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Friday, June 7, 2013

HIGH GRADE ALERT! CGC 9.6 Strange Tales #180! First Appearance of Gamora!

Marvel Comics Strange Tales #180 cover image

Marvel Comics
Strange Tales #180
First Appearance of Gamora

Published: Jun 1975

  Cover Artist: Jim Starlin 
Story Artist: Jim Starlin
Jim Starlin

Key Issue Located:

mycomicshop - A gorgeous CGC 9.6 of the very first appearance of Gamora has been spotted at This bronze age key comic was a sleeper, but it has seen a spurt of demand lately and the NM+ (Near Mint Plus) copies and higher have shot up in value in just a few short months.

ebay - There are not a whole lot CGC or PGX graded copies of Strange Tales #180 on ebay as of this writing, but I doubt that will last long. I am sure there will be more high grade CGC copies of the first appearance of Gamora relatively soon.

As you're reading this right now, there just may be more high grade CGC copies up for auction there. You can check out the blue ebay link up top to see the search results for Strange Tales #180.  Or, you can check out the only high grade PGX 9.6 item I've already located below, which auction expires in 6 days.

This bronze age key comic at CGC 9.6 NM+ is selling at roughly the same price as mycomicshop and other places, meaning it's in high demand right now.


I think we all know the reason of why this issue right now? If you haven't been keeping up with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie cast news, then you probably don't.

Well, it's been announced that the lovely and gorgeous Star Trek star and actress, Zoe Saldana, has been cast to play Gamora. That's right...we now know the green-skinned comic character will be soon making her big screen debut. 

If Guardians ends up being a hugely successful movie franchise, you can expect Strange Tales #180 and the first appearance of Gamora to stay in demand for quite some time. Despite that fact, this bronze age key comic was due for a push in value and demand anyhow. This Guardians of the Galaxy movie just sped the demand up a bit sooner.

So, get this book while it's still cheap, or get this bronze age key issue when it gets in the thousands? It's your call, but don't say I didn't tell ya so!

Thanks for reading, and if you don't know the latest news on the Guardians of the Galaxy cast, just visit the magical blue link in bold to get the scoop.

Looking for more high grade key issues? Click the link and check out the High Grade Alert section of Total Comic Mayhem. 

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