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Monday, June 17, 2013

Part 4 To The Uncanny X-Men Key Issues! Key X-Men Comics To Get List!

And here's Part 4 of the Uncanny X-Men Key Issues List. We'll still be taking a look at some more bronze age key X-Men comics, which was a pretty important time for X-Men comics in particular with John Byrne and Chris Claremont's famous run.

Like always, if you happened to stumble upon this post without reading Part One or Two or Three, don't worry. You can use the menu to the lower right to jump around to any part you desire.

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X-Men #109 cover image

1st appearance of Weapon Alpha.

Weapon Alpha, James Hudson, makes his first appearance in this issue and sheds a bit of light on Wolverine's mysterious past. One of the great things about Wolverine during this time was the mystery those at Marvel shrouded him around.

Piece by piece, they revealed a little bit and then a little bit about his past, keeping fans hanging on for more. As for Weapon Alpha, the character later becomes Vindicator, and Heather Hudson, James Hudson's wife, later takes up the mantle of Vindicator when James settles on the Guardian

Anyways, James Hudson is Weapon Alpha in this issue and leader of the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight, in which Wolverine has mysterious ties to. One of the better key X-Men comics to get. 

Newkadia - Two copies located here at newkadia. One is a VF+ (8.5) and the other a VF- (7.5). 

If you're a new shopper with newkadia, you can enter the code new4 during checkout to get a 15% to 30% depending on your order value.

mycomicshop - One up for auction July 6th for a VF 8.0 unslabbed copy of the first appearance of Weapon Alpha/Vindicator. You may want to check it out and mark your calendar. 

ebay - If you're looking for CGC graded copies, there are some options on ebay. I spotted a few high grade copies there. Always worth a look so click the link if you're on the hunt for this key issue.

Phoenix Joins X-Men.

Most any key X-Men comic of anything significant involving the popular Phoenix character is an X-Men comic worth getting. Although it's not her first appearance, I would say that the Phoenix officially joining the world's most famous mutant superhero team is a significant issue within the X-Men lore.

The Phoenix character made Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) a super popular character among comic fans. Why else do you think more cosplayers dress up as Phoenix than any Jean Grey or Marvel Girl incarnation prior?

Newkadia - Mucho available copies here. There's a VF+, VF, VF-, and a FINE+ just waiting to be added into a smart comic investor and key issue collector's comic collection. No Near Mints unfortunately. Just click the link and scroll to check them out.

ebay - No worries about finding this key issue unslabbed or CGC graded on ebay. Lots of options to choose from.

First brief appearance of Alpha Flight.

We get to see a glimpse of the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight in X-Men #120 as the X-Men team venture into Canada. This issue so far is getting up there. A Low NM 9.2 guides for above a hundred dollars. $125 to be exact.

Graded CGC or PGX copies of this issue can still be snagged a bit lower or around guide price on ebay. VF range can be snagged for under $50 bucks at ebay as well. I wouldn't go lower than a VF for this issue. In fact, my minimum for this issue is a CGC solid NM 9.4. 

mycomicshop - How does a PGX 9.4 NM sound to your ears? If it sounds good, there's an available copy at that's ready to be plucked. Personally, I prefer CGC, but some do prefer PGX. Just visit the link and it will bring you right to the page where this high grade key issue awaits.

Newkadia - Two copies available at VF+ and Very Good+. Could be well worth your time to take a look.

ebay - Well, if PGX isn't to your liking, there are quite a few CGC graded copies on ebay to snag and bag. As usual, an over abundant amount of non-CGC copies floating around. 

X-Men #120 cover image

1st full appearance of Alpha Flight.

A pretty in-demand bronze age X-Men key issue to obtain, we get to see just how well Alpha Flight fairs against the X-Men. Although I really don't see Alpha Flight making any future appearances in any X-Men films, this is still one of the more prominent bronze age key X-Men comics to get from the era.

I purchased a CGC 9.4 Signature Series copy signed by writer Chris Claremont a while back. It was a steal and hard to pass up. Right now, it's worth double than what I paid for.

