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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Part 2 to The Top Fantastic Four Key Issues of All Time

 And here we go with the 2nd part to the Top Fantastic Four Key Issues of All Time! If you haven't read the first part, no worries. Just click this link to read it, and you can navigate your way back from the first part.

If you've already read Part 1, continue on and enjoy!

Fantastic Four #8 cover
-NM Value: $4,000
GD Value: $141

Although I'm not a very big fan of the Puppet Master, this issue is the first appearance of the character, but that's not really why this comic is one of the top Fantastic Four key issues of all time. This silver age comic also introduces the supporting character Alicia Masters, who would end up becoming Ben Grimm's long-time girlfriend throughout the series.

Also, this comic commands a pretty hefty price at both low NM values and GD values.

A CGC Very Good Plus 4.5 has been located at mycomicshop if you're looking to make a wise comic investing choice. 

Fantastic Four #11 cover image
-NM Value: $3,800
GD Value: $136

The Impossible Man's first appearance makes its mark in the 11th issue of the Fantastic Four volume 1 series. Not really one of Marvel's best or most popular and important characters, this issue is still one of the most valuable Fantastic Four key comic issues within the first series.

Actually, I'm pretty surprised it's worth this much, but, then again, it is an early silver age Fantastic Four key issue. 

NewKadia has three available copies. All are lower graded copies at a Low Very Good, Good Plus, and a Fair. They still may be worth checking out, so click the link and scroll down a bit to see them.  

Fantastic Four #13 image
-NM Value: $2,700
GD Value: $96

Ever feel like someone's watching you? Well, in this key silver age issue, our heroes the Fantastic Four surely do. Although this issue marks the first appearance of a highly unimportant character like the Red Ghost in the Marvel universe, it also introduces a pretty well-known character known as The Watcher!

After all, without this issue, who would host one of my favorite Marvel titles to read - What If?

Two copies of FF #13 are available at NewKadia. Unslabbed, lower graded copies only, however. 

Fantastic Four #18 cover pic
-NM Value: $2,000
GD Value: $71

If the those shape shifting Skrulls weren't bad enough, they had to go and create a Super Skrull for the poor members of the Fantastic Four to deal with. Issue #18 enters this top list with the first appearance of the Super Skrull.

Solid Very Good and Good Plus copies just waiting to be snagged at NewKadia. Click the link here and scroll down to check them out.


Fantastic Four #26 cover
-NM Value: $1,750
GD Value: $63

An Avengers cross-over, but more importantly this issue marks what comic fans had been waiting a long time for as well. Yes, Fantastic Four #26 marks the very first and legendary bout between The Thing and the Incredible Hulk!

Much like the fights between Wolverine and the Hulk, the Thing vs. The Hulk fights are extremely popular and desired as well. 

The fine folks over at have one CGC 5.0 (Very Good/Fine) copy. You can visit this link here to go directly to the comic issue's page to check it out. No doubt, a perfect silver age key to add to any Fantastic Four comic fan.

An unslabbed Good copy of FF #26 is available at NewKadia.

Fantastic Four #48
-NM Value: $1,600
GD Value: $57

Another pretty huge key issue that introduces two well-known and quite popular Marvel characters - Silver Surfer and Galactus! Within the FF title series, the first appearance of the Silver Surfer and Galactus is one of the most sought out silver age key issues. 

Why is that? Well, because the Silver Surfer is probably one of the FF's coolest supporting characters, and even made it to the big screen. Whether the Silver Surfer will rise again in theaters is unknown, but I do have my fingers crossed. I just hope that Marvel and Disney get the rights back from Fox before another attempt at getting the Sentinel of the Spaceways another shot at movie stardom.

Fantastic Four #48 also holds the partial origin to the Surfer as well. I'm a bit surprised and perplexed that this silver age key issue is not worth more than the first appearance of the Impossible Man or the Super Skrull. 

Mycomicshop has three copies of the first appearance of Silver Surfer available for those looking to add a great comic investment into their collection. There's a CGC 3.5 and 2.5. The other is an unslabbed Fair 1.0 (not really worth bothering over).

Fantastic Four #20 cover
-NM Value: $1,500
GD Value: $54    

Uhhh, the first appearance of the Molecule Man? Well, coming in 2nd to last within the category of Marvel 1st appearances is the first appearance of the Molecule Man.
Loads of copies are available at mycomicshop for this key issue, including a very nice CGC graded 7.0! Be sure to check them out by visiting the magic blue link.

If you're not into CGC graded copies, there's always an unslabbed/raw copy at NewKadia. A Very Good Plus copy is just waiting to be added to a comic investor's collection.

-NM Value: $850
GD Value: $34

Although this key issue comic has come in last place, not to place this FF issue in the top Fantastic Four key issues list would simply be a crime! This comic is monumental as it introduces a hugely popular and awesome character in the Marvel universe. Yes, Fantastic Four #52 is famous for the first appearance of Black Panther!

Many have been hoping to see the Black Panther hit the big screen, and we just may soon enough. I have no doubt that this will happen fairly soon.

Being that the Black Panther is pretty well-known (he's been a beloved member of the Avengers, after all), I'm greatly surprised that his first appearance isn't worth more than some of the previous comics mentioned on this list.

All in all, if you love Fantastic Four key comics, this is one of the top ones to absolutely get...hands down.

There you are: My top Fantastic Four key issues to own as investment comics. If you haven't read Part 1 feel free to click the link below to navigate your way back. I hope you enjoyed this and hope you share with other comic and Fantastic Four fans. Thanks for reading and good huntin'!

Want more Fantastic Four keys? Click on the right to check discover a detailed and huge list showcasing even more Fantastic Four key issues.

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