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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Amazing Spider-Man #15 CGC 4.5

I've always liked Kraven The Hunter ever since I first read the 6 part story arc "Kraven's Last Hunt" that started in Web of Spider-Man #31 and spread across Amazing Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man comic titles back in the day when I use to ride my skate board to the local comic shop downtown. Back then it was the only comic shop in my city and the surrounding cities and it was tiny. I mean, tiny, and all they sold were comics. No toys, no action figures, no statues, no t-shirts...just comics. Oh, and baseball cards, too!

I do believe it was this cover that sparked my interest in the character. I remember flipping in the back issue box and this cover just jumped out at me. I bought it to find out what the hell was going on, read it, and loved it. Then I back tracked all the way to Web of Spider-Man #31. 

That story-arc is still, probably, one of my favorites concerning our favorite Webhead, and I've always thought Kraven was pretty bad ass in this story. That was my first introduction to Kraven.

Years later, when I started taking comic investing a lot more seriously, I would always keep my eye out for the first appearance of Kraven. I'd walk in and immediately check the All-Star wall for it. You know, the All-Star wall that every comic shop has...that wall loaded with vintage...sometimes really important vintage...comic books? Unfortunately, they'd never have it. 

So I checked a few more local places. One place had it, but it wasn't in the minimal condition I was gunning for, which was a Very Good. Finally, I just said screw it and searched for a copy on ebay.

As you know, I try not to buy unslabbed comics on ebay for various reasons I detailed in my earlier post on my Giant Sized X-Men #1 that luckily came back a nice solid Near Mint. However, you may also know that CGC graded books on ebay are pretty pricey as well.

So I settled on this CGC 4.5 (Very Good Plus) Amazing Spider-Man #15. It was in my budget, and it wasn't too long after I'd bought a CGC 9.4 Star Wars #1.

To be perfectly honest, though, I was just happy to finally have the first appearance of Kraven. I'd been obsessing about it forever. When I got it, I was smiling like a kid who had just got out of detention. 

This issue also has the first mention of Mary Jane Watson as well as the 2nd appearance of the Chameleon just to add more uhmphf to the silver age key issue status. 

So why this comic? There's no movie that Kraven will be in, and it's not like it has the very first appearance of Mary Jane. It only mentions the character.

Well, besides liking the character of Kraven, silver age amazing Spider-Man comics are continually going up. Even on the mighty flea market that is ebay, ASM comics are getting more and more expensive. Especially key issue Amazing Spider-Man comics. 

And most importantly, I didn't have to worry about what grade it would come back from CGC!

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Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it and share this with your fellow comic fans as well.


  1. ASM 15 is also on my want list. I've read the reprint of it but had forgotten about the mention of MJ. By the way, how many Silver Age Amazing Spider-Man comics do you have? Or which ASM Silver Age keys are you still looking for? Just curious.



    1. I only have a few key issue silver age Spider-Man as I tend to spread my hunt for key investment comics across various titles.

      Right now, there's only one really big ASM key on my want list, which is a CGC graded Amazing Spider-Man #129 in the VF to low NM range. I would love a first appearance of Mysterio, though.

      I am, however, always on the lookout to upgrade my Amazing Spider-Man #252 to a higher grade and preferably CGC graded. Just haven't found the right price yet.

  2. Just found this article in your archives. Fantastic Article. I got a CGC 5.5. Do you think the value of the book might increase in the near future? I know its not a high grade but just wanted to know your thoughts. Please let me know. Love your blog. Regards,Axe.

    1. Heya, Axe, yes I do. With the Sinister Six movie still going through as planned and Kraven the Hunter heading to the big screen, I expect that ASM #15 will increase in the near future.

    2. Awesome. Thank you. I will definitely keep it in the vault in that case. Have a great day. You Rock!

  3. I just finally got my copy of ASM #15 back from CGC was hoping for a 6.0 came back a 7.0 but they game it a Restored label for a small red dot on the cover it looks like a kid was coloring and it just barely touched the upper left hand edge of the comic. I was sick about it even though its a C-1 slight it still really hurts the value if I had even noticed it I would have wiped it off Heart breaking :(