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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Must Read! The Gift Comic Book By Raven Gregory

 I can't remember what Wondercon it was when I met Raven Gregory. All I know is that Wondercon was still held at its true home within The Moscone Center in San Francisco and it was before the T.V. series Heroes.

I do remember coming by his booth or table by chance. Back then, I usually hit up Artist's Alley like a tornado, speeding up and down to check out all the wonderful original comic art and yap it up with all the artist whether I recognized them or not. My first stop was usually Ron Lim's table, and then it was off to scour for those key issues that I'm normally on the hunt for.

Anyways, by chance I ended up at Raven Gregory's table, which neatly displayed a set of comics. I don't even remember how or why I ended up in front of his table. I most likely would have just breezed on by if it weren't for the cover art to those comics lying on his table.

Those comics Raven was promoting that day was a comic series he had created and called, "The Gift". I remember liking the title name immediately and asked Raven what this was all about.

He, of course, was more than happy to tell me, explaining that it was about an ancient being who wandered the earth looking for a select few humans to bestow each with a different gift (superpower). It was an interesting concept I hadn't heard of back then, and each comic covered a different character who receives a particular power granted by the Ancient One.

Raven also mentioned that he had just been picked up by Image Comics. The comics he had on hand that day of The Gift were the independent first printings he had self-published himself under Raven Gregory in 2003. They weren't the Image reprints.

I congratulated him and was about to wander off when he dropped the bomb and asked if I wanted to buy a few copies. I was hesitant. I had a wad of dough, but for original comic art and key issues I was on the hunt for.

But I relented and bought issues 1-10, which is all he had available at the time (there's 14 issues in the series). I got Raven to sign the comics I got and went along my merry way.

When I got home, I wasn't all that interested in reading them, but I figured I spent the money on these independent comics so I might as well give them a looksie. I'm glad I did.

The first issue blew me away, and I went through the entire set by the end of the night. At the time, it was truly one of the most freshly original and brilliant comics I had read in a long time. The story was captivating and the artwork by Tyler Kirkham was absolutely astonishing.

Since then, The Gift comic has had cult success, but I've always thought it was a highly under-rated comic series that should've been bigger. I remember it would've made an excellent T.V. series, but then Heroes eventually came out and squashed that idea.

However, it's still a must read comic series that I highly recommend. Right now, the easiest to find is in trade paper back form. The Image Comics reprints can still be found and a few of the first printings as well. 

Mycomicshop has a few of the first printings of this awesome comic series. Also I've found some on Amazon as well. Be sure to check them out and grab these good reads and enjoy

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