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Thursday, July 18, 2013

NewKadia $50 Give Away In August!

That's right comic fans! You read the title correctly!

The awesome folks at NewKadia will be giving away $50 dollar gift cards the entire month of August for their customers. Not just once or twice or three times. Every day in the month of August.

So here's how it works a little: 

Those who have placed an order with Newkadia between Jan 1, 2008 and July 25th of 2013 are automatically entered.

Each day a name and email address will be posted on their site. If it's your name and email posted on the site, you must email them at to claim your gift card.

That means everyday, someone has the chance to win a $50 gift card to purchase some excellent comics. No purchase is necessary also.

If you have never bought from NewKadia, you can just send them an email with your name and email address. Just send ONE email to enter in the give away. If you send them more than one, you will be disqualified. 

However, if you're a serious comic collector, you know you have some pretty nice comics on your want list. Recently, NewKadia just got in some major key issues.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 cover image
Amazing Spider-Man #1-75 is now in stock. I doubt they'll be in for long. These always go pretty fast.  Check them out by clicking this link here

I believe I saw an ASM #3, first Sandman and a #6, first Lizard in stock! There's also quite a few issues from the Amazing Spider-Man 1-10 range. Amazing Spider-Man #1 was up there for a little bit! They go fast!

X-Men #1 cover
X-Men #1-100. No, not the 1991 series. The original series. I know there's some regular readers of Total Comic Mayhem gunnin' for X-Men key issues. A $50 gift card could help scratch off some X-Men key comics from that want list. The X-Men comics also go pretty fast like the Amazing Spider-Mans as well. 

Click right here to check out what X-Men key issues they got left in stock to keep a close eye on. I did see X-Men #1 still in stock at the time of this writing.

Of course, there's a lot more key issue comics at NewKadia other than Amazing Spider-Man key issues or X-Men key comics. They've got tons of comics.

Remember, no purchase is necessary. For more information, visit the contest rules page at NewKadia and read carefully. 

It doesn't hurt to try and you may be one of the lucky ones in the month of August! Besides, $50 worth of FREE comics is never a bad thing.

Good luck all, and be sure to spread the word about this!


  1. Hi there,again I must say I really love to read your blog! Thanks again for your helpfull informations!!
    I also saw the ASM#1 at New Kadia with the condition "Good-"- do you think this will be a wise investment in that condition? They said that the front cover is no more attached to the rest of the book,so for grading it will be no more than a 2.0-is it still worth it to pay such a load of money for this comic (as a long term investment)?
    Best Regards,from Berlin, Germany! Sven

    1. Heya Sven, how goes it? Is the cover completely detached from the comic or is it just one staple detached. A detached staple resides in the GD/Very Good (3.0) GD/VG area, but a completely detached cover is the most a GD 2.0 range.

      Concerning Amazing Spider-Man #1, most would just love to have that issue at any grade, considering the huge demand for it. As a long term investment, it will still be a good one. It went up a little less than hundred bucks from last year.

      An Action Comics #1 at GD is worth around $90,000! A Batman #1 at GD is worth around $14,000. So we have 1938 and 1940 are the years those two came out. So Action Comics is 75 years old. Batman #1 is 73 years old.

      Amazing Spider-Man #1 came out in 1963, 50 years ago.

      As for me, I don't like detached covers, even at one staple. If it were CGC graded already, I'd get it.

      It's listed as a GD- (Good Minus), but if we're talking getting it CGC'd, they may grade it even lower since the cover is completely detached.

      I don't think ASM #1 is available anymore at NewKadia. Last I checked it wasn't up there.

  2. Hi, Berlin is doin´great, summertime and nice People here!
    So when you checked NewKadia for ASM#1, I´ve already put it in my cart, just to save it for the moment! :)

    I asked NewKadia for the condition and they told me "The cover is all there, but it is no longer stapled to the main part of the Comic". So I´m going to agree with your opinion, I really would love to own an ASM#1- but not for every condition!!

    1. Ahhh, I see. Well, what's the lowest grade Amazing Spider-Man #1 are you willing to go?

  3. I guess I only could afford a "Good+", "Very Good" maximum...but I agree with you-I don't like detached staples!

    1. Those grades shouldn't be a problem to find for ASM #1. Just be sure that you are happy with the condition, or you'll find yourself wanting to upgrade later. Keep up the comic goodness, my friend!

      Thanks for commenting, reading and sharing Sven. Good to hear from ya!