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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Free Comic Day At Heroes And Villains May 4rth 2013!

Heroes & Villains Comics Free Comic Book Day pic
It wasn't your average, normal Saturday afternoon on May the 4rth. It might of been for most people, but not for us comic fans.

While many comic fans all over the nation popped into their local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day, Pleasanton comic book fanboys and girls got something a lot more special than just free comics at the Heroes & Villains Comics shop on Main Street.

Like every year, the fine folks at Heroes & Villains Comics turned Free Comic Book Day into an event! And an event it was, filled with amazing cosplayers, a local, well-known comic book artist, and what else but comics, comics, and more comics!

Pic of Jim
photo by Total Comic Mayhem
Before I get into the fun, I do have to say that the free comics on Free Comic Book Day are free for us, but they are not free for the retailers. They do have to pay for them, as well as shipping. So please remember that during your next visit to your local comic shop on Free Comic Book Day. The picture above shows Jim, one of the main owners at Heroes & Villains comic shop, in action.

But supplying free comics and turning that day into a fun filled event for customers, kids, and parents alike takes even more heart, work, and a love for the hobby. The folks at Heroes & Villains Comics do this brilliantly.

The Joker, Catwoman, Blackhawk & Raven picture
photo by Total Comic Mayhem
Greeting comic fans lined up outside the comic shop under the toasty Saturday sun were The Joker, Catwoman, and  two members of the Birds of Prey Costume Team - Raven and Blackhawk.  

This would be the second time I met both Blackhawk and Raven together, but the first time I met them in costume. I wasn't disappointed. They exhibited the same charm as when I met them for a feature they graciously allowed me to write up on The Birds of Prey Costume Team earlier this year. You can check it out and see more pics of this awesome group by clicking this link here

Raven and Blackhawk picture
photo by Total Comic Mayhem
For the event, the quite lovely Raven sported a new costume she had recently finished that looked quite amazing! Here, in the picture above, she is pointing to herself in the Teen Titans comic I picked up for a friend.

Raven and Catwoman cosplay picture
photo by Total Comic Mayhem
The quite stunning Catwoman was also a pleasure to meet, and I loved the fact that her costume is based on the 1960s Julie Newmar Catwoman from the T.V. series (Raven pointed that out to me). She pulls it off beautifully, as you can tell from the picture of both of these DC Comic beauties.

Did I mention it was a toasty Saturday afternoon? I was only wearing a black t-shirt and jeans and was starting to sweat! I could imagine how these cosplayers must have felt, especially Blackhawk with his leather costume. However, they were all champs and were more than gracious to chat it up and pose for pictures with kids and comic fans. 

Bay Area Chostbusters
photo by Total Comic Mayhem
All suited up and adding even more cosplay fun to the event were the Bay Area Ghostbusters, who brought their super-cool, tricked-out Ghostbuster Jeep and thoroughly entertained the patient crowd lined up outside Heroes & Villains Comics by testing one of the team member's uncanny, psychic abilities.

Bay Area Ghostbuster Miller picture
photo by Total Comic Mayhem
Draw a card, don't show the back of it, and see if the extraordinary, Ghostbustin' Miller could use his enhanced abilities to correctly identify the symbol on the back. Mystifying and wowing both kids and adults alike with his psychic abilities, the amazing Miller never got it wrong

Apparently, I just missed the Cobra 1st Legion costume group, but they were also in attendance later in the day. Jim at Heroes & Villains assured me they'd be back in the future. There are some great pictures of them at H&V's facebook page, so you can click the link to take a gander at those if you like.

Dan Brereton picture
photo by Total Comic Mayhem
Last and certainly not least was bay area comic artist/painter Dan Brereton graciously signing comics and doing free sketches for the kiddies.

Dan has worked for both DC and Marvel Comics, adding his artistic talent to such titles as Batman, JLA, Superman and Batman, Psyco, Red Sonja, and Vampirella. He is the creator of The Nocturnals comic series, and has done album covers for such bands as Toto, Fireball Ministry, Sote, Ghoultown, and Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe.

Dan Brereton is a staple bay area comic artist at most of the local comic conventions. He will be attending The Big Wow Comic Fest this month, so if you're a local in the bay area, be sure to visit him at his table and check out his amazing work.

When I was growing up there were comic shops, but no Free Comic Book Day. There also weren't those out there who were gracious enough to volunteer their time to dress up and bring our favorite comic characters to life, making a trip to the comic shop just that much more special.

A huge thank you to the Bay Area Ghostbusters, The Birds of Prey Costume Team and fellow cosplayers, comic artist extraordinaire Dan Brereton, and Pleasanton's very own Friendly Neighborhood Comic Shop, Heroes & Villains Comics for putting the awesome in Free Comic Book Day! 

If you're local, don't miss out next time! Be sure to join the Heroes & Villains fanpage on Facebook or visit their website to see what other fun-filled events they have lined up and be sure to bring the kids next time.

Also, if you're gonna be at The Big Wow this month of May, be sure to stop by and say hi to The Birds of Prey Costume Team, as well as take a few pictures with them! 

Oh, yes, and Happy Cinco de Mayo! I'm outta here to celebrate! 

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