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Monday, June 17, 2013

Part 5 To The Uncanny X-Men Key Issues! Key X-Men Comics To Get List!

You've reached Part 5 of the Uncanny X-Men Key Issues List. We are winding our way down to the last of the key X-Men comics in this series, and most of these are from the copper and modern age. That means that most should be relatively easy to find even in high grades, and not too expensive.

Like always, if you happened to stumble upon this post without reading other previous parts of this series, you can use the menu to the lower right to jump around to any part you desire.

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X-Men #171 cover pic

Rogue joins the X-Men.

Perhaps one of the best additions to the team during the late bronze age, as well as one of the most beloved team members. Rogue's mutant curse that keeps her from human contact and touch brought an isolation to the character resonated deep with many X-Men fans. She is an extremely popular character.

However, this key issue X-Men comic is pretty much a sleeper and not that high in demand. You can this issue pretty easy, and it won't bear down on your wallet or bank account for unslabbed Near Mint copies. 

Newkadia - An unslabbed NM+ is available at newkadia, as well as a few copies in the VF range.

mycomicshop - Quite a few copies in stock. Highest are VF unslabbed comics. No CGC yet as of this writing.

ebay - No problem finding some super high grade CGC copies on ebay. A couple of CGC 9.8s, and a whole bunch of unslabbed/raw copies. Visit the link to check out the search results on ebay for X-Men #171.

X-Men #184 cover image pic

1st appearance of Forge.


Forge is one of the first characters from the X-Men that I remember seeing besides Storm. My brother had a few comics when I was a kid and one of them was an X-Men comic from around this era. 

This was before I started collecting comics, but I remember seeing that X-Men comic on his desk and even snuck a peek. I remember the issue too, and now own my own copy. Too bad my brother never stuck to collecting comics or kept his. 

Forge was a minor supporting character during this era. X-Men #184 is his introduction. 

mycomicshop - A gorgeous high grade CGC 9.8 copy is available. A few unslabbed copies as well. One is a Near Mint for under $6 bucks.

Newkadia - 4 copies of issue #184 ready to be taken here. HIghest is a Low NM 9.2 for under $10 dollars. Just visit the link and scroll down a bit.

ebay - No shortage of unslabbed copies for this X-Men key comic, if you want to take the risk of possibly getting a restored copy, 2nd print, or an over-graded comic. A few CGC 9.8 copies as well if you're really serious about comic investing.

X-Men #193 cover

1st Warpath in Costume.

Seems that a few in the Marvel camp thought that they killed off Thunderbird pretty prematurely. So, they decided to bring back the character in form of a baby brother and call him Warpath.

It also seems that Warpath will be included in X-Men Days of Future Past movie coming out in 2014. Don't be confused. This isn't Warpath's first appearance. It's his first appearance in costume. The character first appeared as the 2nd Thunderbird in New Mutants #16

We have now ventured into the copper age, and this X-Men key comic is one of the few from this era worth getting.

mycomicshop - Multiple copies at mycomicshop for this issue. Highest being a Near Mint for a little over $5.

Newkadia - Wow talk about still a sleeper? This comic is at Newkadia, and the highest grade is a Low Near Mint. Guide has this book for $10, but it's going for a little above $2. Two other copies available in the VF range. 

ebay - If you're looking for more CGC graded options for this issue then ebay has a few. Of course, there are some 9.8s, as well as a 9.6 I spotted for auction. The ebay link above will take you to ebay's search results for this X-Men key issue comic.

X-Men #201 image

1st Cable as baby Nathan.
1st Whilce Portacio cover art on X-Men.

While collecting comics at this time, who would've known that this comic would be a prelude to the first appearance of the character known as Cable nearly 4 years later? Nobody, of course.

Rob Liefeld created Cable, and in that magical Marvel way, they linked the character to this comic and proclaimed him the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor years after Cable's first full appearance in New Mutants #87 in 1990. The twists and turns they come up with.

This is one of the more expensive copper age key X-Men comics at higher NM grades, but considering that there are quite a bit of Cable fans, it's one of the more in-demand X-Men comics from that era.   

mycomicshop - Gorgeous CGC 9.8 going up for auction July 6th. There are also quite a few of unslabbed copies in stock, highest being VF under $15 bucks.

