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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Uncanny X-Men Key Issues List Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of the Uncanny X-Men Key Issues List. If you happened to stumble upon this post without reading Part One, don't worry. You can use the menu to the lower right to jump around to any part you desire.

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Origin of The Beast.
1st brief appearance of Master Mold.
X-Men #15 holds the Hank McCoy's, otherwise known as the Beast, origin of how he discovers his mutant abilities and comes into contact with Professor X.

This issue also continues the story of the Sentinels and also introduces the very first brief appearance of Master Mold, the villainous and humungous Sentinel robot whose primary purpose is to basically be a mobile Sentinel-creating factory. 

X-Men #15 is a pretty important key issue to get concerning X-Men comics.

NewKadia - Two copies available. One is a 5.5 (FINE Minus) and the other a 4.5 (VG Plus). Both are under a hundred bucks and even more if you have a coupon code.

To find this key issue at newkadia, just click the blue link above and scroll down the issues until you reach #15. 

mycomicshop - Mid-grade to lower copies available with only one being a CGC 6.5 (Fine Plus). 

ebay - Can we say tons of unslabbed copies available on ebay? Yes, we can and there are lots on ebay for this silver age X-Men key issue comic. I saw two CGC Signature Series copies, both signed by Stan Lee. There's also two CGC Universal copies with one being an 8.0 (Very Fine). Not bad.

X-MEN #16

First full appearance of Master Mold.
This issue continues the story arc from X-Men #14 and #15. We get a closer look in this issue at the Sentinel making factory that is known as Master Mold.

Like most X-Men fans, I've always loved the stories with the Sentinels in them, and #14, #15, and #16 are the key issues that first introduces these robot mutant hunters. In terms of X-Men comics, these three issues are great comic investments and are getting more and more expensive as the years progress.

Are they still worth getting? Of course, they are. Sentinels have become important villains within the X-Men universe and remain a fan-favorite.

ebay - This key issue is pretty scarce on ebay. No CGC graded copies as of this writing. That could change, but you can see for yourself by checking out the search results for X-Men #16 at ebay link above.

First appearance of the Mimic.
I always liked the villain the Mimic and thought he was a pretty cool character. He had all the powers of each X-Man and was a combination of their physical features as well, minus Marvel Girl.

I guess the character never really took to fans, because the Mimic isn't used all that much. His character is like that of Rogue before she was even created, but he is not a mutant. In his early incarnation, the Mimic could temporarily gain one's skills, physical traits, knowledge, and superpowers. In later years, this changed, and the Mimic's power grew stronger to instead absorb one's life force. Sound familiar?

The first appearance of the Mimic is pretty much a sleeper. It's not the most sought out X-Men key issue, but most early silver age X-Men keys aren't cheap anymore. - Two high grade CGC 9.2 (Low Near Mint) copies available on consignment at mycomicshop. An unslabbed VF is also ready to be snagged here as well.

ebay - If you're looking for some nice affordable lower grade unslabbed copies then ebay has a few of this issue. Saw some CGC graded copies and some VF unslabbed copies as well. Would be wise to check it out if you're on the hunt for the first appearance of the Mimic.

First appearance of Banshee.

A popular supporting character of the X-Men for decades, Banshee (Sean Cassidy) is pretty stereo-typical of the name he claims. He's Irish and has a super powered sonic scream like that of Irish myth, except he's a dude and Banshees of Irish myth were female.

Banshee had only been a brief full time member of the X-Men, but the character is often associated with the team and other spin-off mutant teams as well. His first appearance in this issue is highly sought out and got a  pretty good jump in demand after the character was introduced on screen in the movie X-Men: First Class

Newkadia - One very nice mid-grade copy available at newkadia. Only one copy of a 6.5 (FINE Plus). This copy won't be there long for sure.

mycomicshop - As of this writing there are two graded 8.5 (Very Fine Plus) copies available. One is PGX graded and the other is CGC graded. There is also a mid-grade copy and a VG copy. The VG copy goes on auction July 6th. 

ebay - Unslabbed copies of X-Men #28 first appearance of Banshee aren't hard to find on ebay. That's for sure. Pickins are pretty slim for CGC or PGX graded copies.

X-MEN #35

First appearance of the Changeling.

I do believe that this may be the first time Spidey crosses over into the X-Men series, but I could be wrong. Seems like it.

As for the villain the Changeling? I wouldn't say his first appearance is really what makes fans crawl all over each other to get this X-Men key. However, his first appearance does set up another key issue that comes up pretty soon.

However, I think the fact that Spidey crosses over into this issue is the real reason why this issue is a lot more in-demand and valuable than it really should be.

mycomicshop - A lower grade unslabbed copy is available. This may change depending on when you read this article. Perhaps, by the time you have gotten here, there may be more copies available. It never hurts to visit the link to check it out. 

Actually, if you're looking for this issue, it's always recommended that you do check out the links so you can find the best prices for this key X-Men issue at the time.

New costumes and new look.
Heck if Batman and Superman can get new looks, I suppose the X-Men can also. Probably the most recognizable is the classic retro green Marvel Girl costume. Yeah, the short green mini-skirt one. Cyclops and Beast's new look is probably the least drastic.

All in all, this issue isn't all that expensive in the lower grades for a Silver Age key issue and not that in demand as of yet. Expect to pay a couple hundred when you get into the higher NM grades of course. That shouldn't be a surprise.

