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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Marvel Spotlight 2 First Appearance of Werewolf By Night!

Marvel Spotlight 2 First Werewolf By Night comic cover image
Marvel Spotlight #2

First Appearance of Werewolf By Night
Intro Jack Russell
Published Feb 1972
  Cover Artist: Neal Adams   
Story Artist: Gene Colan
Marv Wolfman   

 Key issue located:

NewKadia - There were two copies available at NewKadia. One was a Very Fine, but that's gone now. The last copy available is a Fine - (low fine). I doubt that will last long either. 
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The sale ends May 6th! So if you're itching to add this sleeper key issue comic to your collection, now is the time to do it. Just visit this link or the link above to be taken to the page where Marvel Spotlight #2 awaits you.
I highly doubt this copy will last long at NewKadia! - If the copy at NewKadia has vanished like a fart in the wind, not to worry. has a copy available as well. Graded in at a FN/VF (Fine/Very Fine), this copy is a consignment item there.  
The copy isn't CGC graded but it's still worth taking a look at!  
ebay - If you're looking for higher graded CGC copies then there are plenty on ebay. So far I've seen a CGC VF 8.0 Signature Series signed by Stan Lee up there, as well as a 9.2 and 9.0.

They also have non-CGC, unslabbed copies of Marvel Spotlight #2 as well. Visit the blue ebay link above to be taken to ebay's search results for Marvel Spotlight #2!


The first appearance of Werewolf By Night? How can you go wrong with this horror comic character, especially since Halloween comes around once every year!

The horror genre has been around long before the superhero genre, and a love for the furry creatures with fangs seems to never die out.

This comic is a sleeper. It really hasn't been ramped up in high demand just yet, but it's starting to.  

Talk about a Werewolf By Night movie has been circulating around forever, but now may become a reality. As President of Production at Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has said in a 2009 interview:

"I'd love to get into that supernatural element. I think that Doctor Strange could be a good lynchpin into that universe with 'Werewolf By Night'. Maybe with Blade again someday. I would like to see that side of the Marvel Universe on screen." 

Well, we all know now that Kevin Feige has confirmed that Doctor Strange will help kick off Marvel's cinematic Phase 3 along with Ant-Man, so a Werewolf By Night flick and Jack Russell just may get his due on the silver screen.

Also, Kevin Feige leaked that Werewolf By Night/Jack Russell just may make an appearance in the Doctor Strange movie.

What do I think? I think it's not a matter of if, but when Werewolf By Night will be turned into a film! And, it'll be wise to jump on this bronze age key issue comic long before it does happen! 

Looking for more key issues? Check out my Key Issue Alert section to find out more key issue comics you should check out!    

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