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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Wolverine Trailer Released! First Look At The Wolverine Movie!

The Wolverine movie image

No matter what you thought of X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, there's only a few more months until Hugh Jackman and the highly anticipated follow up The Wolverine slashes it's way into theaters. Based on the beloved story arc of the 1982 Wolverine limited series 1-4 by legendary comic scribe, Chris Claremont, and legendary comic writer and artist, Frank Miller, I had to admit I was a both nervous and excited when they announced this movie was going to happen.

Now that the first The Wolverine movie trailer has been released, I can honestly say it looks pretty good. Check it out below:

I have to say that this is probably one of the best first movie trailers of this year for a comic book movie. The first trailer for Iron Man 3 was incredibly weak. The second Iron Man 3 trailer was a lot more interesting.  The first movie trailer released for Man of Steel was extremely vague and non-exceptional. Actually, to be honest, both the Man of Steel trailers were pretty bland, the second being a little more intriguing than the first.

What I liked about The Wolverine trailer? We get a clue that Wolverine just may lose his infamous healing factor and become mortal. A vulnerable Wolverine is an interesting concept. I didn't see that one coming. However, a vulnerable Wolverine going up against ninja and samurai steel? That's even more intriguing!

Silver Samurai and The Viper on set
And speaking of samurai steel, the Silver Samurai looks pretty damn awesome. I thought he may look cheesy, but, then again, I thought the same thing about Captain America hitting the silver screen also. Well, I still think Cap's costume in The First Avenger was a lot cooler than his get-up in The Avengers.

image of Viper played by Svetlan Khodchenkova
So the Silver Samurai looks extremely promising as a badass, but what about the Viper, formerly known as Madame Hydra, played by Svetlana Khodchenkova? Yes, she looks hot as expected! Was there really any doubts about that? Hard to imagine that Hollywood hottie, Jessica Biel, had recently refused the role, but whatever.

Now, what I didn't like about this trailer? Really, not much except for the fact that we didn't get a glimpse of Mariko Yashida, Wolverine's love interest in the comic book storyline. We did get a glimpse of Yukio, and I assume Yukio will be more important to the storyline. 

All in all, I'm pretty excited that The Wolverine just may deliver this time, and Hugh Jackman won't regret reprising his role as Marvel's most famous bezerker mutie. Then again, the trailers for X-Men Origins: Wolverine looked pretty badass as well.  

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So fellow fans, what do you think? Share your opinions below! Don't be shy!

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