If you want to check out my copy, you can visit the vault to see my CGC graded X-Men #121, but I do suggest getting a high grade copy of your own. 

mycomicshop - Wow, mycomicshop has no shortage of graded copies for this issue! Loads of high grade CGC copies with the lowest being a 9.2. There's a PGX 9.4, one CGC 9.8, and two CGC 9.6 copies. 

Newkadia - Let's not leave newkadia out. They have one VF- (7.5) copy available.

ebay - Lots of options for CGC copies and regular raw or unslabbed (both terms mean non-third party graded) to peruse on ebay for this key bronze issue. Choices, choices, choices! It's a good thing.

X-Men #129 comic cover

First appearance of Kitty Pryde .
First appearance of Emma Frost.
First appearance of Sebastian Shaw. 
First appearance of the Hellfire Club.
Dark Phoenix Saga begins.

This issue sure doesn't fall short of significance concerning key issue status. Introduction of the mysterious, mutant Hellfire Club begins with this issue as well as the famous Dark Phoenix Saga. Four important characters make their first appearance here, and all have starred in X-Men movies.

Actually, Kitty Pryde will be in the sequel Days of Future Past, but I don't know if she will be the main character in the movie like she is in the comic book. I sure hope so.

As for Emma Frost, it looks like the sexy blonde villainess won't be returning for the sequel, but oh well. And, of course, we saw Sebastian Shaw bite the dust in X-Men: First Class. However, in the comics, Sebastian Shaw is a key player in turning the Phoenix into the Dark Phoenix. 

Important X-Men key to get? Uhmm...yeah!

mycomicshop - A very lovely high grade NM+ 9.6 is located here. Only one copy, however, and it's CGC graded as well.

NewKadia - No Near Mints here, but there is one copy of a VF+ 8.0 copy for way less than the CGC graded 9.6 at mycomicshop. The copy at newkadia isn't CGC graded, however.

ebay - I see CGC! Loads of them on ebay for this X-Men key comic. You may find a better CGC 9.8 or 9.6 here. As always the blue ebay link will take you to the search results for this comic on ebay. Never hurts to take a look.

First appearance of Dazzler.

Disco singer meets superhero? That's right. Here's the first appearance of Dazzler. 

Some might think this character is lame, but there are actual fans that like her. I grew up with this mutant blonde bombshell that can take sound vibrations and convert them to light energy of various degrees.

This is still an affordable X-Men key issue in NM prices, but definitely a bit more expensive in the 9.8 range for sure. Not a hard one to track down either.

mycomicshop - CGC 9.8 copy awaits here. Expect this copy to make your bank account quite a bit lighter. It's not cheap, and rightly so! However, you may be able to find one on ebay for a lot cheaper. 

ebay - Actually, I have found some CGC 9.8 graded copies for X-Men #130 on ebay for a lot cheaper and you can check them out by looking at the widget below, or if you don't mind unslabbed copies, you know what to do. Just visit the ebay link above and it will take you to ebay's search results for the first appearance of Dazzler.

Newkadia - Speaking of unslabbed comics. A VF+ copy has been located at newkadia at the time of this writing. Just another option for ya.

X-MEN #134

Phoenix becomes Dark Phoenix.

The Phoenix just keeps getting sexier and sexier as we venture more into Chris Claremont and John Byrne's amazing and fan-favorite X-Men run. This good girl turns so very bad in X-Men #134.

We also get to see the X-Men go up against the Hellfire Club in this issue as well, and this is part of the Dark Phoenix Saga, a fan-favorite and classic storyline in the X-Men comics.
mycomicshop -  One high grade CGC 9.6 copy available for the picking for this key X-Men comic.

ebay - More options available one ebay. A few more CGC copies I've spotted in the search results as well. Take the short cut and hit the link to bring you right into the action if you're serious about adding this key issue to your X-Men collection.

X-Men #137 cover

Death of Phoenix.

