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Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Honest Iron Man 3 Review!

In the Marvel cinematic world, my favorite has to be Iron Man. Even though I grew up a Hulk fan and it was awesome to see the character done right in The Avengers film, I still liked Iron Man on screen the best.

The first Iron Man is probably my favorite Marvel movie done to date, but when the second was not so great, I hoped Iron Man 3 would make up for it. I was wrong.

Although I didn't walk out of the theaters wanting to puke, I did walk out disappointed and believing that the third installment was absolutely the weakest so far. 

Robert Downey Jr. was good. He undoubtedly has captured Tony Stark in an amazing way, but even he seemed to be just going through the motions on Iron Man 3.

I guess the best word for this movie is stale. Everything about it seemed stale. 

While the Extremis storyline in the comics, which the movie was based on, was an exceptional story, it was not twisted well for this movie. Furthermore, the villains in the movie were just plain lame.

Was there even a point in putting Coldblood or the character Eric Savin in the movie, played by James Badge Dale? Instead of being converted into a cyborg like in the comics, his character in Iron Man 3 becomes some over-heating reject that can repair himself by the Extremis serum. In the comics it's a nanotechnological serum that interfaces with the brain to literally direct the body to rebuild itself from scratch.

Aside from the nanotechnology, the movie did keep that true to what the Extremis serum does. Yes, superpowers can also be involved with undergoing to the Extremis process as well, but having fire abilities? 

Coldblood doesn't have fire abilities, and the movie completely reworked the character to be part of the movie's Extremis experiment. This is exactly a text book example of what comic book movies do to comic book characters that I don't like.

If the comic book character or villain isn't a strong enough character for a particular movie story, don't completely rewrite the character until the only resemblance of the comic character on screen is just the name. What's the point of that? Just don't use the comic character if they don't fit.

Not only did this movie commit this blunder once, it did it twice! And the movie did it to the Iron Man villain of all time! 

Wowl There is absolutely no excuse to how Iron Man 3 completely butchered and screwed up the villainous character of The Mandarin. They made one the most iconic Iron Man villain a complete joke in Iron Man 3.

Sir Ben Kingsley is a brilliant actor, and this is no fault of his own. It all boils down to really, really lousy writing and crappy direction. You don't rewrite an iconic character to fit a story. Write a story that fits the iconic character.

For me, Iron Man 3 equates to Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance. It's one of those comic movies where I slap my forehead and cry out, "Why?"

What would I give Iron Man 3 out of four stars? I'd give it a 2.5. I'm sorry to say, but as a comic fan, I think Shane Black bombed on this attempt.



  1. I just saw it and felt underwhelmed myself. Way too much time on the effects and the convoluted villains and not enough time on the plot.

    There were a few parts where the effects were great (the rest of the time they were fine).

    I liked the interactions/chemistry with Tony/Pepper.

    I liked the interactions with the kid (but those fall far below my other two items above).

    1. The interactions and chemistry between Tony and Pepper were great and have always been great in the Iron Man series. I think the villains were weak, and if the villains are weak the plot doesn't leave much for the hero to shine.

      The effects were great as well, as expected but even that didn't really save this film.

      Thanks for chiming in...always welcome and appreciated!

    2. what the hell happened to my comment? "...always welcome and appreciated?"

    3. I'm not sure what's going on, but for some reason this message I'm responding to was in the "spam" section and needed to be approved. I've always had it set to accept all comments so I rarely checked there. I apologize and I do appreciate all comments.

  2. Just saw the movie tonight. I enjoyed the ride at first..powers lost dragging suit..use brain, not Mandarin was being built up as a current events in the real world kind of fella and I was not happy as our own media sucks, with too much spiraling drama.(SPOILER ALERT) When you finally catch Mandy in his bedroom with the ladies, it's like seeing the "wizard" behind the curtain..very anti-climatic...glad I didn't invest in this (1st mandarin...instead bought Tales #40 & 42)comic, although I hope my $300 Iron Man 55 fairs better.(1st Thanos) Also, with so many prototypes of Iron Man and War Machine/Iron Patriot running around, it started to feel a little watered down, like giving everyone spider powers on "spider island". Please step away from the pipe...(spidey lost me after #620's...lame writing and HORRIBLE Final Issue!!!...but I digress.) Lots of Eye candy and plenty of "Iron Man" Suit airtime, but I found myself wondering why I wasn't being affected by these bad was presented in a dullish...who's this guy?...kind of thought. Tony's interaction was the best with the kid and got many laughs with the crowd. But I would have to say my favorite scene in the movie came (SPOILER ALERT)when Tony's failed suit returned, only to crash before reaching him and his comment of "whatever" had me laughing several times tonight. Overall the movie was still good because of Robert Downey Jr, but it fell short of Iron Man 1 and way below The Avengers...Ratings...
    Avengers *****
    Iron Man ****
    Iron Man 3 ***

    1. I have to apologize as well as this comment was for some reason put in the spam section of my control panel, which I rarely check. I'm really not sure why this has happened, and I can only assume that this is a gliche of some sort with the script.

      Well, you definitely gave Iron Man 3 a better rating than I. Seems we all agree that the bad guys in this movie were written pretty poorly and they failed to impress.

      Iron Man #55 will have long staying power in terms of demand. The comic already is selling well over guide right now and is staying strong.

      But I do have to disagree. First appearance of The Mandarin is still and always be a great key issue investment. It will definitely continue to rise as the decades doubt about that.

      Thanks for the comment and once again, I apologize to you and Gary Lapointe for the weird circumstances pertaining to your comments and my lack of not catching the gliche sooner.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. I was soooo very disappointed with the Iron-Man 3. I was devasted and walked out the theatre in shame. How could they screw up the Mandarin. What ever happened to the so called "power rings". The Mandarin was made out to be "joke". Nothing like the comic book character. Nothing!

    1. It truly is a shame. I'd expect Fox Studios or Sony to do this and completely ruin a comic character on screen, but not from Marvel and Disney who have complete control with their characters. There was really no excuse to portray and butcher The Mandarin the way they did.

      Usually, I'm pretty lenient when it comes to twisting timelines and such and even some twists to a certain character, but they did not even bother keeping the essence of any of the villains - Coldblood or Mandarin. This is the worst Iron Man movie of the series and perhaps the worst that Marvel and Disney has put out to date.