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Friday, June 7, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Review

Star Trek cast picture
I have to admit that when I first saw the extremely long first trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness a few months back, I was not overly impressed. I'm not a huge Star Trek fan nor a Trekkie. Like all little guys in America growing up in the 80s, I watched the T.V. show a lot. However, I never really became a huge fan of it. 

This is actually my first post on anything Star Trek related, but I did love what J.J. Abrams did with the first Star Trek reboot. I thought it was a brilliant spin on the franchise.

On the merit of the first rebooted film and because I had heard the 3-D was good, I did spend the dollars to watch it in the theaters and in IMAX 3-D. There isn't a lot of people I know who like the whole 3-D thing, but I absolutely love it. 

In the wake of a highly disappointing Iron Man 3, which no amount of 3-D goodness saved that movie one bit, I was really hoping Star Trek Into Darkness would be good. I had heard through the grapevine from Trekkies that they thought the movie as disappointing as I had thought Iron Man 3 was. 

Oh well, I got my hotdog combo and nachos with jalapenos and munched happily while I waited for the lights to dim and the film to roll. Actually, just when the trailers started to roll, one of the arms to my 3-D glasses snapped off while putting them on. Not a good sign, but I went out of the theater and got a new pair.  

While other critics seem to overtly complain about the overuse and Abram's love of lens flares, they didn't bother me. Actually, I barely even noticed them.

Scene from Star Trek Into Darkness
What I did notice was that the chemistry of the new Star Trek cast remained absolutely impeccable and sharp. They are awesome to watch. Zachary Quinto is without a doubt an amazing Spock. I marvel at just how believable he is as the younger version of the character, and he was great as the devious Sylar in Heroes.

I admit it was enjoyable to watch the friendship between Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock really began to surface in this film. While we got to see the two of them greatly at odds in the first movie, this second film shows more of how their relationship slowly cots into the dynamic of how Spock's Vulcan logic versus Kirk's human passion and emotion better serves each other that we remember from the T.V. show.

Karl Urban as Bones
Karl Urban is another who has captured his character - Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy - quite well. However, the frequent and argumentative McCoy in the original series has been toned down a bit in these new movies. There are a few hints of it, but Karl Urban does extremely well within the dynamic that focuses more on Spock and Kirk. Star Trek Into Darkness played down McCoy's sounding board and grumpy role between Kirk and Spock even more, but the role fit smoothly within the constraints of this story.

Spock and Uhura picture
And what can I say about Zoe Saldana? C'mon now...she's beautiful, and she is amazing as Uhura. The dynamic between her and Zachary Quinto is actually refreshing to see and quite enjoyable. The relationship never strays too far into the mushy zone nor is completely emotionless nor lifeless either. I think it's a nice spin to see Spock finally getting the romantic spotlight as opposed to Captain Kirk for once.

I don't have a doubt that the new Star Trek movies have a great ensemble cast. John Cho as Sulu, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, and even our favorite U.S.S Enterprise engineer, Montgomery Scott played by Simon Pegg, all work so amazingly well aboard these films it seems almost effortless. 

Carol Marcus underwear pic
However, I really wasn't all that impressed with the new addition of Alice Eve as Carol Marcus. Even though she was introduced in The Wrath of Khan back in 1982 as Kirk's baby mamma, her presence in the film seemed like more like an excuse to have a scene with a hot babe in her underwear than anything else. Other than that, I was like, "The character is in this movie because?" Sure, it was a nice way to introduce Kirk's future lover, but it still seemed like an excuse to just add further eye candy for guys. 

Can we also say that Khan is a bad ass in this movie? Oh yes, he is! Unlike Star Trek The Wrath of Khan, they actually show Khan kicking mucho butt, instead of telling why he's this superman. I definitely like this new rendition of Khan much better.

I was thoroughly entertained throughout Star Trek Into Darkness. The special effects were amazing. The 3-D was amazing, and I liked the story and where it took me. I didn't question it, I just enjoyed the ride.

Maybe a lot had to do with the fact that I don't remember much of Star Trek The Wrath of Khan, the original that the new sequel obviously borrowed and was based a bit on. The fact I'm also not a huge Star Trek fan might also be a big factor to why I enjoyed Into Darkness so much. 

Not to say that some Trekkies won't like it. I'm sure there are some out there who do. I'm just saying I can understand if the sequel failed to impress them.

For me, however, this movie is a must watch, and I recommend you watch it on the big screen. If that's not really your gig, be sure to watch it when it comes out on blue ray dvd. I'm definitely getting it.


  1. Nice review. A very, very fun movie that never ends it's adrenaline-rush.

    1. Thanks for the kudos...I really liked this movie a lot...even saw it a second time and it was still just as good.