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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Avengers Key Issues!

Welcome to Part 1 of this list of Avengers Key Issues. This 3 Part list will cover some of the most significant key comics within the Avengers title, as well as some not so significant ones. Oh, yes, this key comic Avengers list only follows volume 1, and hopefully it will help aid you in some Avengers comics to invest in. So let's assemble this!

Avengers #1 comic cover
  • 1st appearance of the Avengers
  • Origin of The Avengers
The absolute holy grail of Avengers key issues to own. The Avengers #1 comic is sought out by many, and those that do have this silver age key issue in high CGC grades are sitting on a truly nice investment. 

This issue sees the strange team up of Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Ant-Man (Henry Pym) and his gorgeous other half, the Wasp!

According to the CGC census, there are no 9.8 graded copies and 3 CGC 9.6 NM+s. However, one of the three is a restored copy. With the Avengers movie franchise being extremely successful, this key has become one of the best comics to invest in in the last couple of years. As time continues to pass, this comic will only get more and more valuable.

Got the sand to invest in this comic? If so, here's some places you snag this silver age key comic. -  An extremely nice CGC 8.5 VF+ is available at mycomicshop. Talk about an awesome comic investment. If you really wanna make an investment, be sure to click the link and snag this one. I doubt it will be available for very long.

ComicLink - Quite a few CGC graded copies here of Avengers #1. Most are in the mid to lower grades, however, but still great investment comics to own.

Avengers #2 cover
  • Hulk leaves The Avengers
Well, it didn't take long for the Jade Giant to part company with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and it's no surprise. The Hulk may be an original member, but he wasn't for long. Which makes sense since Hulk is a misunderstood character anyway that seems a bit out of place in a team.

Also, due to insecurities and feeling inadequate next to heavy hitters like Iron Man and Thor, Henry Pym abandons Ant-Man and makes his first appearance as Giant-Man in issue #2. [visit the link to find out in what comics marks the first appearance of Henry Pym and Ant-Man.]

An expensive key, but not nearly as in demand as Avengers #1. Still, it's a highly desirable comic that can cost one month's living expenses depending on where you live.

mycomicshop - Once again the great folks at mycomicshop pull through with a CGC graded copy of Avengers #2. It's a 5.0 VG/FN, so it's a bit more affordable for the average comic collector.  

ebay - Lots of copies of Avengers 2 on ebay of various grades both unslabbed and CGC graded. Just visit the link and it will bring you to the ebay search results for Avengers #2 comic.

ComicLink - The fine folks at ComicLink have three CGC graded copies available. The highest one I just saw is a 7.5 VF- (low Very Fine). The other two are CGC 6.5s, FN+ copies, waiting to get snagged.

Avengers #4 image
  • Revival of Captain America
  • 1st silver age appearance of Captain America
  • 1st silver age appearance of Bucky
One of the most important silver age key issues, Avengers #4 reintroduces one of the most iconic American comic characters ever - Captain America - the silver age. Not only do we see Cap's re-emergence, we also see the first silver age appearance of his famed sidekick, Bucky. 

This revival was crucial to the Avengers comic as the team was in need of someone strong enough to lead Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The Captain America and Avengers movies are only making this comic more in-demand and rise in value.

mycomicshop - A nice, highly collectible CGC 6.5 FN+ copy has been located here. Not a bad grade for one of the best comics to invest in, and is just waiting for a smart comic investor to snag it. 

ebay - No trouble finding this silver age key issue on ebay whether you want it raw or professionally graded. Plenty of unslabbed, raw copies as well as CGC graded copies. If you want to get one of the top comics to invest in, ebay may be a good option for you.

Avengers #6 comic cover
  • 1st appearance of original Masters of Evil
  • 1st full appearance of original Baron Zemo
The original Masters of Evil. Finally, The Avengers get a super villain team to put their might to the test. The original consisted of the original Black Knight, Melter and Radioactive man. This super villain team was put together by the original Baron Zemo, who became a popular foe for Captain America.

This isn't exactly the best line up for the Masters of Evil in my humble opinion, but it is a start. Nevertheless, this issue holds the first full appearance of Baron Zemo. However, Zemo did appear in flashbacks in Avengers #4 also, but was never addressed by name.

Not many options on ebay for the key issue, but there are some. CGC graded copies are pretty scarce in this market place. Below are the few copies I could locate on ebay:

Avengers #8 picture
  • 1st appearance of Kang The Conqueror

While Baron Zemo is ranked 40th on IGN's greatest comic book villain of all time, Kang The Conqueror is ranked 65th. Not bad considering there's about a ka-zillion villains in comics.

It seems that badness runs in the family, and Kang happens to be related to none other than Dr. Doom. Oh, another cool thing about Kang is that he's from the future who travels back in time to Egypt to become a Pharoah - Rama-Tut. He ends up traveling ahead to the 20th Century, in which he starts all sorts of trouble for heroes of the Marvel universe, including The Avengers.

mycomicshop -  Can we say high grade CGC 9.4 NM? That's right! A gorgeous CGC graded 9.4 NM is available for sale at the link above. If you're a high grade key issue hunter and don't have Avengers #8, this copy at mycomicshop is for you. 

Avengers #9 comic cover image
  • 1st appearance of Wonder Man
  • Death of Wonder Man

It's true...Wonder Man made his debut as a villain first. In this issue, he goes up against the Avengers and has a very short-lived career in comics during the silver age.

He was later revived during the bronze age. It's later discovered that Wonder Man's recorded brain patterns was transferred to none other than the Vision by Ultron. Avengers #9 happens to be one of the more sought out keys in the Avengers title.

