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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Batman Bronze Age Comics Key Issues List

Leaving off with the list of silver age Batman key issues, we now head into the list of Batman bronze age comics key issues. Of course, if you missed the silver age Batman key issue list, you can click the link to take a looksie. 

I do have a key issue list of golden age Batman comics as well.You can navigate to these earlier posts at the bottom of this list as well. 

As customary here at Total Comic Mayhem, I also put in a few places where you can nab these Batman comics if you're on the hunt for them. Please note that the comics located are available at the time of this post. I don't nor can't guarantee that they'll still be available by the time you get there. Anyways, without further ado, here they are:

  •  First Neal Adams & Dennis O'Neil Batman Work! 

An extremely important issue that kicks off the bronze age of comics for Batman. The creative team up for Neal Adams & Dennis O'Neil's Batman run is very much like the creative team up work between Chris Claremont and John Byrne during their famed X-Men run - Fans hail it as one of the absolute best within that series.

Detective Comics #395 marks their first team up work on the Caped Crusader, and it's because their run on series is so well-loved, this comic has become one of the most important bronze age Batman key issue comics to snag!

There's no doubt that comic artist Neal Adams and writer Dennis O'Neil helped to revitalize the Batman series by bringing him and the Batman world back to its darker and more brooding roots.

NewkadiaA nice VF- (low Very Fine) copy is available at newkadia. If you're a new customer you can use the code new4 to get 20% off your entire order.

If you're a returning customer, newkadia has a 10% off sale if you spend:
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The sale ends Monday May 13th! Use code app22 at checkout to receive your discount. Only one copy left available, so don't delay. Get on this one quick before this key issue is gone.

ebay - As of this writing, there's only a few copies available on the mighty ebay. No CGC copies located.

However, I doubt this will last long and newly listed items of this key issues will probably start to surface more on ebay. Always best to check back often with ebay. Click the blue ebay link above to be taken to the search results for Detective Comics #395

ComicLink - Only one CGC 9.0 copy at ComicLink. Asking price is $250.

  • First appearance of Man-Bat
  • First Bat-Girl & Robin team up 
Neal Adams first character creation (co-created with Frank Robbins) in the Batman mythos began with Man-Bat, and it's not strange why the first appearance of Man-Bat is a highly desired bronze age comic key issue to own for any Batman fan.

Newkadia - Once again the fine folks over at newkadia has this issue available in stock. Only one copy left at a VF- and it's already in the $100 range. However, if you're a new customer there, use the code new4 to get a 25% discount.

If you've bought from there already, you can still use the code app22 to get 10% off your entire order. Just use the codes at checkout. This offer ends this Monday so if you're reading this before then don't delay!

Visit this link to add this bronze age key issue Batman comic to your collection before someone else does.

Mycomicshop - If you're looking for higher graded CGC or PGX copies, mycomicshop has two copies available. One is a low NM CGC graded 9.2. The other is 9.0 PGX. Definitely worth getting if you refuse to settle for lower than VF for this first appearance of Man-Bat. Visit this link to check them out. I don't think they will last very long at the prices they're at.

ebay Quite a few copies of Batman #400 on ebay. Most are unslabbed or raw comics, but there are some CGC copies available. Two CGC 9.6 are for sale if you're looking for high grade NM CGC copies of this key issue. 

There are also a 9.4, 9.2, and 9.0 CGC copies as well. Visit the blue ebay link to check out the ebay search results for the first appearance of the Man-Bat.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.4 graded copy for $900 available!

ComicConnect - Three available copies here. One is a very nice CGC 9.8 going for a whopping $7,000 dollars. The other a CGC 9.2 low near mint for $600. The last is an unslabbed VF going for $225.

  •  First appearance of Talia al Ghul
  • Rha's al Ghul mentioned
Unlike the Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight movies, the character of Talia al Ghul was introduced before her father in the comics. Created by Dennis O'Neil and Bob Brown, her role in the Batman world was mainly that of a romantic interest for Bruce Wayne. In this key Batman issue, her father Rha's al Ghul is mentioned in passing.

Talia al Ghul appeared on-screen in The Dark Knight Rises. Talia al Ghul's first appearance in Detective Comics #411 has gotten a nice push in demand since the TDKR film. High grade CGC copies around 9.0 to 9.2 are still being sold under $500. Anything within the 9.6 to 9.8 range, expect to shell out some bucks, if you can find them that is.

Mycomicshop - An unslabbed, non CGC or PGX graded FN- 5.5 (low fine) copy is available at mycomicshop. Only one copy, and this bronze key issue Batman comic isn't an easy one to find. Click the link above to check it out.

ebay - No CGC copies located on ebay, but there are quite a few unslabbed copies of the first appearance of Talia al Ghul there. Most seem to be mid grade or lower.