  Newkadia - Two copies here. One a Low Near Mint and the other a Very Fine Plus. 

ebay - No problem finding this bad boy on ebay. A few CGC graded options, and always no shortage of unslabbed copies available. Definitely worth a look if you're an X-Men key comic hunter.

X-Men #213 cover

Wolverine battles Sabretooth.

The beef between Wolverine and Sabretooth has become legendary in the world of X-Men comics. Considering that Sabretooth started his comic career in the Iron Fist title, his rivalry with Wolverine can honestly be said is what made him extremely popular today.

Most Wolvie and X-Men fans love to see all out brawls between him and Sabretooth and this issue is no exception. Actually, most of the Mutant Massacre storyline in the X-Men comics from issue #110 to #113 are usually more  valuable than most other X-Men comic issues from this era.

You should be able to get a 9.6 CGC graded copy for under $80 bucks. 

mycomicshop - Two very nice CGC graded copies available. One is a whopping 9.8 and the other a 9.6. The 9.6 is reasonably priced at $50 bucks. 9.8 is $125! You won't have a problem finding unslabbed copies at mycomicshop. They mostly range in the VF area and around $15 dollars.

  NewKadia - Only three copies left of this issue. The highest is a Low Near Mint and around $27 dollars without a coupon code. If you don't mind unslabbed X-Men comics for sale, newkadia is a great place to look.

ebay - Now that's what I like to see. First search for this issue and the two first results are two nice high grade CGC comics. Quite a bit of options for this issue so click the link above, check out the search results, and possibly snag a nice copy of this issue or comic lot with this issue in it.

X-Men #219 image

Havok joins X-Men.

Cyclops baby brother finally decides to join the X-Men in this issue right here. Took a while don't you think?

His firs appearance in costume in X-Men #58 is exactly 161 issues apart. Sheesh!

I like Havok, and I like his costume believe it or not. I think he's a cool looking character.  A great addition to the X-Men team and comics, and this is a pretty darn good X-Men key issue to snag. This issue is definitely a sleeper and shouldn't cost you that much to get in high grades.

mycomicshop - Not quite sure why the unslabbed copies here are going for over guide. Highest is a VF+, and I think it's over priced. No CGC graded copies for sale...yet!

Newkadia - Great deals on this key issue can be found at newkadia. They have this issue for way less than $10 dollars at a Low Near Mint. Like I said, this is a sleeper key issue that has yet to awaken and kick into high demand.

ebay - No problem finding unslabbed copies, but a little scarce on high CGC graded copies for this issue. Worth a look? Maybe? You know what to do if you're on the hunt for this issue.

X-Men #221 cover
X-MEN #221

1st appearance of Mister Sinister.

Ah, Mister Sinister, another creation of the team of Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri. This X-Men villain has plagued our heroes for quite a while and became popular over the years. 

The character even ranks 29th on the IGN Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time! Not bad at all for a Copper Age comic character.

Then again, Chris Claremont has created some amazing supporting characters for the X-titles over the years.

CGC 9.6 copies will run you about $50 bucks. CGC 9.8 copies are going above a hundred dollars. High Grade unslabbed copies, of course, are going for much, much less. Often, as I've said countless times, the reason for that is because most don't trust the grade being advertised for non-CGC graded books.

Newkadia - Only one VF+ copy available. 

mycomicshop - Multiple copies can be found here. No CGC graded copies as of this writing.

ebay - A bit scarce on the CGC side, but as usual, a ton of unslabbed copies on here. 

X-Men #224 cover picture

1st appearance of Jubilee.

This character really started getting noticed when Jim Lee started drawing her, and when Jubilee started becoming Wolverine's sidekick during the early 90s. Many have equated her as Wolverine's "Robin" during this time.

In the world of comics, Jubilee is one of the few Asian superheroes. She is Chinese American and was not created by Jim Lee, which is a huge misconception. Jubilee was created by artist Marc Silvestri and Chris Claremont.

Not an expensive key issue, and not very hard to find. Considering that this comic investing...a more recent key issue, it's well advised to get the highest grade possible.