Newkadia - Only one VG Plus copy available at newkadia. 

ebay - Not a lot, but the unslabbed copies here are extremely affordable and selling for way under guide. Definitely worth taking a look. Saw one CGC mid-grade copy Signature Series signed by Stan Lee

X-MEN #40

1st appearance of Frankenstein's Monster in Marvel Comics.
Oddly, this is one of the first silver age X-Men key issues I ever got. I still scratch my head whenever I see it, but my local had a gorgeous copy of this issue for a pretty good price.

I suppose it was near Halloween time and those at Marvel thought it would be cool to introduce Frankenstein's Monster in an X-Men issue. Actually, scratch that. I just checked and this issue was published in Jan 1968. Wow!

Lord, talk about a minor key issue. Can this even be considered a key issue? I know it's the first appearance of Frankenstein in the Marvel universe, but still. It's not like they did anything with the character since.

mycomicshop - As of now, mycomicshop only has an unslabbed GD copy available. If you're not into CGC high grades or looking to fill in gaps to your X-Men collection, this copy may be a good choice.

ebay - As of this writing, finding a copy of X-Men #40 won't be hard at all to find on ebay. Well, higher graded copies will be a challenge. There are only a few CGC copies which you will find by clicking this ebay CGC link for X-Men #40.

Death of Professor X.
Oh, no, they didn't! Yeah, you're right: They didn't. But, readers at the time didn't know that it was all a hoax.

This key issue was a complete hoax, and if you read the cover at the bottom, can we say a blatant example of false advertising? I think we can.

What was really the death of Professor X was actually the death of the Changeling. Remember that guy I mentioned in X-Men #35? Yeah, him!

This is a minor key, but still a key issue. It's not terribly expensive at the moment, and I don't think it will get too high up there for a while. A Near Mint CGC will probably run about $200 and upwards.

mycomicshop - There are several copies available here for X-Men #42. Only one is a CGC 8.5 (Very Fine Plus). The others are unslabbed and range from lower grade to mid-grade. 

ebay - I just sold an extra copy of this key issue on ebay. Like many of the copies on there, it was an unslabbed book. There are plenty of non-CGC or non-PGX copies there, and if you keep trolling the search results for this issue, you'll always find a steal. 

As of this writing, there are no CGC copies there or worth looking at getting.

1st appearance of Polaris.

Like Havok, who shows up a bit later in the series, the mutant Polaris is another extremely popular supporting character within the X-Men universe. She has been, for the main part, a good guy and usually known as a member of the X-Men or one it's sub teams like X-Factor.

Polaris has the ability to control magnetic fields much like Magneto. Because of this fact, she has always suspected that she was his offspring. In later issues it was confirmed she is indeed his daughter, making her the half brother and sister to Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

Newkadia - Only one solid VG copy is available for under $22 bucks. If you're a returning customer and have coupon codes to use, now is the time to snag a bunch of key issue X-Men comics and use them.

mycomicshop - no high grade CGC copies at mycomicshop. Only lower grade unslabbed copies that are pretty affordable. If you're not into the high grade CGC thing, it's definitely worth a look by visiting the link above.

ebay - Availability for this issue on ebay is pretty scarce. Only one CGC 8.5 (Very Fine Plus) that happens to be from the Signature Series. It's signed by cover artist Steranko. 

Only about 7 unslabbed copies for this issue at the moment. I'm sure that will change by the time you read this.


First Barry Smith comic work.

Key issues just don't involve first appearances and deaths of. They also hold famous artist's first comic book work or first work on a specific title.

Barry Smith made his comic book artwork debut in this issue, in which he drew the cover art and story art as well. Although his tenure for the X-Men titles was short-lived, doing the cover art only for the next 2 issues before moving to the Daredevil title, X-Men #53 is a pretty important key issue for fans of Barry Smith's comic book artwork.

mycomicshop - Two unslabbed copies available at the time of this writing. No CGC, but that could change by the time your reading this. A 7.0 (Fine/Very Fine) is for sale there.

Newkadia - So what's going on at newkadia concerning this X-Men key? Well, the fine folks over there have three copies available. 

Two are in the mid-range FINE area, with one being a FINE Plus. The other is a Very Good Plus. All three are under $50 bucks and worth the look if you prefer unslabbed and non-CGC or PGX copies.

Remember, if you are a new customer to newkadia, use the code new4 at checkout to receive your discount.

First appearance of Alex Summers.

Cyclop's (Scott Summers) baby brother, Alex Summers, makes his introduction in this issue. The character does not realize his powers yet, nor becomes the X-Man Havok we all know today in this issue.

Since the character of Alex Summer made his debut, he has become a pretty popular X-Man. I still think he has one of the coolest costumes.

This X-Men key issue is starting to get up there. CGC Near Mint 9.4s are selling for above $200. Unslabbed copies are still highly affordable in supposedly Near Mint grades. I say supposedly because many unslabbed copies are highly over graded, especially on ebay.

But, like I always say, that's the risk you take buying non-graded comics on ebay.

mycomicshop - Only unslabbed copies here. Highest is a mid-grade 6.0 (FINE). 

Newkadia - One VG+ available at newkadia for now. 

ebay - Some nice copies available that are both slabbed and unslabbed. There's a CGC 8.0 (Very Fine) under a hundred dollars and a CGC 9.2 that's pretty pricey. However the seller does have the best offer option, and it never hurts to try. Guide has a 9.2 at $210.00 bucks.

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  1. #50 should be on there above #53 imho - iconic cover and Steranko artwork more highly regarded