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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tales of Suspense Key Comic Issues Part 2

We are on part two of this series, and even more silver age key issues and Marvel first appearances are gonna be revealed. So, get out your want lists, because you just may want to add these key comics to your comic investment vault.

As always, if you haven't read part one to this Tales of Suspense Key Issue List, you can click the link to feast your eyes and navigate your way back here later.

Tales of Suspense #52 cover image
Tales of Suspense #52
  • First appearance of Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)
  • First appearance of Boris Turgenov
  • Death of Anton Vanko
  • Death of Boris Turgenov
Not surprising that Tales of Suspense would introduce one the most sexiest female spies in comics. Especially, a sexy Russian female spy. She did start her comic career as a villain of Iron Man, mind you.

No doubt that the Black Widow is one of most popular female superheroes in comics, but her first appearance really didn't get a jump in demand and value until Iron Man 2. Although her first appearance, Natasha Romanoff isn't in the famed and iconic Black Widow costume, nor is she a red head. She's actually a brunette.

But here's a couple facts that seem to get swept under the rug concerning important key issue elements with TOS #52. We get the first appearance of Boris Turgenov, the second Crimson Dynamo, who also dies in this issue. Also, this issue holds the death of the first Crimson Dynamo, Anton Vanko, who saves Iron Man.

This is still an easy comic to find, and demand is slowly waning for this comic. You maybe able to get it a bit cheaper now than when this comic was at its peak a year ago.

ebay - No shortage of the first appearance of the Black Widow here. However, very limited on higher graded CGC copies. Mostly unslabbed lower to mid-grade. 

ComicLink - For higher grade CGC investment copies, it seems you'll have better luck clicking the link and going to the product page at ComicLink. 

Tales of Suspense #53 cover
Tales of Suspense #53
  • Origin of the Watcher
  • 2nd Black Widow appearance

A double whammy key issue. Tales of Suspense #53 finally reveals the origin of the mysterious Watcher.

We also get to see the lovely Black Widow for the second time in comics as an antagonist for the Shell Head. Also, she still doesn't appear in costume yet.  

mycomicshop - Two CGC 7.5s for sale. Both exactly the same price here also for the 2nd appearance of the Black Widow.

ebay - Looks like CGC 7.5s are quite common for this key comic as there are quite a bit on ebay as well. Loads of raw, unslabbed copies, but I did see a gorgeous CGC 9.2 copy. Feel free to visit the ebay link above to check out the search results on ebay for this Black Widow 2nd appearance.

Tales of Suspense #57 comic cover
Tales of Suspense #57
  • First Appearance of Hawkeye

An important key issue that will directly relate to the Avengers comics. Not surprising since Iron Man is an original Avenger, after all.

One of the most sought out issues from the Tales of Suspense title is issue #57 and for good reason. It is the first appearance of Hawkeye (Clint Barton), and Hawkeye has become a quite popular Avengers character.

Because the character has already made his debut on the silver screen and in the huge mega movie The Avengers, this comic will cost you a few pretty dollars. Nevertheless, in terms of comic investing, Tales of Suspense #57 is still a great choice.

mycomicshop - One unslabbed Very Good Plus copy left!

ebay - A bit low on CGC grade options for the first appearance of Hawkeye, but there are plenty of unslabbed options available. This comic is still selling over guide for most grades.

cover image of Tales of Suspense #58
Tales of Suspense #58
  • Iron Man vs. Captain America
  • 1st Cap in title
  • 2nd Kraven appearance
Wow, lots of important goodness happening in this issue. We get to see a classic clash between Captain America and Iron Man. That rocks in itself.

Also, this is the first time Captain America appears in this title, and if you were Iron Man, you'd be pretty pissed if a spangley dude was threatening to steal your thunder. Especially if you were use to having this title all to yourself.

For the triple goodness, we have the 2nd appearance of Kraven. Yes, it's that Kraven the Hunter from Spider-Man. This comic is definitely a sleeper and selling under guide on ebay.

NewKadia - An affordable unslabbed FN- copy for sale. Click on the link to see the product page. You'll have to scroll down.

mycomicshop - Four copies just waiting to be added to someone's comic collection. Two are CGC graded and one is very nice investment comic that's CGC graded 8.0 VF. The other is a CGC 3.0 GD/VG. Both unslabbed copies are in the lower grade range.

ebay - Raw, raw, raw, raw, raw! Can we say tons of unslabbed, raw copies? Only a few CGC graded options on ebay, which is surprising. However, many grades are dropping under guide for this key issue.

Tales of Suspense #59 cover pic
Tales of Suspense #59
  • 1st silver age Captain America solo story
  • First appearance of Jarvis

Ah, Cap went and done it. Now it's the Iron Man and Captain America show. Here marks the very first silver age Captain America solo story to see how well the revived icon can hold his own.

However, even more important is the first appearance of Jarvis in this issue. Yes, the Jarvis that is the Avengers' butler in the comics.

This key issue is a sleeper and not that in demand, which means you can still get it at great prices in the meantime. Near Mint copies are already in the thousands, however.

NewKadia - For those with a tighter budget and don't mind lower graded copies, there's only one copy left here and it's a VG-.

mycomicshop - Once again the fine folks at mycomicshop pull through on this one. A very nice investment worthy CGC 8.0 Very Fine copy has been located here. For all you who prefer unslabbed copies and are on a tighter budget, there are two copies in the GD range as well.

ebay - If you're looking for more investment worthy comics, then ebay doesn't disappoint concerning this key issue and Marvel first appearance (Jarvis). Quite a few CGC Very Fines and 9.0s. Even saw a CGC 9.8 copy for sale. If you prefer unslabbed copies, there are quite a few of those as well.

Tales of Suspense #60 cover

Tales of Suspense #60
  • 2nd appearance of Hawkeye

Clint Barton comes back again as the famed comic book archer, Hawkeye in this issue.  If you're a fan of Hawkeye, you should have this silver age key issue already or it should be on your want list. You visit the link to see what issue Hawkeye joins the Avengers.

The 2nd appearance of Hawkeye is already getting up there in price. A low NM (9.2) is already going for $600 bucks according to Overstreet. Investment copies at Very Fine are still quite affordable. Lower grade copies extremely affordable, especially for unslabbed books. This issue is still a sleeper and often an over-looked key issue.

NewKadia - Very Good minus available at ole NewKadia. Only copy left.

mycomicshop - One FN+ copy and a lower grade GD/VG copy available. Both are unslabbed and no CGC copies here at the time this post is written. As usual, that could change for this key issue. Best to click the link to check out it. Can't hurt.

ebay - Loads of affordable options here. CGC graded comics are pretty limited for this Hawkeye 2nd appearance, but this comic is selling under guide.

Tales of Suspense #62 cover image
Tales of Suspense #62
  • Origin of the Mandarin

What would an evil mastermind be without an origin? Pretty unimportant! 

Finally, in this issue the origin of the Mandarin is revealed 12 issues after his first appearance. The rest is history for this famed Iron Man villain. 

mycomicshop - Lower graded, unslabbed copies. One is a solid VG, and the other is so low it's not even worth mentioning. Well, if you want a reader copy then I guess it is.

ebay - Extremely easy find for the origin of the Mandarin when it comes to unslabbed copies. If you're picky about investment comics, this issue will be harder to find in high grade CGC. Well, at least on ebay, and at the time of this writing. This bad boy is still dropping under guide for most unslabbed and slabbed books! Worth clicking blue ebay link and checking it out.

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  1. Pretty sure #58's gonna be skyrocketing for Civil War.