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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Part 2 To The List of Silver Age Batman Key Issues To Invest In!

And here we are again...finishing up with this list with the last of the silver age Batman key issues to invest in. If you missed Part 1 you can click the link to view the key issues there. Unlike the golden age, there wasn't as many key issue Batman comics to seriously consider. Nevertheless, here are the last few to check out!

Batman 144 comic cover
Batman #144
  • 1st 12 cent Batman issue
  • Bat-Girl meets Bat-Mite

Although much of the silver age is thought of by the 12 cents on the cover, this first 12 cent issue in the Batman title doesn't mark the first silver age Batman comic, as you know from reading Part 1 of this series that covers silver age Batman key issues. Still, this issue is pretty sought out by most Batman collectors, and features an appearance of Batgirl as well as a meeting between her and that rascally Bat-Mite.

ebay - There are various copies on ebay, but most are in the Very Good range. Also, no CGC copies available as of this writing. If lower grade doesn't bother you, visit the link and snag a copy. They're pretty affordable copies on ebay.

Batman #155 1st silver age Penguin cover
  • 1st silver age Penguin

Not one of my favorites of Batman villains, but Batman #155 marks the first silver age Penguin in comic history. Then again, I was never really a Robin fan either, and glad they didn't bust him out in costume in The Dark Knight Rises flick.

Despite whatever feelings I have for this character, this key issue is no over-looked comic. It's pretty expensive in high grades 9.2 and up and will cost you more than a few pretty pennies if you don't sit well with mid-grade comics.

Newkadia - There's one low Fine copy available at newkadia. If you're a new customer, you can get 20% off this bad boy if you enter the code new4 during checkout. Not a bad savings.

ebay - Quite a few copies of this Batman comic for sale on ebay. Most are unslabbed, but there are two graded CGC copies available. One is a CGC graded 7.0 and the other a CGC graded 7.5. Still worth a look if you're looking for rare Batman key issues. Just click the blue link and it will take you directly to the ebay search results like magic.

Detective Comics #327 Silver Age Batman comic cover
  • New Batman costume and look

Much like a lot of DC Comics characters during the silver age, Batman also got a slight make over with a new look. Basically, what was changed was the yellow ellipse that encompassed the black bat symbol. It was redesigned to make Batman's logo more like Superman's chest logo.

However, unlike most characters like Green Lantern and The Flash, Batman was still Bruce Wayne and wasn't revamped as a totally new character. Superman and Wonderwoman were also pretty much left alone like Bats during the silver age.

However, this is an often over-looked key issue comic, but it's still a worth while comic to add to your comic collection if you're a Batman fan looking for rare key issue comics.

Newkadia - The fine folks over at newkadia have one low grade GD minus or low Good copy available. If you're just looking for a filler copy or reading copy, this just may be perfect for you. You can check it out at the link above.

ebay - Plenty of unslabbed copies available at ebay that range from low to mid grade copies. However, no CGC located. Watch out for the reprints! There are quite a few on ebay's search results for this Batman key!

Batman #171 1st silver age Riddler cover
  • 1st silver age Riddler

Looks like most of the golden age Batman super villains seem to come back during the silver age of comics. The Riddler is no exception, and besides his first and second appearances, this is probably the third most important of Riddler appearances concerning Batman comics key issues. After all, it's his first appearance since 1948, and the silver age (due to the Batman T.V. show during the sixties) was the era this character became one of Batman's more popular and well-known villains.

So if you're looking for Riddler appearances and rare key issues, this is one of the Batman comics to buy regarding this villain. 

Here's where you can this Batman comic for sale: - Only one unslabbed copy at a low Very Good available here. You can check out this key Batman comic at the link above.

ebay - Only a few of the first silver age appearance of the Riddler found here. All seem to be around the Very Good range, and no CGC for this issue. However, if that doesn't bother you, you know what to do!

I doubt there are other Riddler appearances after this issue that are more important or valuable.

Batman #181 Poison Ivy First Appearance cover
  • Poison Ivy first appearance

Probably one of the most popular environmental terrorists in comics, Poison Ivy is one of the few characters that was created during the silver age for the Batman supporting cast that stuck with comic fans. Using toxins and mind-controlling pheromones from plants, Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley aka Poison Ivy stops at nothing to protect the natural environment. 
Like Catwoman, a romantic tension between Batman and Poison Ivy is shared. However, unlike Catwoman, Poison Ivy was used to give the Caped Crusader a more antagonist female villain, for readers sympathized too much with Catwoman. 
Like I mentioned before, a Poison Ivy first appearance issue is one of the most sought out silver age Batman key comics out there. If you're looking for key issue Batman comics to buy, this one should definitely be on your list. I've located this Batman comic for sale at the following places for you to consider. - Only one copy available at mycomicshop at solid Good. This copy is CGC graded, but if it's a too low grade for you, you can try the other places below that have this Batman comic for sale.

ebay - Absolutely no surprise that there are a lot of copies of this Poison Ivy first appearance on ebay. After all, it is one of the most sought out Batman comics to buy from the silver age. Quite a few CGC graded copies as well, and as of this writing, a very nice CGC VF 8.0 is up for auction. Be sure to check it out!

Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #70 1st silver age Catwoman

Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #70 
  • 1st silver age Catwoman appearance 

Back from a long hiatus, this popular Batman villain claws her way back and into the silver age in a non-Batman title. Actually, it's quite a strange comic to place the return of one of Batman's most popular foes, but it is what it is. 

Why did this popular female Batman villain disappear from 1954 until 1966? You can blame it on the Comics Code Authority and their rules on how females could be portrayed in comic books. As you'll soon find out, this character wasn't the only one negatively effected by the lame Comics Code Authority.

Where can you find this over-looked, sleeper comic? No worries, here are some suggestions below for you to ponder. 

Newkadia - There's two copies available at newkadia. One's a FINE + copy and the other is a solid Very Good. You can get a 25% discount if you're a new customer and use the code new4 at checkout to get a great deal. These two copies are unslabbed and non-graded professionally, so if CGC or PGX comics are more to your liking just look at the further suggestions below. - Various copies available for sale here, but none are CGC or PGX graded. Also all are in the lower grade arena with the highest being a solid Very Good. Still worth a look. Just click the link and scroll down until you see issue #70.

ebay - Another easy find on ebay for unslabbed copies of the first silver age Catwoman appearance, but only two CGC graded copies in the upper-mid grade. The higher graded one is up for auction.

Detective Comics #359
  • 1st appearance of new Batgirl
  • Intro Barbara Gordon

This landmark key issue actually came about when the producers of the 1960s Batman television series asked DC editor Julius Schwartz to create a new female counterpart Batman that could be introduced into publication and the third season of the show simultaneously. Thus, Gardner Fox and the late, legendary artist Carmine Infantino created the character of Barbara Gordon as the new Batgirl, and the character took off into comic book and pop culture history. If you want to see the first appearance of the original Batgirl just visit the link.

ebay - There are a few copies on ebay, but I couldn't locate any CGC graded ones. Be extremely careful. Some are the Toys R' Us reprints, so watch out for those. Click the link to visit ebay's search results for this key issue.

ComicLink - If you're more into the high grade books, then ComicLink has a whopping CGC 9.8 available for sale. The asking price is also a whopper as well and is at $10,861. The bid price is up to $9,100. There's also a CGC 9.6 still available as well.


  • 1st silver age Scarecrow
Scarecrow's back! Well, back from the golden age and into the silver age that is! 
The silver age was when this villain became a recurring nuisance in the Batman stories and became an honorary member of Batman's rogues gallery.  
Not like Dr. Crane doesn't deserve to be in there. Scarecrow is IGN's 58th greatest villain of all time, and considering his competition in the world of comics that is no easy feat at all there. - A high grade 9.6 CGC graded copy is available here. Only one copy located and probably won't be there for very long! Visit the link to get this high grade investment comic.

ebay - Lots of goodness on ebay for the first silver age appearance of Scarecrow. In terms of high grade CGC, there's a CGC 9.6 and a whopping 9.8. As always, there are unslabbed copies as well, and nothing wrong with that. We can't all afford the high grade comics all the time, right?

World's Finest #173 1st silver age Two Face

1st silver age Two Face

What would the Batman comics be without Harvey Dent and his alter ego Two-Face? I dunno but it's a scary thought. 

This key issue silver age Batman is still a very affordable comic in high grades. How long will that last? I'm not sure, but I don't think it will be for very long. I have this comic in a lower grade, and that's pretty unacceptable. Yes, it's time I seriously upgrade this key issue while I can afford to. - Various unslabbed copies here. They are also many lower grade copies, but mycomicshop has this key issue Batman comic in stock. Worth giving a looksie if you can live with a lower grade copy and don't mind it not being CGC or PGX graded. 

ebay - CGC 9.0 was just newly listed at the time of this writing, and has a decent Buy It Now price also. For CGC books that seems to be it, but there are tons of raw/unslabbed copies on ebay for this key. Go get 'em!

Well, that's all, folks, for the silver age Batman keys. Next up are Batman bronze age key issues, so be sure to click to link below to check them out

If you haven't seen Part 1 of this list or the golden age Batman key issues, be sure to visit the links below to check out more rare Batman key issues!


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