw copies. Some low NM CGC copies as well as those in the VF range.

Tales of Suspense #66 image
Tales of Suspense #66
  • Red Skull Origin
Hard to believe that the Red Skull never got his origin told until the silver age of comics when the character is a golden oldie, but it's true. This issue marks the origin of the Red Skull and finally sheds some light on Cap's World War II nemesis.

Strange that this is an often over-looked comic, but it is.

NewKadia - One VG+ copy at an extremely affordable price in stock here. Visit the blue link above to check it out.

mycomicshop - Plenty of copies here. A gorgeous CGC 9.4 stands out from the crowd, followed by a CGC 9.2. A PGX 7.5 is also waiting to be plucked. The rest are unslabbed copies and the highest is 5.5 FN-. The rest are VG and lower for those on a tighter budget.

ebay - A few options available for CGC graded comics. I saw two CGC 9.4s. Pretty expensive. The other CGC graded copies are mid-grade. Lots of cheap unslabbed copies of this key Marvel comic.

Tales of Suspense #69 cover image

Tales of Suspense #69
  • First appearance of Titanium Man
Another Russian threat! Boris Bullski used technology from Anton Vanko, creator of the Crimson Dynamo armor, to build an armored suit made of Titanium. Like the Crimson Dynamo, there have been others to don the armor, but Bullski is the first Titanium Man. 

Iron Man fans...this first appearance key issue is a must have and a pretty darn good comic book investment. 

NewKadia - VG- copy available here. Only one copy left.

mycomicshop - All unslabbed and very affordable lower grade copies can be found here. Just visit the blue link above to check them out.

ebay - At the time of this writing, CGC graded comics of the first appearance of the Titanium Man is pretty scarce. Of course, there's quite a bit of unslabbed mid to lower grade copies that are mostly affordable.

Tales of Suspense #75
Tales of Suspense #75
  • 1st appearance of Sharon Carter
  • 1st appearance of Batroc The Leaper

We all remember Peggy Carter from the first Captain America: The First Avenger movie, right? Well, it seems that this key issue plays an important role for the sequel.

Sharon Carter and Batroc The Leaper will be introduced in the movie Captain America The Winter Soldier coming out next year and this is the key issue that marks the first appearances of Sharon Carter, also known as Agent 13, and Batroc The Leaper.

Sharon was first introduced as Peggy Carter's sister and was later changed to her niece in later issues. 

Despite their debuts to the silver screen, this key issue has only had a mild surge of demand. You can still get this silver age key comic pretty cheap, but I don't expect the demand for this comic to reach the stratosphere. 

It would have already done so once news broke out of the characters being in the sequel, and news of Sharon Carter and Batroc being in Captain America The Winter Soldier came out last year. It is, nevertheless, a key issue regardless.

NewKadia - One Very Good Plus VG+ copy just waiting to get snagged up. Not a bad option if you plan on getting a low grade copy. However, higher graded copies aren't that expensive.

mycomicshop - No shortage of unslabbed copies at mycomicshop. The highest is graded a FN+ 6.5. Lots of affordable lower grade copies.

ebay - Wow, only a handful of copies available here and no CGC copies for sale. I'm a bit surprised. Unslabbed copies are dropping for nearly peanuts on this sleeper. I suppose it will remain such.

Tales of Suspense #79 comic pic
Tales of Suspense #79
  • 1st appearance of Cosmic Cube
  • 1st modern Red Skull
The cosmic cube has become well-known to the general public because of Marvel's Phase One cinematic movies...namely Captain America The First Avenger and The Avengers movie. Both movies had the cube play a major role in the mayhem that put the world at stake.

But, before the movies, the cosmic cube was already quite well-known to Marvel comic fans, and its first appearance is in this key Marvel issue - Tales of Suspense #79.

We're not done, however. TOS #79 also debuts the first appearance of the modern Red Skull, Captain America's arch nemesis. This is a pretty big issue, but it's still a sleeper key issue.

ebay - A bit scarce on the CGC copies for sale on ebay, but plenty of unslabbed and affordable copies. You can get unslabbed copies here for under or near guide prices. Even CGC copies aren't dropping much higher than guide.

Tales of Suspense #94 comic image
Tales of Suspense #94
  • 1st full appearance of MODOK

This super villain needs no introduction and is one of the most popular recurring foes of Captain America. Issue #93 of Tales of Suspense reveals MODOK's first brief appearance.

mycomicshop - Only one unslabbed readers copy (2.0 GD) available.

ebay - Not too many graded copies of issue #94 on ebay as well. One CGC 9.4 spotted. A lot more unslabbed copies here than mycomicshop at the time of this writing.

Tales of Suspense #97

Tales of Suspense #97
  • First appearance of Whiplash

Okay, I know. The Iron Man 2 movie has long passed and we got to see how they messed with the villainous Whiplash. It wasn't pretty, but then again, Whiplash really isn't a superb villain to begin with even in the comics.

This comic did get a push in demand when Iron Man 2 was in production, but the demand has waned since then. 

mycomicshop - If high grade CGC comics are more for your taste buds, then mycomicshop has two higher graded copies to cleanse your pallet with. One is a CGC 9.4 and the other an unslabbed 8.0 VF.  There's also an extremely affordable raw FN copy as well. 

ebay - Quite a few more high grade CGC options available on ebay. Saw quite a few CGC 9.4 copies. There are, of course, quite a few unslabbed copies as well. CGC copies at 9.2 are going only a few dollars above guide for the first appearance of Whiplash.

Well, that's it for Tales of Suspense key issues. Plenty of Marvel first appearances and silver age key issue. If you've yet to read Part 2, just click the link below. Also, check out even more Iron Man key issues in his first self titled series at the link below as well.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share this on Facebook or to comment below! Stay tuned for more!

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