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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Amazing Spider-Man #6 CGC 5.0 1st Appearance of The Lizard!

The second book I submitted at the CGC booth at Big Wow Comic Fest was my copy of Amazing Spider-Man #6 - The 1st appearance of Lizard and Curt Conners. I had bought this shortly after The Lizard was confirmed to be the main villain in the Amazing Spider-Man movie by Marc Webb that came out last year. So, I got this around 2011 or late 2010.

Amazing Spider-Man CGC 5.0 image
I got lucky when I bought this. I'm subscribed to the mailing lists of all the comic shops I go to for a reason. If you aren't, you should start doing this. 

Anyway, I had received an email from Comic Ink announcing that they had just got this silver age key issue in. This book was already on my want list, so I drooled after reading their email. Without hesitation, I immediately sent an email back to them requesting if it was possible if they could hold the comic book for me until Wednesday.

Julie (Derek's wife and part owner) replied back and said that they would hold the book for me by Wednesday but that was it as they were getting many inquiries about the book. I had no doubt about that.

I knew the book was hot, so I showed up on Tuesday instead. It was advertised as GD+, and I had Derek (the owner) show the book to me.

I looked like the grade advertised. It was complete and all the staples were attached. The price was $200, but at that point I didn't care. I snagged it. I found out later that another gent had come by a little bit after I left to buy the book, so I was pretty lucky. Well, at least, I feel pretty lucky.

Unlike the Giant Size X-Men #1 I submitted with it, I didn't worry too much about this Amazing Spider-Man #6. I pretty much thought it would come back graded a GD and the most I hoped for was a VG. This silver age key issue copy did look it's age for certain, and there was no way it was coming back a FINE.

It came back a 5.0 VG/FN, and I was like, what?! Cool! Sure, it's not a high grade book. It's not even a mid-grade book, but it's a cool first appearance key issue. Besides, it came back a few grades higher (and more valuable) than what I had purchased it as. What's to complain about there?

Besides I'm just happy to have a copy of ASM #6 in my collection. Didn't matter if it was high grade, mid grade, or low grade. Well, okay, I do have to admit that if a staple was detached from the cover, I wouldn't have gotten it. 

I do have to thank Julie and Derek over at Comic Ink for holding this book for me. They surely didn't have to do that, and it was awesome that they did! 

Anyways, here's another from my vault, and that's the honest story of how I got it. If you're wondering the Amazing Spider-Man #6 value, just click the link to see how well it's done over the years.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed...time for me to workout!


  1. Good job on your new book! Yup, ASM 6 is a great buy it has everything, key book, cool cover, nice value, awesome artist! Congrats!

  2. Thanks, I'm pretty happy with it and hoping it will continue to rise. New price guide comes out this summer so we shall see how well it did.