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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Avengers Key Issues Part 3

Alrighty, we are winding down to the last few on this list. It's been getting harder to finish this list while watching the movie The Dictator and laughing my ass off.  

So this is Part 3 to the Avengers Key Issues list. If you stumbled upon this without reading Part 2 or Part 1, no worries. You can use the links below and navigate your way to them and back here as well.

So let's wrap this up. Here are the last few.

Avengers #71 comic cover image
  • 1st appearance of The Invaders
  • Black Knight joins
Going back to Marvel's Timely Comics roots, it appears that Captain America, Bucky, the original Human Torch, his sidekick Toro, and Namor the Submariner were part of a superhero team that battled Nazis during World War II. Because of Kang's time traveling abilities, Black Panther, Yellow Jacket, and the Vision are sent back to France in the year 1941.

It's here where these three Avengers from the future are confronted by a golden age Captain America, the Submariner, and the human android Human Torch. This storyline sparked the Invaders team, and the Invaders concept was made into its own spin-off series.

The Black Knight also joins the Avengers in this issue. 

mycomicshop - High grade lovers!'s got two high CGC graded copies available. One's a beautiful 9.4 NM and the other a lower NM 9.2. For those with a tighter budget, there's also an extremely affordable GD+, unslabbed copy for sale as well. 

ebay - A little bit of a better selection concerning this issue on ebay compared to Avengers #59. Saw a few high grade CGC copies, but mostly unslabbed copies here.

Avengers #87 cover
  • Origin of The Black Panther

It's about time that we get filled in about T'Challa the Black Panther and his origin story. It happens to be one of the coolest origin stories and made me a fan of the character.

I still hope Black Panther gets his own solo movie, because his origin story itself would be amazing played out on the big screen.

mycomicshop - One VG unslabbed copy and one GD copy available to be snagged here. Both are quite affordable for this Black Panther origin key issue.

Avengers #92 cover
  • Neal Adams Cover
  • Last 15 cent issue

Mostly known for his work on Batman, legendary comic artist Neal Adams starts his short-lived run on the Avengers series with issue #92. However, Adams just does the cover art for this issue. In the next issue, Adams does both the cover art and story pencils.

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ebay - More of a selection here on ebay, but a bit skimpy on the CGC copies. Still worth while to check out and shop around on ebay. You may get a better deal.

Avengers #98 comic cover
  • Clint Barton becomes Hawkeye

All I can say is thank, God! Clint Barton hangs up the Goliath mantle and returns to being the superhero he was meant to be - Hawkeye! 

NewKadia - Let's see what the fine folks at NewKadia has for this issue. Well, it seems that they two copies at the time of this writing. One is a FN+ and the other a FN-. Both are under $20 bucks, so I suggest to grab the higher grade FN+, of course.

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After all, quite a few collectors are on the hunt for Avengers key issues, and many will only get those NM high graded copies. Perfect to add to your comic investment collection.

Avengers #100 cover picture
  • 100th issue landmark
  • Hulk joins/leaves team
  • Ant-Man joins/leaves team
  • Wasp joins/leaves team
  • Black Panther joins/leaves team
Not only is this the landmark 100th issue, Avengers #100 features a story that calls for every Avenger past and present to assemble for the fate of the world. Even original member the Hulk is convinced to take up the fight with the team once again.

However, once the world is saved by Earth's Mightiest Heroes, we discover that the non-active members of the Avengers only rejoined the team briefly for the story's crisis and again part ways.  

mycomicshop - A wonderful CGC 9.0 VF/NM copy available at a fairly affordable price here. Best to check it out if you have your sights on this key issue Avengers comic. Of course, there's also ebay, and you can check out some of selection there that I've located below.

Avengers King Size Special #1
  • Iron Man rejoins team
  • Thor rejoins team
  • New Avengers line up

With Wasp and Henry Pym back into the fold, two more original members of the Avengers rejoin the team - Thor and Iron Man! This line up of the team has become one of the most iconic and memorable to this day.