Although X-Men #138 concludes the Dark Phoenix Saga, the previous X-Men issue is one of the most sought out within the story arc. The demand has been steady for a few years now concerning X-Men #137. It never lasts very long at my local comic shops whenever I see a copy pop in. Online, however, could be a very different story. Sometimes it is.

Use to have two copies of this, but got rid of the extra one at lower grade. Yep, I'm planning to upgrade this issue pretty soon. A CGC 9.4 NM would be more satisfying to me. 

NewKadia - X-Men #137 in stock at newkadia? Check! Only one copy, though: A pretty nice VF+. Does it await your X-Men collection? 

mycomicshop - No graded copies here. Only a mid-grade Low FINE 5.5 unslabbed copy available.

ebay - No worries trying to find any CGC graded copies for this highly sought out key. If you're looking for CGC graded copies, check out some of the ones below on ole ebay.

X-Men #139 cover

Kitty Pryde Joins the X-Men

Finally, the cutie youngin' known as Shadowcat joins the X-Men team. There really isn't much else to this issue as far as key significance goes. Perhaps, X-Men Days of Future Past movie may change that. Perhaps not.

Regardless, this key issue is starting to slowly climb in value. 9.8 graded copies are going for $200 bucks plus.

mycomicshop - Speaking of CGC 9.8 copies, the fine folks at mycomicshop do have one available for all you high grade comic investing buffs. They also have some mid grade and lower grade, unslabbed copies in stock as well.

NewKadia - Two unslabbed copies waiting for a new home. A VF+ and a FINE- (FINE minus or Low FINE) awaits you. Don't get the Low Fine. This is a late bronze age comic, and the NM 9.2 - 9.4 range is plentiful in the market.

Marvel Comics X-Men #141 cover image

Intro into Days of Future Past story.
First new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
First appearance of Rachel (Phoenix II).
Death of Franklin Richards.
Because of Bryan Singer's sequel to X-Men: First Class, the Days of Future Past which is based on this comic story arc, X-Men #141 is extremely hot right now! However, this story has been a fan favorite for years, and X-Men #141 and 142 hold my favorite X-Men story of all time.

Not to mention that the cover for X-Men #141 by John Byrne is an absolute classic! This issue has gotten a huge jump in demand. Most CGC 9.4 NM copies or higher are selling above guide. Looks like Overstreet will have to update the values for this X-Men comic. Low Near Mints as well.

This is one of the top ten key X-Men comics to get!

mycomicshop - No problem finding CGC NM copies here. There are two right now: A very high grade CGC 9.8, and a solid CGC 9.4. There's also an unslabbed VF- as well.

ebay - Huge amount of love for this comic issue on ebay. Loads of unslabbed as well as high grade CGC copies. You can either check out the ebay search results for this book at the link above.

X-Men #142 comic cover image

Days of Future Past story concludes.
Deaths of all future X-Men.

2nd part and conclusion to the famous Days of Future Past story line. Like part 1 in X-Men #141, this comic is exceptionally hot at the moment because of the new X-Men movie coming out next year.

Just like this comic story arc at the time, the new X-Men movie is perhaps one of the most ambitious ever...crossing over both the original X-Men cast with the new cast to stay somewhat true to basis of the comic book story

Yes, the tag at the bottom that says "This Issue: Everybody Dies!" is no joke. The X-Men in future do all die, and the Days of Future Past story is one of the best. Did I mention it's my favorite from the series?

mycomicshop - As of now, it seems that one will be going up for auction July 6th. Looks like the CGC 9.4 graded copy I located there last month was snagged. Then again, I'm not surprised at all.

  ebay - Like X-Men #141, X-Men #142 is extremely hot right now. You'll be able to find this issue with no problem on ebay. Even CGC graded copies of this book are abundant here as you can see from the choices below:

X-men #143 cover

Last John Byrne issue.

Not a very well-known key X-Men comic and still quite a sleeper. However, the very last issue of the one of the greatest artists on the X-Men series should deserve as much recognition as Byrne's first artwork on the series.

