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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Strange Tales #126! First Appearance of Dormammu Located!

Strange Tales #126
First Appearance of Dormammu
Published Nov 1964
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Dick Ayers
Cover Artist: Jack Kirby 

High Grade Key issue located:

ebay - Apparently a CGC graded copy for the first appearance of Dormammu is no easy find. Even harder to locate for higher graded CGC copies. Nevertheless, a VF/NM CGC 9.0 Strange Tales #126 has been located on ole ebay. The price is a bit too pricey, but the seller has left a "best offer" option on the listing. It never hurts to try to haggle!


Dr. Strange movie! It has been revealed by The Latino Review that one of the main villains for our Sorcerer Supreme will in fact be The Dread Dormammu! If you don't already know, The Latino Review has been a pretty accurate source when it comes to leaking info about who, what, when, and where in terms of comic book movies.

Part of Marvel's Phase 3, Dr. Strange will open up Marvel's cinematic universe, further expanding it and adding new characters to enter into their tie-in world. Obviously, Dr. Strange will touch upon the magic side of Marvel Comics. 

Right now, there's been no official confirmation from Marvel about Dormammu, but the Latino Review did make the call on Thanos being in the Avengers. Look what happened to Iron Man #55 (first appearance of Thanos) after they were right and the character did show up at the end credits.

Right now Strange Tales #126 is still a bit of a sleeper, but many are soon catching on. The first appearance of Dormammu is getting a slight kick in demand but nothing that has made it sell above Overstreet guide values. 

Yet! Much like the first appearance of Dr. Strange in Strange Tales #110, I think Strange Tales #126 will start selling over guide once it's officially confirmed that Dormammu is the main villain in the Dr. Strange movie.

As you can see from the CGC copy on ebay I've located, overzealous sellers will start pricing this comic higher. Whether it sells for those prices is a different story.

The only problem is finding high grade CGC copies of this silver age key issue comic. There seems to be a few unslabbed copies out on the market, but very little high grade CGC copies are for sale. 


  1. Along with this issue Doctor Strange #169 should be also be picked up.


  2. Good call. Doctor Strange marks the 1st issue of the self-titled Doctor Strange series. Thanks for bringing up RG, and good to hear from ya!