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Thursday, July 4, 2013

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Fantastic Four #66 Located!

Fantastic Four #66
First part to origin of HIM (Adam Warlock)
Published Sept 1967
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby

Key issue located

mycomicshop - There are two unslabbed copies of this silver age key issue at mycomicshop. One is mid-grade Low Fine and the other a solid Very Good.

Newkadia - A nice Low Very Fine is in stock here and is quite affordable. There's also a Very Good in stock as well. They also have Fantastic Four #67, the conclusion to this story arc, at newkadia as well. That copy is a solid VF.

If you're a new buyer be sure to use the coupon code new4 at checkout. If you're a returning buyer be sure to use whatever coupon the fine folks at newkadia recently sent you. There is a sale going on that ends July 15th. 


Higher graded CGC copies are not easy to find for this Fantastic Four key issue. Actually, finding this issue CGC graded isn't an easy task. There are few even on ebay. 

Perhaps, it's because this issue hasn't been tied to a movie yet? Once that happens watch ebay get flooded with this key issue.

This is part one to the story of HIM, who later becomes Adam Warlock. HIM is in cocoon form so we don't get to see HIM. His back story is told in flashback. 

I guess you could say that this issue is the first mention of HIM. I dunno, but they did that with Amazing Spider-Man #14 (first mention of Mary Jane and 1st appearance of Kraven).

This Fantastic Four key issue isn't all that sought after. It's not on the hot burner just yet.

Of course, a CGC 9.6 just sold for little over a thousand bucks on ComicLink, but unslabbed mid-grade and Very Fine copies are quite affordable.

That's as of now. I doubt that will remain, as it's expected that Adam Warlock will make a movie debut. Nothing has been confirmed, but it's only a matter of time considering that Disney and Marvel Studios plan to expand their cosmic universe into cinema. They've already kicked off their cosmic universe with Thor and expanding it with The Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming out in 2014.

Although we don't really get to see HIM in this issue, we do get a brief glimpse of HIM in the next issue - Fantastic Four #67. However, the first full appearance of Warlock as HIM is in Thor #165 before the character gets revamped during the bronze age with an all-new origin in Marvel Premiere #1 and becomes Adam Warlock. 

I suspect that all the issues tied with Adam Warlock's strange and quite confusing origins will get a nice spike in demand once he's confirmed to hit the silver screen. As I always say, it's best to get in on it early. After all this is a key issue Fantastic Four comic from the silver age. 

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