Well, that's just what I think. This issue is still quite affordable in higher grades, but like most Claremont and Byrne X-Men issues, they are starting to take off in demand big time. I got this issue for a buck a while back...maybe four years ago. It would be quite a challenge to find it for a dollar nowadays.

Newkadia -  No shortage of supply for this key X-Men issue containing the last Byrne artwork on this series. One Low Near Mint and the rest in the VF range. Not a bad score for any of them.

mycomicshop - Bummer, no CGC graded copies here, but quite a few unslabbed Low Near Mints and VF copies.

ebay - the folks at mycomicshop may be out of CGC graded copies for the last John Byrne issue on X-Men, but ebay has quite a few options there. The link above will bring you to the search results for this key comic issue.

X-men #158 cover image

First appearance of Rogue in the X-Men comics.

Don't get this confused with the first appearance of Rogue. It's not. It's just the first appearance of Rogue in the X-Men comics, where our favorite mutant, southern, red head truly belongs in.

Her real introduction and first appearance is actually in Avengers Annual #10, published a year prior to X-Men #158. No doubt that Rogue has become an extremely important character of the X-Men and one of the most popular.

I still don't like how she was written in the movies, but I love how she's written in the comics. Which reminds me: I need to upgrade this issue with a nice high grade CGC copy.

Newkadia - Looks like we are starting to head into the arena of X-Men key issues that are super easy to find. Newkadia has various copies. The highest a Low Near Mint.

mycomicshop - Same deal for mycomicshop. Loads of unslabbed copies in stock, but no CGC graded copies as of yet. They even have some lower graded copies in the GD range. Why even bother with those? 

ebay - Not really too many CGC copies as of this writing. I only saw two, but no shortage of unslabbed copies.

X-Men #161 cover

Origin of Magneto and Professor X first meeting.

This issue reveals more about Magneto's origin and how Professor X first meets his friend and arch nemesis. Professor X is in some kind of coma, and his mind is trapped 20 years earlier when he was in Israel.

This is still an over-looked key issue X-Men comic and quite highly affordable. This is a late bronze age comic and a NM+ is still around $20, but I don't know how long that will last. After all, the new Overstreet Guide comes out pretty soon, and that could change.

Newkadia -  Near Mint copies for under $20? Yep, and newkadia has two available and some VF copies as well. Nothing lower than that, as it should be.

mycomicshopOnly a few copies CGC...and highest is a Very Fine.

X-Men #168 Vol 1 cover image

First brief appearance of Madelyne Pryor.

This key issue is a definite sleeper concerning X-Men comics. I think most don't really know the significance of the supporting character of Madelyne Pryor in the X-Men mythos.

Well, actually, her significance only really boils down to the fact that she and Scott Summers (Cyclops) have a child together. This child, Nathan Summers, ends up being the pretty popular Marvel character named Cable.

I'm still a bit perplexed as to why this key issue isn't in more demand. I wonder if most even know this is a key issue X-Men comic or just write it off as an extremely minor one.

mycomicshop -  Now this is more like it. Although there's only one available copy of this issue, mycomicshop has a very nice CGC graded 9.8 copy that's quite affordable. Might be worth checking out if you're serious about comic investing and the getting the best comics to invest in.

Newkadia - Or, maybe you're just not into the whole CGC or PGX thing. That's cool too. There's quite a few copies in the upper range at newkadia for under $20. It all depends on your budget and what you're willing to live with.

However, it is a fact that higher graded CGC copies do sell for more and increase in value faster.

To see Part Five just use the links below or navigate to other parts to see even more X-Men key issues. 

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  1. I was in an antique store and found a Near Mint Copy of X-men 139 and 140 for 9 dollars each.

    1. Awesome! That's the 3rd story I've heard of someone scoring an awesome snag at an antique shop. My buddy Gerry got an early newsstand Spawn, within the first ten, at an antique fair I think. Crazy awesome! Congrats Chris!

  2. I was in an antique store and located a Near Mint copy of X-men 139 and 140 for 9 dollars each.