NewKadia - Only three copies of this sleeper key issue. A NM+ available but only one copy. Going for around $50 just to give you a clue as to what CGC copies may be going for. A Low Near Mint and Very Fine Plus are also in stock at the time of this writing.

mycomicshop - No CGC graded copies, but quite a few unslabbed copies available. Highest is a VF/NM 9.0 for under $10.

ebay - This is more like it. More CGC graded comics at high grades in this search result. Warning...the CGC graded books aren't cheap on ebay. If you want cheap, get an unslabbed copy. Then again, you'll have a cheap investment as well. In the long run, you get what you pay for.

X-Men #248 cover

1st Jim Lee art on X-Men series.

Jim Lee came out during the time when I was collecting comics for the pure joy of reading them and just starting to discover that they could be valuable. Needless to say, I absolutely loved his work on the series. Him and Marc Silvestri are two of my favorites. The third, of course, is John Byrne.

During his run on X-Men, Jim Lee became like a rockstar in the comic world. He has still maintained his status as one of the top comic artists in the business today, and his artwork is still amazing. 

This copper age key issue is one of the more in-demand and sought out comics from this era, and will cost a bit more money in CGC high grades. They are pretty easy to find, however.

mycomicshop - PGX 9.8 graded copy at $100 dollars. Rest are unslabbed copies. Highest grade range is VF for unslabbed copies.

NewKadia - Newkadia has multiple copies as well. Near Mints and Very Fines can be found at the link above. Just click and scroll down a ways.

ebay - No hard find on the mighty ebay. Lots of unslabbed copies for sure. A few high grade CGC copies as well.

X-Men Annual #14 cover

1st brief appearance of Gambit.

I have no idea why this is considered a brief appearance of Gambit. This issue has Gambit in about 10 panels.

While X-Men #266 is widely known as the 1st appearance of Gambit, this issue actually came out a month prior to #266. I think it's strange, but then again...whatever. However, as more and more people catch on to this fact, this issue has become a key that's slowly becoming more and more in-demand and sought out.

Newkadia - Four copies of the 1st brief appearance of Gambit. Highest grade is a Low Near Mint.

mycomicshop - Only three copies and no CGC. That's pretty surprising. Highest is a VF, which is another surprise.

ebay - You'll have better luck finding a CGC graded copy on ebay, but there aren't a whole lot. However, if you're looking for unslabbed/raw copy, you sure won't have a problem finding one here. 

X-Men #266 image

1st full appearance of Gambit.

This issue marks the 1st appearance of Gambit according to popular belief and the industry. I guess I should say the 1st full appearance of Gambit?

I remember getting this comic right off the stand when I was a I was and still am an avid X-Men fan. Looking back, I should've gotten two or three extra copies for newstand price. 

Gambit was a character that pretty much immediately took off. Fans just liked him...a lot...and his popularity is still strong to this day.

This comic is, perhaps, the most sought after key X-Men comic during the copper age and the demand is still strong for this issue.

Getting high grade copies cheap, unslabbed or CGC, will be a challenge. I'd expect to shell out some ducats for this one.

mycomicshop - Holy high grade CGC, Batman! No shortage of NM CGC copies here. As expected, a CGC 9.8 is around $300. Is it better on ebay?

  ebay - Wow! Ever wanted an elusive CGC 9.9 graded key issue comic? If so, there's one of the 1st appearance of Gambit in the search results at the ebay link above. Also, tons of high grade CGC copies just waiting to be added to your X-Men comic investment collection. 

1st appearance of Bishop.

A pretty popular character that came out of the 90s but still within the copper age of comics was Bishop. From a dystopian future, Bishop travels back in time and meets the X-Men, whom are only known from legends where Bishop comes from.

The character of Bishop was created by Whilce Portacio and Jim Lee. Because of the rumor that Bishop will be in Bryan Singer's X-Men Days of Future Past, demand for his first appearance has risen. It's not ridiculous yet or anything, but more collectors are buying this issue now.

Newkadia - Lots of copies. One high grade NM+. All within the VF to NM range.

mycomicshop - No CGC graded copies. Highest grade is a VF.

ebayAny CGC high grade bad boys at the mighty ebay? Quite a few actually. You can see what's going on at the link above with this comic issue. Maybe you'll even find a great deal!

X-Men #287 image

Bishop joins the X-Men.