I don't know about you, but when I think of the Avengers: Cap, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Thor, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch always pops into my head pretty fast.

ebay - Not such an easy book to hunt down. Only a few unslabbed copies on ebay but didn't see any CGC copies at the time of this writing. That may have changed, though, depending on when you're reading this, so it could be beneficial to click the blue ebay link above to check it out.

Avengers Annual #10 image
  • 1st appearance of Rogue

Perhaps not really significant to the Avengers mythos per say, but this 1980s comic is extremely important as it gives birth to one of the most popular female heroines today. That's right! This issues sees the first appearance of Rogue, who becomes an important and popular supporting team member of the mutant hero team, my favorite comic, The X-Men. If you're also looking for X-Men key issues, be sure to click to link to see my list of X-Men keys to get!

As a comic investment, this key issue is pretty sought after. It's definitely no light weight and will put a nice dent in your wallet, Sugah!

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Avengers Annual #7 cover
  • Death of Warlock

Oh, these deaths in comic books are complicated, especially when you have the cosmic king of comics Jim Starlin writing them. All I'm gonna say is that Adam Warlock dies for a moment after battling the Mad Titan, Thanos.

NewKadia - Concerning Avengers Annual #7, NewKadia doesn't disappoint and has available for sale some nice copies of their own. The first is a raw NM- and the other not far behind at a VF+. If you don't care for slabbed CGC graded comics and want this issue, you know what to do. Just visit the blue link and scroll until you find this key issue and add to cart!

mycomicshop - Lot's of copies to grab here of Avengers Annual #7. However, the prize is the CGC 9.8 NM/MINT copy of this badboy. Not a cheap snag, either. Also, a 9.2 low NM available as well, but it's an unslabbed copy. 

There they are to this Avengers key issues list. Sure there are quite a few more key issues within the Avengers title, but this list does highlight most of the important keys.

I hope you enjoyed and this helps you get some ideas on what key issue Avengers comics to add to your want list.  Thanks for reading and sharing this on Facebook or Twitter. Also, don't be shy to comment as well. Until next time!


  1. Awesome Stuff! I tune in every week for your updates and they are always spot on. I tried posting something about your last response to that other guy's rant, but my lame computer froze up. Anyways to summarize, I agreed with your thinking. I mean how can more attention and people getting excited about comics be a bad thing. If it was all hype, it can only benefit us in the form of prices skyrocketing on our comics. It just shows everyone els, what we've known all along....Comics are a great investment!

    1. Hey LK, thanks for the kudos, man, and great to hear from ya. It happens. I get booted off my internet connection constantly. Well, comics are a great investment, and it's a shame that more people know little about it or just flat out don't want to believe it.

      I just don't like it when someone tries to dress up opinion as fact concerning this debate. Thanks for commenting and tuning in.

  2. Hi there, we love this site, we love comics and we think your updates are excellent, but, we were wondering when you would update the Avengers key comics....there are some hot key issues in our opinion even if you included #196...

    Avid follower ValdeRobor

  3. Sorry can't help myself, others include #11 (first Spidey, although a Robot its a crossover for the cinematic universe), #53 (X-Men) #125 (Thanos), #144 (Hellcat) #181 (Scott Lang), #89 thru #97 (cos its an UBER storyline), #66 (Wolverine fans of rare metals!), #83 (First Valkyrie and Liberators) #134 & 135 (Origin of Vision) Am sure there is more and some of these are weak i know, but!!


    1. Heya Val, no problem...and keep 'em coming. I've mentioned a few of those on other key issues lists, but you're right...I need to update this list and almost all of the older lists I did. I'm gonna need to block off all requests or suggestions for at least two months so I can add or revisit these key issues again.

      I'm glad you or we love the site. Trying my best here. Just want you to know you're suggestions aren't ignored. Thanks for reading and commenting.