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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Uncanny X-Men Key Issues List Part One

Here we go: My favorite title and comic book to collect. Even though I titled this post Uncanny X-Men Key Issues, it will include the entire volume 1 series. I just didn't want to simply use The X-Men key issues as the title of this article series, because there is the 1990 Vol 2 series with Jim Lee that can be confused with it.

So, to be clear, this is a list of only the first comic series The X-Men and Uncanny X-Men key issues. Let the mutant madness begin:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

X-MEN #1

1st appearance of Cyclops, Beast, Angel, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Magneto, Professor X.
1st X-Men comic issue.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, this is the first X-Men titled series comic to ever come out and introduces the original X-Men team of Cyclops, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Angel, Beast, and Iceman. Besides those silver age key issue first appearances mentioned above, this issue also has the first appearances of the evil mutant Magneto and the X-Men's leader Professor X.

Yes, you can say this is a whopper of an X-Men key issue to get. Actually, it is one of the holy grails of X-Men comics to own and will cost you a small fortune at even lower grades. At higher grades, however? You can actually buy a really nice car or a pretty decent house with this comic at high grades.

After all, X-Men #1 is one of the top most silver age key issues to own.

Newkadia - As of this writing, there is an unslabbed VF- (Very Fine Minus or Low Very Fine) available at Newkadia. This copy will not last long. The last time I posted that an X-Men #1 was available there, it sold within a week.

Newkadia always has sales going on. If you have never shopped there before and are a new customer, be sure to use the code new4. You can save 15% on an expensive key issue like this X-Men #1. Be sure to click the blue link above to check out this beauty!

mycomicshop - Two lower graded CGC copies available at mycomicshop. One is a CGC 3.0 (Good/Very Good) and the other a CGC 1.5 (Fair/Good).

ebay - Of course, ebay has quite a few copies of X-Men #1. A few are unslabbed and a few are CGC graded. The highest CGC graded copy I there at the time of this writing is a 9.4, and it's expensive.

You can click the blue ebay link to be brought to the search results for X-Men #1, or you can check out the few I selected on ebay below:

X-MEN #2

1st appearance of The Vanisher.

I debated hard about adding this issue to the list. I was pretty reluctant.

The Vanisher isn't exactly a villain that makes me want to rush out and buy the X-Men comics, but this issue is technically a first appearance key issue. It's also the 2nd appearance ever of the X-Men team as well.

Despite it being the 2nd appearance of the X-Men and the 2nd issue to the comic series, it's first appearance key issue status is of a hugely minor villain who plays little, if at any, importance to the X-Men mythos in general.

ebay - there are a lot of CGC copies of X-Men #2 on ebay ranging from all kinds of grades. Most are lower to mid-grade. The link will take you to ebay's search results for this key issue.

X-MEN #3

 1st appearance of The Blob.

Aside from Magneto, the Blob is one of the oldest X-Men villains who has remained a constant presence and nuisance.

The Blob, Fred J. Dukes, has aligned himself temporarily with Magneto in the past, as well as became a member of the second incarnation of The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants started by Mystique. He played a role in this team to assassinate Senator Kelly in the Days of Future Past storyline.

X-Men #3, the first appearance of the Blob, is a very important key X-Men issue to have from the silver age.

ebay - Various copies of the first appearance of Blob on ebay, both unslabbed and third party graded by CGC or PGX. If you're looking for an unslabbed copy, click the link to see the results. 

X-MEN #4

1st appearance of Quicksilver.
1st appearance of Scarlet Witch.
1st appearance of the Toad.
1st appearance of Mastermind.
1st Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

When it comes to important silver age key issues within X-Men comics, issue #4 has to be one of the most important, if not the second most important X-Men silver age key issue ever! As you can see, it introduces a lot of characters, most notably the extremely popular Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

Aside from being the 2nd appearance of Magneto ever, X-Men #4 also introduces The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the counterpart team to the X-Men who have been and still are a huge part of the X-Men mythos.

This key issue X-Men comic right now is amazingly hot and in demand, because Quicksilver has been confirmed to appear in Bryan Singer's X-Men Days of Future Past movie. There's also a rumor that both Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch may be baddies in the Avengers sequel as well.

ComicConnect - One unslabbed solid VF copy available at ComicConnect.

X-MEN #8

1st appearance of Unus The Untouchable.
Not exactly a major character or villain, this X-Men #8 first appearance is a pretty minor key issue for a pretty minor character.

I do love the cover, however. There's just something awesome about the colors of silver age comics and the artwork of Jack Kirby. 

Still, this is an X-Men key issue and within the very first 10 issues mind you. This key issue will still be a pretty expensive score, even at lower grades.

ebay - Not many CGC graded copies available here. Mostly unslabbed copies and only a few of them.