ComicLink - CGC 9.0 VF/NM Signature Series located at ComicLink. Asking price is $500 bucks and it's signed by legendary comic artist Neal Adams!

Batman #232 cover image by Neal Adams
Batman #232
  •  First appearance of Rha's al Ghul
Out of the bronze age Batman key issue comics, this has to be the absolute Batman comic to buy from the era. It's also the most sought after bronze age Batman key issue as well. Co-created by Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams, Rha's al Ghul would later appear in Chris Nolan's Batman Begins, as well as 2012's The Dark Knight Rises.
Batman #232 is a solid investment and will do nothing but keep rising as the years go by. I would hurry up and get this key bronze issue as demand for this book has been really strong for the last few years.

Mycomicshop -  A gorgeous CGC graded 9.8 is available at mycomicshop. This copy is on consignment. If you're a high grade collector and only take stock in CGC graded comics, this key issue is for you if you're on the hunt for the first appearance of Rha's al Ghul.

ebay - Being a highly sought after Batman key issue, there are quite a lot of copies available on ebay. Word of warning that none are cheap no matter if they're unslabbed books or CGC or PGX graded.

Quite a few high grade CGC 9.8s listed. Only one 9.6 so far and a CGC 8.5 VF+. This is a must-have bronze Batman key comic to own if you're a huge Batman fan. As usual, just click the blue ebay link to be brought to ebay's search results for the first appearance of Rha's al Ghul in Batman #232.

ComicConnect - One gorgeous CGC 9.8 has been located at ComicConnect. This copy is going for $2,200. You can find this same grade a lot cheaper at the ebay link above, but the copy is the first highest graded copy on the CGC census, meaning it was the first copy of Batman #232 to be given a 9.8 grading.

Batman #234
  • First appearance of the silver age Harvey Dent/Two-Face 
 That's right - Two Face is back in this issue, and Batman #234 marks the first silver age Two-Face. I know, it's confusing that a silver age character's first appearance would be in a bronze age comic book. But, whatever!
In the silver age, Two-Face is only mentioned, and those at Overstreet Price Guide still count the first silver age appearance of Two-Face in World's Finest Comics #173. However, in World's Finest Comics, Batman becomes Two-Face so I guess it really doesn't count as the first silver age appearance of Harvey Dent/Two-Face.

Overstreet has this comic as the first "modern age Harvey Dent/Two-Face" appearance. I know, confusing.
Nevertheless, Batman #234 is being marketed as the first silver age appearance of the Harvey Dent/Two-Face character. This key issue Batman comic is really starting to rise in value and CGC copies ranging in the VF to 9.2 are getting up there. 9.6 is the highest graded copies so far of this book and they're already running in the thousands.
However, this is still a great key issue to grab. Personally, I would hunt for a good deal on a 9.0 VF+/NM- (Very Fine Plus/Low Near Mint). Good prices on this CGC graded copy are quickly starting to vanish.

ebay - Another key bronze Batman issue that is plentiful on ebay. A lot of unslabbed copies can be found here if you're not into CGC graded copies.

There are also a few CGC copies as well. I spotted a CGC 9.6 and 9.2 when I looked. Also saw a CGC 9.0 VF/NM copy as well. Never hurts to check it out. You know what to do.

ComicLink - One high grade CGC 9.6 near mint plus has been located here. The asking price is a whopping $2,300. No bids or offers have been placed. You can get a better deal for the same CGC graded book at ebay. 

  • 1st modern appearance of Hugo Strange
Well, look who's back. That's right - It's Dr. Hugo Strange, one of Batman's first and earliest super villains from the golden age. Click here to find out the issue that holds Hugo Strange's very first appearance ever in the golden age.

As of now, this bronze age Batman key issue is a sleeper and still quite affordable at CGC near mint 9.6. The boost in demand for this comic hasn't quite taken off...yet. Keyword there is "yet", and I doubt this key issue will still stay affordable in the high NM realm.

Newkadia -  Two copies available at the wonderful online comic shop known as newkadia. One copy is a VF+ (very fine plus) and the other is a FN+ (fine plus).

New customer? Use code new4 at checkout to get 15% off your entire order.

Returning customer? Use code app22 at checkout to get 10% off your entire order.

One of the reasons why I like newkadia. They always have great discounts going on for you to save on all the key issue comics you may be on the hunt for. Be sure to give the link a click and check out what Batman comics you want to add your comic collection. 

ebay - Alot of non-CGC or PGX comics and all unslabbed copies of this bronze key issue on ebay. If you're not a big fan of CGC graded comics, it'll be worth your time to click the link and see the search results for this issue on ebay.