Bishop joins the X-Men in this issue and remained an active member for nearly a decade before the character becomes an antagonist for the team. After all, he is from a grim and much chaotic future.

This issue is a sleeper. You can get CGC 9.8 copies for under a hundred bucks still. A copy on ebay sold for less than $50 dollars. As time presses on, this X-Men key comic will take off, especially if Bishop does debut in the next X-Men film.

Newkadia - Quite a few copies and for very cheap. NM+ available

mycomicshop - Only three copies here. Highest is a solid Near Mint. No CGC graded ones.

ebay - Super scarce on CGC graded copies, are we for this issue? Only one found on ebay. A 9.4 Signature Series Stan Lee autograph. You can check it out at the ebay link above.

X-Men 390 cover

Death of Colossus.

Another death issue, and this happens to contain the death of one of my favorite X-Men characters - Colossus. Colossus has become an extremely popular mainstay for the X-Men comics and related X-titles.

This issue is part of the Legacy Virus story arc, and Colossus releases the cure which results in his own demise.

mycomicshopThree copies available. Highest is a Near Mint. No CGC graded copies.

ebay - Three CGC copies of this issue at high grades. Two 9.8s and one 9.6.

X-Men King Size Special #1 image

Origin of the Stranger.

Before the title was respectively called X-Men Annual, there were X-Men King Size Specials before. So, you can say that this issue is X-Men Annual #1.

I know this key issue is misplaced and is a bronze age comic, but we are going to end this key X-Men issue list with this key. Once again we see the Stranger. His origin is revealed in this issue.

This issue is right in the middle concerning demand. Since it's the first X-Men Annual in a way, X-Men collectors do seek it out.

Unslabbed copies are notoriously selling for way under guide on ebay, which isn't surprising. Those purchasing unslabbed copies of a vintage key issue on the world's biggest flea market may think they're getting a deal but run the risk of buying an over-graded or, unknowingly, a restored copy.

But they've been warned, especially by me. If I'm buying a key issue comic on ebay, you can bet I'm getting a CGC graded copy so I get exactly what I paid for and don't mistakenly buy a comic that's been restored. Then again, that's just me.

ebay - This key issue X-Men comic is pretty scarce even on ebay. In the search results, I only found one CGC copy. Even unslabbed copies of this issue are few and far between.

Well, folks, there you have it...the conclusion to the key issue list of X-Men comics from Volume 1. If you haven't seen the other parts to the Uncanny X-Men Key Issue list, there are 4 more parts you can look at and see if there are any more key X-Men comics you want to add on your want list.

If you like this series, be sure to share with your friends and fellow comic fans on your twitter or facebook.

Have fun and happy hunting!

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  1. thanks for all your time... Means a lot to newbies!

    1. Glad this could help you and hope this X-Men key issues list has! Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.

  2. This list is GREAT! Thanks for all the time you put into putting it together. Will there be a Part 6?

    1. Thanks, quite glad you liked it and hope it helps you out some. I'm pretty sure I will be expanding on this key X-Men comics lists and there will be a part 6.

  3. Yes thanks. I just framed my Bishop issue. LOL

  4. What about issue #256 - 1st new look Psylocke? Seems like it would be key. Thanks for these issue lists by the way, they are a great help! Keep up the good work.

    1. Whoa! Can't believe I missed X-Men 256! Thanks for letting me know. I've come to realize that I may have to do a complete revision on most of the parts to this X-Men list, as well as a reformat it.

  5. Here's a link to a forum post about what is - or should be considered as - Gambit's first appearance over at Comic Book Realm for anyone interested ...

  6. X-Men annual 10 is first Longshot

    1. Longshot's first appearance is actually in Longshot #1 in the six issue limited series in 1985. Uncanny X-Men Annual #10 (1986) is when he joins the X-Men.

  7. thanks I know a few people who have x-men collections so I'll write these issues down hehehe :)

  8. Might want to update the Psylocke key issues.

  9. I think you have done a great job with this list.
    I would think that 185 would be a key, as Storm loses her powers for like 40 issues. I also think 200, Magneto leading the X-Men. I would also say that if Marc Silvestri is in your top 3, seeing as how you paid homage to Bryne and Jim Lee, you should have X-Men 218 on there, for Marc's firt run.

    1. You know what, Unknown? I think I'd have to agree.