1st appearance of Lucifer.
 1st Avengers crossover in X-Men title.
This awesome key issue holds the very first crossover between the Avengers and The X-Men within the title series!

As for the first appearance of Lucifer? Well, the villain is responsible for crippling Professor X and forever making him a paraplegic. However, Lucifer isn't really a mainstay character that often returns to either aid or cause mayhem for the X-Men.

You do have to remember that The X-Men title in the beginning wasn't really overly successful. The comic did struggle trying to gain and keep readership. Villains like Unus and Lucifer probably didn't help the series much. - Unslabbed copies. One is a 5.0 VG/FN. Early silver age X-Men issues 1-10 aren't easy finds even in lower and mid-grades. It gets even harder to find higher graded copies available.

ebay - Two CGC graded copies here. Mostly unslabbed copies at mid-grades. If you're on the hunt for this key issue and like the ebay route, be sure to click the ebay link above to see what's on sale for X-Men #9.

1st Silver Age appearance of Ka-Zar & Zabu

Ka-Zar in the X-Men comics always made me scratch my head. I never quite got just why this dude was even put into the comics.

Nevertheless, X-Men #10 is a key issue, but not really one that I deem an important must-have to go out scrambling for. Collectors who are completists would argue with me on that call, and I do agree that having a run of silver age X-Men #1-10 is never a bad thing.

If you're on the hunt for this comic book key issue, here are some options for you that I've located. Higher graded books will hit near the thousand dollar mark. Near Mint Plus and above well over a thousand.

mycomicshop - A very nice CGC graded 8.5 (Very Fine Plus) copy is available here for a pretty decent price at $500. There are also lower graded, unslabbed copies if that's too rich for your blood at the moment.

ebay - If you're looking for a lot of CGC graded copies, ebay isn't the place to look at the time of this writing. There are a few unslabbed copies for pretty decent prices though.

1st appearance of the Stranger

This character has made sporadic appearances in the Marvel Universe since the cosmic entity first appeared in this X-Men issue.

The Stranger isn't necessarily an important character within the X-Men mythos, but he has played roles in other Marvel comic books like The Infinity Gauntlet, Captain Marvel, and Silver Surfer. He has also been seen aiding or causing trouble for the likes of The Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Adam Warlock, whom the Stranger tries to steal the "Soul Gem" from. 

This key issue may not be on my want list, but it could be on yours. So take a gander at some of the places where this silver age key issue is located if you're on the hunt for it.

Newkadia - An unslabbed VG+ copy is available here. Just click the newkadia link and scroll down. Be sure to also get a discount and enter whatever code you may have during checkout. 

Only one copy left! If you're a new customer, use the code new4.

mycomicshop - An unslabbed 5.5 (Low Fine or Fine Minus) is ready to be added to someone's X-Men collection. Only one copy available.

ebay - Loads of unslabbed/raw copies if you don't care much for CGC or PGX. One CGC graded 9.4 copy for $4,999.95. Wow!

X-MEN #12 

Origin of Professor X.
1st appearance of the Juggernaut.
Origin of the Juggernaut.

Now this is more like it: An X-Men key issue that's important to the X-Men's over-all universe! The first appearance of the Juggernaut is a highly sought out and in-demand key issue within the X-Men comics.

The step-brother of Professor X, Cain Marko's Juggernaut origin is detailed in this issue. As a result, Professor X's origin is also told in flashbacks.

This is an extremely important key issue X-Men comic for any fan or collector of the title. X-Men #12 is no doubt an investment comic to own and quite pricey as well. 

ebay - This being a high demand, must-have key issue, there are only a few copies available on ebay. The ebay link will bring you directly to the search results for X-Men #12. Only one mid grade CGC copy here.

X-MEN #14 

1st appearance of the Sentinels.

When it comes to the story arc of humans' fear towards mutants and how willing they are to eradicate the mutant threat within the X-Men comics, there are no better symbols and characters representing that fear and hatred than the Sentinels. These human-made machines built solely for hunting down mutants have become extremely beloved and important characters within the X-Men lore.

They are so popular among fans that many have wished to see them in the first X-Men movie trilogy and was disappointed when they only got to see a Sentinel's decapitated head. Well, it seems fans wishes will come true as X-Men: Days of Future Past promises to have these giant mutant hunters in the film.

As a result, the demand for this comic has skyrocketed and is currently going way over Overstreet Guide for most grades. This silver age X-Men key is definitely one to get and soon.

ebay - When it comes to the first appearance of the Sentinels in X-Men comics, ebay has quite a few copies to snag there. Most are unslabbed comics, but there are a few CGC graded copies. You can check out the search results for this key issue by visiting the ebay link above or you can see some nice higher grade CGC graded copies below.

Ready for Part 2 to the Uncanny X-Men Key Issues List? You can either click the link to read part 2 or you can use the menu below to go to any part you desire.

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