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Monday, April 1, 2013

Three New Cast In Captain America The Winter Soldier!

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If you thought that Captain America The First Avenger was stuffed with one too many comic characters, especially debuting the Howling Commandos, the sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier is shaping up to outdo its predecessor in terms of cast stuffing. In the latest news, three more actors have been added to the Captain America sequel.

Sharon Carter comic image
 First and foremost, it was expected from fans that the comic character Sharon Carter would be making an appearance in the sequel, and it was a logical one. After all, Sharon Carter is also another woman of action and has been a love interest for Steve Rogers as well. Also, it wouldn't be realistic for the film if Peggy Carter was somehow still magically alive since Cap was in suspended animation for over 70 years. This maybe based off comics and coming from Hollywood, but even that stretches the limits of plausibility. Regardless, Atwell will return briefly as Peggy Carter in a flashback scene most likely.

Emily VanCamp image
Well, the fans were right, and it so happens that Sharon Carter will be in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It also happens that the very pretty and beautiful Emily VanCamp will step into the action-packed role and Captain America's new love interest. In the comics, Sharon Carter is the niece of Cap's World War II love interest, Peggy Carter. However, for the film and because of timeline inconsistencies, that wouldn't make much sense at all. Chances are Sharon and the lovely Emily VanCamp will play the grand-daughter of Peggy or her sibling. We'll have to see what the movie makers twist around concerning Sharon Carter's heritage, but it's pretty certain that she will be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Batroc The Leaper comic image
On the villain front for the Captain America sequel, we already have The Winter Soldier and Crossbones ready to take on The First Avenger, but that's obviously not enough of a challenge for The Star Spangled Man With A Plan. Just recently, it's been confirmed by Disney and Marvel Studios that Batroc The Leaper will also have a play in the plot of Captain America 2. Batroc The Leaper? What the...??? Really?

Yeah, I know. This super villain doesn't really make me go..."Oooo, awesome", but hear me out that this could be cool and could be a prelude to a character fans have been dying to see assemble with the Avengers. Now this is all speculation here, but Batroc is a French mercenary and master of a French form of kickboxing known as savate. He also happens to be a top lieutenant for Ulysses Klaw. Who is Ulysses Klaw, better known as Klaw in the world of Marvel Comics? He's the arch nemesis of the Black Panther! Can it be that the introduction of Batroc could prelude into introducing Klaw and Black Panther? It's possible, and if the master-minds at Marvel Studios are indeed planning this, it would be awesome!

Georges St. Pierre imageSo who's the lucky one to fill in the shoes of Batroc? Well, it seems that Marvel and Disney have been star struck with WWE and mixed martial artists of late, casting Dave Batista as Drax The Destroyer for Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so why not go with another well-known mixed martial artist who's the real deal? UFC welter-weight champion Goerges St-Pierre will be doing some ground-n-pound on Ole Cap in the new sequel.

Robert Redford image
But that's not all on when it comes to casting powerhouses for the Captain America sequel. It seems that the movie wanted another powerhouse, but in the Hollywood sense to occupy this film. Just days ago, it was announced that legendary actor, director and producer, Robert Redford, has been cast to play a yet unnamed role for the movie. The only thing that is certain is that Redford will play a senior leader in the secret government agency of S.H.I.E.L.D. That did come as a shock as Redford has been well-known to play more socially-conscious roles in the latter part of his career.

Still, it seems pretty fitting, and why not? After all, another Hollywood powerhouse by the name of Sir Ben Kingsley was cast to play the Mandarin in Marvel's upcoming Iron Man 3. I think it will be a trend that won't end anytime soon.

So there we have it, three more added to the cast of Captain America The Winter Soldier - Emily VanCamp, Georges St-Pierre, and Robert Redford. If you want to see the more of Captain America: The Winter Soldier cast, just click the link. 

So what do you think of the new cast members, comic fans? Sound off in the comment box below and let your voice be heard! 

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