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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Top Fantastic Four Key Issues of All Time!

This is a list of the top Fantastic Four key comic issues of all time. Not every single key will be on this list. Only the most significant and valuable. Comics are ranked by key issue importance as well as low NM and GD values. Enjoy!

Fantastic Four #1 cover
-NM Value: $105,000
GD Value: $2,000 

Of course this legendary issue would be the top Fantastic Four key issue comic of all time. Not only is this the very first issue of Marvel's first ever superhero team or one of the greatest Marvel 1st appearances ever that introduces Reed Richards as Mr. Fantastic, Sue and Johnny Storm as the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch, and Ben Grimm as the Thing to the comic book world, it's also the first comic published under the Marvel Comics name. Fantastic Four #1 is also the comic that brought back Marvel from the superhero grave.

Shortly after the golden age of comics, superhero comics had died out for awhile until DC Comics revamped many of their superheroes and kicked off the superhero revival for the silver age of comics. To answer the success of the Justice League of America, comic writer and co-creator, Stan Lee was assigned to create his own superhero team, and we all know the result that the legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby produced.

This historical first appearance and origin issue of Marvel's oldest superhero team would kick start Marvel's domination of the comic market during the silver age.

Fantastic Four #5 cover picture
-NM Value: $17,000
GD Value: $520  

If this isn't the 2nd most important Fantastic Four key issue, I really have no idea at all just what would be. After all, Fantastic Four #5 marks the first appearance of Dr. Doom, and we all know that Dr. Doom is the greatest arch nemesis of the FF, as well as Mr. Fantastic a.k.a Reed Richards. But not only that, Dr. Doom is of the most popular and beloved Marvel villains of all time, so this issue has to be one of the top Marvel 1st appearances ever as well.

However, not only does issue #5 boast the first appearance of Dr. Doom, but this silver age key also explains the iconic and infamous villain's origin also.

If you're looking for a copy of this FF key issue, just click the link to check out a CGC 3.0 copy of Fantastic Four #5, the first appearance of Dr. Doom, at There's also a CGC graded 2.5 there as well.

Fantastic Four #2 image coverFANTASTIC FOUR #2
-NM Value: $12,500
GD Value: $410

Can we say the first appearance of the Skrulls? You got it, and these iconic and fan-favorite, alien shape shifters started their marvelous and villainous careers in the Marvel universe right here in Fantastic Four #2.

And, of course, this issue holds the 2nd appearance of the Fantastic Four, so that's no small deal either. Well, not when it's considering the very first Marvel superhero team ever. FF #2 is also the last 10 cent issue for this title.

Fantastic Four #4 image FANTASTIC FOUR #4
-NM Value: $12,500
GD Value: $360

Well, guess who's back from the golden age? That's correct! Namor the Submariner is actually a golden age character that appeared when Marvel Comics was Timely Comics.

This issue doesn't mark the very first appearance of the Submariner, but it marks the first appearance of Subby in the silver age. It's also no surprise that Subby is introduced as a villain as well as ends up having a thing for Sue Storm the Invisible Woman as well.

Fantastic Four #12 cover picFANTASTIC FOUR #12
-NM Value: $11,500
GD Value: $340

Another top Fantastic Four key issue is this one, and it slides in at #5 in this list. In this issue, comic fans finally got to what they wanted, which was the very first Fantastic Four clash with the Incredible Hulk.

It's no wonder that this silver age key comic is one of the most expensive issues in the title series and one of the most sought out too.

A CGC 3.5 (Low Very Good) has been located at mycomicshop as well as an unslabbed FR 1.0. If you're looking to add this to your comic collection as a great investment comic, be sure to visit the link and check them out.

There are also two copies available of FF #12 at NewKadia. One copy is graded at a Very Good, and the other at a Good Plus. Click this link here to be brought to the page where you can check them out and add to cart. 

Fantastic Four #3 cover
-NM Value: $11,000
GD Value: $345

 It's no surprise that the very first 3 issues within the Fantastic Four are on this top list of Fantastic Four key issues of all time. Issue #3 marks a really important evolution concerning the Fantastic Four team and story line. It's the first issue in which Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben don the iconic blue FF costumes with the circled 4 logo. The costume and logo has become so iconic and well-known that they haven't really changed since the last 50 years or so.

However, not only does this Fantastic Four key comic introduce our heroes in their blue tights, but this issue also introduces their famous headquarters as well as the Fantasi-Car

On the hunt for this key issue comic? No problem. You can find a CGC 4.0 (VG) copy and a solid CGC 2.0 GD copy at mycomicshop. Just click the link to check them out. 

If you're not into slabbed comics, don't worry. There's a Very Good Plus copy at Newkadia. You can also save 30% if you're a new customer by entering the coupon code new4 at checkout!

Fantastic Four #6 cover image picture
-NM Value: $6,200
GD Value: $214

As the cover states, this issue holds the diabolical team up of Submariner and Dr. Doom. However, this issue is historical in the fact that this pairing against the Fantastic Four is actually the very first villain team up in Marvel Comics.

Yes, you read that correct - the very first Marvel villain team up...ever! That fact itself makes Fantastic Four #6 a top key issue within the first series of the Fantastic Four title. Oh, yes, this key comic book is also the 2nd silver age appearance of Namor the Submariner.

Ready for Part 2? I bet you are! Just click on the link below to see even more of the top Fantastic Four key issues to own.

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