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Thursday, July 4, 2013

HIGH GRADE ALERT! CGC 9.6 Marvel Premiere #1

Marvel Premier #1
Origin of Adam Warlock
Published April 1972
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Gil Kane 

High Grade Key issue located:

mycomicshop A gorgeous CGC 9.6 has been located at Only one copy of this key bronze age comic that holds the origin of Adam Warlock. On the hunt for this key issue? Just visit the link to check it out.


When it comes to the first appearances of Adam Warlock, things can get a little tricky. You see, he's slowly progressed over the years leading up to the Marvel Premiere #1 issue.

However, this is actually the first appearance of Warlock as we know him today. No Warlock as HIM or HIM in a cocoon state, but Adam Warlock in all his glory.

So why this issue? Well, actually a reader brought this issue to my attention. It was a wise snag, because it's one of the key bronze age comics that's pretty much a sleeper.

However, I'm betting that this won't last very long. With the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, it will only be a matter of time before Adam Warlock debuts in a Marvel movie.

As most know, Adam Warlock has direct ties to many of the members within the Guardians of the Galaxy. For instance, Gamora has been a member of the Infinity Watch team as well as Drax the Destroyer.

Adam Warlock is also tied to Thanos and Thor as well in the comics, often teaming up with both characters. According to Overstreet Price Guide, the first full appearance of Warlock, is actually in silver age Thor #165.

The first brief appearance of Warlock as HIM is in Fantastic Four #67, and HIM (Warlock) in cocoon form is in Fantastic Four #66.  


  1. Iv been keeping a close eye on Adam Warlock I got his 1st appearance recently I think marvel is gonna use him soon in a movie.-Jimmy Torres

    1. Awesome and good call on the 1st appearance of Adam Warlock. I agree and have no doubt that Warlock will soon make an appearance on screen. Where did you snag his first appearance at?

    2. Off ebay that's where I get all my books there are no comic shops around me.-Jimmy Torres

    3. That's a bummer, man, but thank God for the internet when it comes to that. I can't imagine being somewhere with no comic shop before the age of the internet. That would drive me insane!