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Friday, September 13, 2013

Ramblings of A Comic Geek!

So it seems we shook things up a tad here on Total Comic Mayhem, and my buddy Gerry wrote his very first post on here about receiving his Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8 back from CGC. That comic is also his first submission to CGC ever. Visit the link if you've yet to read it. It's good stuff.

Other than writing his very first ever post on here, it's also the first ever guest post I've had on Total Comic Mayhem. If this was a comic book, there'd be a lot of firsts. 

To be honest, I do love writing about what I love, but I have to admit that it's always nice to hear someone else's voice on the subject. I do get writer's block and burnt out from time to time, so thanks, Gerry, for writing that up. I didn't even have to ask him.

If you're up to writing a guest post on here about your opinion on comics or want to showcase a treasured piece from your collection, just shoot me an email at the contact page with your article and send pics of your comic if that's what it's about.

For all of you in the east bay, California. The Toy Havoc and Comic Chaos Show at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton is tomorrow, Saturday Sept. 14th.

I will be there to check it out for the first time. I was suppose to go last year, but it completely slipped my mind. 

Not gonna cosplay this one. I think I'll be more on the hunt for some great deals and taking pictures. I barely got to do that at Stockton-Con, and, of course, I hope there will be some CGC comics for me to snag up. If you're in the area come check out the show!

What's up with all this new rhetoric about "it's cool to be a nerd" going around lately. I've surely never felt cooler being a comic geek, but I grew up in a different generation.

To be honest, I've never really been put down for being a comic geek. I've been put down for still listening to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal when Hip Hop was first taking off and the "cool" thing to listen to plenty of times. I've been ridiculed for having long hair and being in a band back in the day plenty of times, but never really for being a comic collector and fanatic.

However, being a comic geek never put me in the "cool crowd" either. I never really worried about it, because when I grew up, most of the "cool kids" were usually douche bags so I didn't want to be part of their group.

My question is what happens when nerds and geeks finally become part of the "cool crowd" in our culture? Will they start becoming overly exclusionist idiots like the popular kids I grew up with were? I sure hope not. 

Anyhow, a little bit after me and Gerry submitted our comics to CGC, he mentioned CGC Collectors Society having paid memberships. I dismissed the idea, but after checking it out, they have a promotional offer with a coupon that gives you 4 free "Standard" submissions if you pay for Premium membership.

I used CGC's "Standard" submission at their booth at Big Wow Comic Fest and paid $120 for only two comics. With shipping it cost $160 dollars total! Premium membership costs $125!

I'm definitely going to get a Premium membership to CGC Collectors Society now. To be clear, I did have to use the Standard option when submitting to CGC. The Amazing Spider-Man #6 was silver age and my Giant Size X-Men #1 was a bronze age comic, so I couldn't use the "Modern" option.

Also, both of those comics were valued above $300, so I couldn't use the "Economy" service. So, if I had brought in 4 comics that were valued over $300 to submit to CGC that day, I would've paid a whopping $320 bucks!

I think you'll agree that $125 is a lot better than paying $320 bucks, no? Oh well, I goofed and made a mistake. I should've gotten Premium membership and submitted my ASM #6 and Giant Size X-Men #1 along with two other valuable comics instead of at their booth. You live and learn. As for the comics I plan to submit when I get this Premium membership, here they are:

  1. Justice League of America #2 (1960 series)
  2. Daredevil # 7 (1st Red Costume)
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #40 (Green Goblin revealed as Norman Osbourne)
  4. Fantastic Four #48 (First Galactus and Silver Surfer)

Yep, no modern comics there. I'll save those for the CGC booth at Big Wow Comic Fest next year. Modern comics only cost $18 to submit and Economy service is $35. Along with the four free submissions, Premium membership also gives you 10% discounts on submission services as well. You can also submit directly to CGC instead of having to use their affiliates.

Oh, yes, and NewKadia is giving away $100 gift cards every day this month, so be sure to check out their site and see if you won if you've bought comics from them before. You can still enter to win also, so if you haven't done that be sure to.

Alrighty, that's it for now. Be sure to stay tuned for even more comic goodness on the way. I gotta get my want list in check for the Toy Havoc & Comic Chaos Show tomorrow. Thanks for reading and sharing!

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