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Friday, July 12, 2013

Funny Comic Book Pics

Recently a friend and college classmate in my graphic design studies posted a pretty funny picture that someone had manipulated from an old Batman comic panel to match his or her sense of humor. This gave me the idea to find and share some in this post.

All it takes is a little twisted and perverted mind to get the humor in these comedic works of art. But, some of the funny comic pics haven't been manipulated at all. That's right! Some were in the actual comic and had no intention of being funny during the time it was created.

WARNING: Those who are uptight and way too serious for their own good with no sense of humor can be easily be offended and suffer from bouts of anger or high blood pressure. If you have these symptoms it's advised you stop reading. This post is also not for kids!

Batman smacking Robin image
This is the pic that my buddy Dana posted on her facebook and I thought it was great. For one, I'm a fan of all those bands, Rock N' Roll and Metal in general. 

Two, I wouldn't say I'm the biggest Robin fan, so I thought it was funny to see Batman giving him a smack. I believe the actual art is from a real comic book panel, but not the bubble words obviously. Thanks, Dana, for posting this! I would actually choose Megadeth over Slayer or Metallica. *SMACK*

JLA funny panel
LOL! No wonder there were suspicions about Batman's sexuality with a panel like this one. This panel was obviously not meant to be funny, especially in the context that we see it in today. I believe this panel was unaltered.

Joker funny panel pic

Batman funny panel
This, as ridiculous as it is, was not an altered panel. It absolutely wasn't. 

It's actually from Batman #66, and the writer for some reason decided to use the word "boner" instead of error or mistake or screw up.

This issue had the Joker using the greatest mistakes in history as inspiration for villainous crimes to commit in the present. The Joker's goal throughout this issue was exactly trying to force Batman into a "boner". Well, okay, real translation meant a mistake, but we have a meaning for that word and most of us all know what it means today.This hilarity was found at

See what the Comics Code Authority did to the Joker back then! They said he couldn't be a homicidal maniac, but he could be a clown trying to give guys boners.

Superman funny comic picture
Of course, not even the Man of Steel, Superman, is immune to having at least one funny comic book panel that wasn't meant to be funny. At least, intentionally funny.

This panel is the original and unaltered, and, of course, a kid reading this comic back then wouldn't get the hilarity behind the unintentional humor, but I'm afraid we do. Or, at least, my super, potty brain does.

Yikes! Lois? Supes even has that suspicious I'm about to get in a jealous rage face going on there. Okay, that's my imagination running a bit too far there.

Daredevil funny image
Now onto Marvel. Daredevil being a bit norty? 

The bubble words has obviously been altered on this panel by someone out there with a sense of humor. Despite this panel being totally politically incorrect and sexist, I still got a pretty good chuckle out of it. 

Come to think of it, the panel would've been even funnier if the characters were reversed.

cap funny comic panel
Cap? You command us to what? Well, he is Captain America after all. And they say comics is kids stuff.

Obviously this panel wasn't meant to be funny. Didn't anyone from the editorial staff at Marvel back in the day catch this...err...boner before it went to the print press? Obviously not! 

Maybe it was the same writer of Batman #66 who also did this issue.

Robin funny comic book panel
And speaking of Batman, we're once again back to the Caped Crusader, in which Robin is giving us a whole new meaning to the word Dynamic within the title Dynamic Duo in this panel. 

Poor Batman and Robin, getting picked on all the time, but that's what happens when you become campy like they did during the silver age.

Go, Robin! Go, Robin! It's your birthday!

He truly is the Boy Wonder! And I can truly say it's no wonder why I never really followed Robin all that much in the comics.

X-Men comic panel.
To the regular eye this panel would seem pretty mundane, nothing really funny about it, but take a closer look. Did you notice it? I'm not sure whether the art team meant to be funny or if this was a slip up, but those aren't pliers that Marvel Girl is giving Beast. Yikes! 

Avengers funny comic panel with Hercules, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch
Hahaha! Do I even really need to comment on this one here? LOL, I really didn't think so.

Want some more funny comic book pics and panels? Just click here and you'll see a bunch.

Hope you enjoyed this and got some good chuckles and laughs like I did! Be sure not to follow Captain America's command to wank before Joker makes you commit a boner. And watch out for Robin. He's just waiting to expose himself. See ya next time here at Total Comic Mayhem. 


  1. LOL! Now I have to find a copy of Batman 66. Stat! The cover of Amazing Spider-Man 17 (1963 series) always makes me laugh. The cover features Spidey battling against the Green Goblin with the Human Torch between them. But at the bottom of the cover where the crowd is gathered, there is one guy who looks as if he's laughing (I suppose he's meant to be scared, but somehow it doesn't seem so). And there's another guy behind him who looks, shall we say, a little too happy while seemingly giving a touchdown signal. You can look it up. For some reason, it always makes me laugh.

    Thanks for another great post!


    1. Haha! You're right...that guy does look a little too happy to see the action in that ASM cover. Glad you liked the post, Jeff. I had a lot of fun reading all the panels and writing this one up.