NewKadia -  For all those who don't care much for CGC graded copies and prefer their comics raw, well those at NewKadia don't disappoint. Only one low FN copy available for sale at NK. Just visit the link above to check out this silver age key.

mycomicshop - If you like third party graded comics like me, perhaps this PGX 7.5 VF- (Low Very Fine) is a more appealing investment comic. Highly affordable as well. Be sure to check it out and add this comic to your Avengers collection. 

ebay- Not a whole lot of CGC high grade options, but it seems most copies selling on ebay are unslabbed mid to lower grade copies. However, this may change after the time of this writing, so it doesn't hurt to click the link. It will bring you directly to ebay's search results for the first appearance of Wonder Man in Avengers #9. 

Avengers #15 cover
  • Death of Baron Zemo
First issues and first appearances are keys, but so are deaths of as well. The original Baron Zemo meets his end in this issue. Is there anything more to say about that? As a famous someone would say, "Nuff Said."

mycomicshop - Only one copy available here, but it's an investment worthy copy at CGC 9.0 VF/NM. If you're on the hunt for this Avengers key issue, be sure to check out this copy.

Avengers #16 image
  • New Avengers team
  • Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch join
  • Thor, Wasp, Iron Man, Giant-Man leave
In with the new and out with the old. Avengers #16 marks an important turn of events in the Avengers saga when original members Thor, Wasp, Iron Man, and Henry Pym (Giant-Man/Ant-Man) leave. Instead, we see other iconic Avengers such as Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye take their place under the command of Captain America.

With Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch assembling for the Avengers 2 Age of Ultron movie, this comic is starting to sell over a bit over guide prices concerning CGC copies but not really unslabbed copies. I thought the demand would be a bit heavier but apparently not. That means this is the perfect time to gun for this silver age key issue.

ComicLink - Topped with awesome sauce, two CGC copies of Avengers #16 are on the menu and ready to be served on a silver platter to the right connoisseurs of key issue comics. One is a CGC 9.0 VF/NM and the other is CGC 7.5 VF-. Both are investment worthy. 

ebay - At the moment, most of the copies for sale on ebay are mostly unslabbed copies, and they look to be mostly mid-grade copies. It's still worth a look, so visit the link because there could be more options before you know it. And it would be a shame if you let a great deal slip through your fingers on ebay.

Avengers #19 cover pic
  • 1st appearance of the Swordsman
  • Origin of Hawkeye
Not exactly my favorite character or a very popular character to begin with, but the Swordsman does tie in Hawkeye's origin story. Another bad boy turned good (not in this issue), the Swordsman was Hawkeye's main arch nemesis for quite some time. 

This is a sleeper key issue, and you can still get this issue at guide prices even for CGC graded copies.  

mycomicshop - Choices, choices, choices! Quite a few choices at mycomicshop for the origin of Hawkeye. Up first is a gorgeous CGC graded 9.4 NM, ripe and ready to be plucked right off the vine. There's also an unslabbed 5.5 Low Fine, and for those with a smaller budget but would love to own this key, mycomicshop has two unslabbed GD/VG copies andone unslabbed solid VG copy.

ebay - Unslabbed copies galore on ebay with some decent prices. Mostly lower to mid grades for unslabbed copies. If you want unslabbed copies click the ebay link to go directly to the search results for this issue on ebay.

There are some CGC copies available as well but only a handful. Higher grade to lower grades for the taking. If you want CGC copies of the origin of Hawkeye click the link to see your options on ebay.

Avengers #28 imageAVENGERS #28
  • Giant-Man becomes Goliath
  • 1st appearance of the Collector
Giant-Man be gone and the newer and more improved Goliath takes a giant step into the chronicles of the Avengers. More important than Goliath being introduced in this issue, Avengers #28 also sees two original members, Henry Pym and Janet van Dyne, the Wasp, rejoin the Avengers as well.

On a less important note, we also have the first appearance of the Collector in this issue, who only really became somewhat well-known after it was announced that the character would be in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Actor Benicio Del Torro will be playing the not-so coveted role of the Collector. I still think he would've been a better Adam Warlock.

ebay - Couldn't find any CGC copies of this key issue, and it seems slabbed copies are scarce on the market. However, there sure are plenty of unslabbed copies to shop around.


  1. Great list so far! I'm looking for Avengers 16, since it features the new lineup, as you mentioned. It seems best to get it now before the price shoots up even more.

    -- Jeff

    1. Thanks for checking out this Avengers key comics list and for commenting. Are you looking for a CGC graded Avengers #16 or an unslabbed raw copy?

    2. Hi. It would be nice if I could buy a higher graded issue already CGC'd at the right price, but if I get an unslabbed copy, I hope to make sure it's the grade it's described as.


    3. You'll have a hunt on your hands for sure. Hopefully you can get a great deal on a nice high grade copy, CGC or unslabbed. Let me know how the hunt goes and good luck, Jeff! I will keep a look out for any great deals on Avengers #16 as well.

  2. I think it is Rama Tut (not Tama Rut) for the Kang Avengers #8.

    1. Thanks for pointing out that misspelling!

  3. Hi, great list, bro! Quick question....if you had a choice between an Avengers #1 and an X-men #1 CGC graded 4.0 and both are selling at the same price, which would you choose and why?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I am definitely an X-Men fan over an Avengers fan so the pick is real easy for me when it comes to fandom. In terms of comic investing? I'd still choose X-Men #1, though Avengers #1 has taken a slight dip.

    2. Thanks for your insight!