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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Amazing Spider-man #6 Value

Amazing Spider-Man #6 cover
Just one of the many key silver age issues within the first ten issues of the first volume of Amazing Spider-Man, ASM #6 hold the first appearance of The Lizard as well as the famous origin. Last year, Dr. Curt Conners and his scaly alter ego got their due onscreen in the Amazing Spider-Man movie starring Andrew Garfield and directed by Marc Webb.

Despite whether you liked this reboot or not, the movie gave Amazing Spider-Man #6 a nice boost in demand and the value took a nice jump. It was, after all, about time.

So how well has this silver age key issue done over the years, and how is it still performing after the hype of the movie has died down? Lets find out:

Overstreet 1982-83 Guide 12th Edition:

Mint: $90
Fine: $45
Good: $15 

Overstreet 1990-91 Guide 20th Edition:

Near Mint: $340
Fine: $145
Good: 38

Overstreet 2002-03 Guide 33rd Edition:

Near Mint: $2300
Very Fine: $1185
Fine: $417
 Very Good: $278
Good: $139

Overstreet 2012-13 Guide 42nd Edition: 
Near Mint (low): $5000
Very Fine: $1500
Fine: $537
 Very Good: $358
Good: $179

Overstreet 2016-17 Guide 46th Edition: 
Near Mint (low): $5300
Very Fine: $1510
Fine: $549
 Very Good: $366
Good: $183

Not too shabby! Throughout the decades, the first appearance of the Lizard has been going up steadily. Overstreet Guide shows most mid-grade and lower grade books are inching up painfully slow. Of course, NM range books are blasting up in value a lot more and quicker in the long-term scheme of things.

In recent sales, it seems that things are starting to taper off and fall back near or slightly under their Overstreet Guide values as with the case of the CGC 7.0 sold in June on ebay. It seems that even higher graded copies of Amazing Spider-Man #6 are also taking a dip as well according to the ComicLink recent sale of a CGC 9.2 for $400 under guide this year.

However, the lower grade CGC 3.0 sold in June on ebay is up from its guide value of $250.60. Both the CGC 5.0 copies sold on ebay in April and June of this year are also slightly above its Overstreet Guide value of $429.60 for its respective grade. 

My copy of Amazing Spider-Man #6 just came back from CGC. You can visit the link above to check it out and read about the story of how I got this key issue.

Remember, don't get freaked out! Prices fluctuate from year to year. What counts is how it does in the long-term, and from the last three decades, this key issue silver age comic hasn't done too bad, but not great either.

From the 42nd Edition to the most recent 46th Edition, this comic has definitely seen less demand and has risin' very slowly in the past 4 years.

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