ComicLink - A nice CGC 9.6 Detective Comics #471 is available for sale. Only $125 for the asking price. It has been bidded up to $85, but the seller hasn't bitten on that low of a price.

ComicConnect - Two copies have been located at ComicConnect. Both are unslabbed

  • 1st appearance of 3rd Clayface
  • Intro Preston Payne

Yup, there's been three different Clayfaces so far in the Batman mythos, and Preston Payne is the third. However, Preston Payne is definitely not the last. There are a total of eight Clayfaces in the DC Comics universe.

Preston Payne made a brief cameo in the issue prior to #478, but Detective #478 is his first full appearance. If you're on the hunt for the two Clayfaces before him, you can visit this link to see the first appearance of the silver age Clayface.

Click here if you're looking to find out the golden age Clayface and his first appearance. 

Now onto where this bronze age Batman key issue can be found and bought:

Newkadia One VF+ copy is available at newkadia. Be sure to grab this copy and the other key issues on this list that are also available at newkadia, so you can save big. You can find the coupon codes up above in the preceding entry before this key issue.

Grab them and go visit newkadia to snag some awesome bronze age Batman comics.

Mycomicshop - One very gorgeous CGC graded 9.6, Near Mint Plus, is available at mycomicshop for a pretty reasonable price. I highly doubt this one will last long there. If you're on the hunt for this book, be sure to click the blue link above to check out this key Batman issue.

ebay - Lots of copies available on ebay CGC graded and non-CGC graded alike. There's quite a few CGC 9.6s I spotted, as well as a CGC 9.8

If you're looking for high grade or mid grade copies, visiting the blue ebay link above will take you directly to Detective Comics #478 ebay results.

ComicConnect - Only one unslabbed copy of Detective Comics #478 located here. The grade is Very Fine and the asking price is $22.00. 

Batman #357
  • First appearance of Jason Todd
  • 1st brief appearance of Killer Croc
Jason Todd was the 2nd ever Robin after Dick Grayson hung up his mantle and upgraded to Nightwing. His first appearance borders the last year of the bronze age comics before the copper age set in the next year.

This issue is a double whammy key and has the first brief appearance of Killer Croc. Killer Croc has become a pretty well-known and popular villain within the Batman universe.

This bronze age key is quickly awakening from being a sleeper. It's not extremely high demand just yet

 A high grade CGC NM+ can still be bought for under $200 bucks. A CGC 9.8 can still be snagged for under $500 bucks. However, 9.8 graded copies of this key issue aren't easy to find. I don't think the prices on this issue will stay cheap for long.

Mycomicshop - A VG+ is available at mycomicshop. This copy is unslabbed, non CGC or PGX graded. Worth a look if you don't mind lower grade copies.

ebay - A nice variety of copies available on the world's largest auction site. Quite a few CGC copies in the higher grades available as well. 

Best to click the link to check them out and get a great deal before this key bronze age comic gets ridiculously out of reach.

ComicLink - Two CGC 9.6 NM+ copies are available at ComicLink. Both have the asking price of $139, but one has been bidded up to $100 smackers already. The other has no bids yet. 

Batman #366
  • First Jason Todd in Robin costume
Okay, so in this issue, Jason Todd wears the Robin costume for this first time, but he doesn't officially become Robin just yet. Still, this is a key issue clues us in that he will sooner or later become Batman's famed sidekick "Boy Wonder". 
This bronze age goodie is getting up there in price for higher NM grades. Demand for this book has yet to really take off just yet. Best to get in on it before it does, however.

ebay - Quite a few CGC 9.6s located on ebay for sale. There are also a few unslabbed copies on there as well. Reasonable prices for the CGC graded copies that I located in the search results on ebay at the link above.

ComicLink - Only one copy available at CL. It happens to be a very high grade CGC 9.8 and is the highest CGC grade for this late bronze age Batman key issue. The asking price is $400.

Remember, you can always check out your local comic shop to see if they have better deals for any of these key issues listed here. Sometimes, you'll be amazed.

Believe it or not, that's pretty much it for Batman bronze age key issue comics, and I just started on a Batman copper age key issue list so be sure to click the blue link to continue reading on.

If you missed the previous parts to this series, you can check out my other lists of Batman key issues from each era if you're looking for more key issue Batman comics. Just click the links below.



  1. What are your thoughts about Batman #386 first Black Mask? Do you consider that a key and worthy of investment?

    1. For sure but it's up there by now in terms of price

  2. What about the first full appearance of killer croc issue

  3. Bat man #358 should be a definite pick up

    1. AGREED! Will have to revisit this list very soon! Thanks for reminding me about that.