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Thursday, July 4, 2013

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Thor #165 1st Appearance of Adam Warlock!

Thor #165
First full appearance of HIM (Adam Warlock)
Published Jun 1969
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby 

Key issue located

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Thor #165 is considered the first full appearance of HIM, whom is the previous incarnation of Adam Warlock, in comic book key issue standards. I guess it's like the pop star Prince when he changed his name to just a symbol and used the tag line, The artist formerly known as Prince.

With Warlock, it's Adam Warlock: The comic character formerly known as HIM. Maybe that's where Prince first got the idea from.

The funny thing about this silver age key issue is that when I first got it a long time ago, there was a tag on comic that said, 1st appearance of Adam Warlock on it. I was like big deal.

To be honest, I wasn't really into the character then. I knew of him because Thanos and Silver Surfer were usually tied to him in the comic stories. I didn't start liking the character until later.

I mainly got this silver age comic because -

A. It was cheap.
B. It was a key issue first appearance.
C. It was a silver age comic.
D. It was in VF condition.
E. Jack Kirby artwork.

The big question is when it's finally announced that Adam Warlock will make a movie debut, which one of his actual first appearances will get the bigger push in demand and value?

Let's see we have him first mentioned (as HIM) in Fantastic Four #66. In the next issue of Fantastic Four #67 we get the first brief appearance of HIM. Then there's this issue: The first full appearance of HIM (Warlock) in Thor #165, and finally, there's Marvel Premiere #1, in which actually debuts Adam Warlock as...well...Adam Warlock.

Such a complex character. Well, the industry says this is the actual first appearance of Warlock so that's that. In terms of finding this silver age key issue, it's really no problem. There's tons of copies everywhere, especially unslabbed copies which are pretty cheap.

CGC copies are a different story, however. They'll run you some dough in the NM range, and from what I just saw on ebay, it appears CGC 9.4 copies of this issue are beginning to actually sell for more.

I wouldn't say this is one of the best Marvel key comics to own, but it's one of the Marvel key comics you should seriously think about snagging before it's confirmed that Adam Warlock will be on the big screen. Which reminds me, I need to put this issue on my list of comics to submit to CGC.


  1. FF 66, 67 Are 1st appearnces of HIM/Warlock

    1. HIM doesn't appear in FF #66, and appears briefly in FF #67. Thor #165 is considered HIM's first full appearance, which is stated in the article.