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Friday, May 17, 2013

Amazing Spider-Man #8 CGC Graded 6.0 FINE

Ah, the first Amazing Spider-Man I'm pulling out of the vault. I got this comic a few months ago on ebay. It's only a 6.0 CGC Graded FINE Amazing Spider-Man #8, but that was all my budget for that month allowed me to afford (sad face)!

Amazing Spider-Man #8 CGC 6.0 image

No, really, as I've been saying for quite a while now: Any Amazing Spider-Man in the 1-10 issue range from the first volume is a great comic investment choice. Early ASM issues go up like clockwork for the most part, and the demand for the Webhead seems to only get stronger and stronger as more time passes by.

Especially when it concerns Steve Ditko spidey issues. Since he is the original Spider-Man comic artist and co-creator, it's not a wonder why his work on the title are so highly sought after. Ditko also penciled and inked most of his work on The Amazing Spider-Man comics as well during his run. No easy feat there!

On this particular issue, however, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko both did the artwork for the Fantastic Four back up story. I believe Ditko did the inks for Jack Kirby's pencils. So, two legendary comic artists in this issue.

As for the key issue element to this silver age comic? It is a silver age key issue comic for sure. However, it's a minor Amazing Spider-Man key issue, as issue #8 has the first appearance of The Living Brain

I know: Not the most menacing supervillain in the Spidey mythos and certainly not a detrimentally important character within Peter Parker's world. Actually, I don't think I listed this issue in my important list of Spider-Man comics to get.

If you're a Spidey fan and wondering what Amazing Spider-Man key issues to get, you should visit the link and check out some of my suggestions for sure.

Even though issue #8 didn't make the list of important key issue Spider-Man comics, this CGC 6.0 Amazing Spider-Man #8 is still a treasured piece in my comic collection, as well as an investment comic. 

If you want to see more treasures from the "Vault", be sure to visit the links below, and thanks for tuning in.

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