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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Part 3 To The Ultimate List of Golden Age Key Batman Issues

Batman Art

This is Part 3 to the important and valuable golden age key Batman issues, and we are winding down to the last few. Whew!

Detective Comics #58 cover image! First appearance of Penguin
Detective Comics #58 
  • 1st Appearance of Penguin

Despite the fact that The Penguin made my list of one of the lamest Batman villains, there's no doubt that he is one of most recognizable and popular villains in Batman's cast of baddies. Not acknowledging the first appearance of Penguin would be...well, lame.

The golden age first appearance of The Penguin in Detective Comics is a highly sought after comic book. There are no copies available on ebay at the time of this writing. 

Actually, I couldn't locate a copy anywhere except for Heritage Auctions. The copy is a whopping high grade 9.4 Near Mint and CGC graded.

The seller is actively entertaining offers, and if you're gunning for this issue, expect to make a really high offer for this book. There are only 3 copies graded at a 9.4, and those 3 are the highest graded copies in existence for this key issue. 

Detective Comics #66 cover image. First appearance of Two Face comic Detective Comics #66 
  • 1st Appearance of Two-Face
  • Origin of Two-Face

Undoubtedly one of Batman's cooler and more popular foes, the character of Two-Face started off as Gotham's District Attorney, Harvey Kent, and the name was later changed to Harvey Dent in future issues after this one. Yes, his last name was changed from Kent to Dent so fans wouldn't think Two-Face was related to Clark Kent.

The reason for the name change really was that simple, but here's a kicker. Clark Kent (Superman) is an alien. Two-Face isn't. I wonder where the relation would come from?

Only two copies available on ebay concerning the first appearance of Two-Face. Both are CGC graded, but lower copies.


ComicLink - There's an extremely high grade copy of the first appearance of Two-Face at ComicLink. The only available copy is CGC graded at a beautiful Very Fine Plus 8.5. It's the 2nd highest graded book in existence! Click the link and it will bring you to the page where you can check out this awesome key issue copy.

Batman #15 comic cover image
Batman #15

  • Catwoman gets new costume

Everyone's favorite feline femme fatal gets an upgrade for her Catwoman costume in this issue. Not a major key issue, but still a golden age Batman key issue to consider. 

It's also not a very easy comic to track down.There's none on ebay as of this writing, and two copies on ComicLink are "sale pending" with a wait list. 

ComicConnect However, the fine folks at ComicConnect do have a few copies of Batman #15. 1 is up for auction and CGC graded 7.0 (Fine/Very Fine). The others are unslabbed copies and are available for offers, or a Buy It Now purchase price.

Batman #16 comic cover, 1st appearance of Alfred Pennyworth
Batman #16 

  • 1st appearance of Alfred Pennyworth

The loyal butler to Bruce Wayne, Alfred has become a beloved and pivotal supporting character within the Batman universe. No doubt about that.

This first appearance will cause some damage to your bank account even at lower grades. This key Batman issue is in pretty high demand and is a must-have for any die-hard Batman fans who are looking for important and rare key issue Batman comics to add some value to their collection.

ComicConnect - Various copies available for sale. One is a CGC graded 7.0. 

ComicLink - has four copies available. The highest is a CGC graded 4.5 Very Good Plus.  

Well, as I said before, this is a series and there's a lot of characters from the Batman universe to cover. Stay tuned for Part 3 coming real soon.

DC Comics Batman #25 cover imageBatman #25

  • 1st Batman major villain team up
  • 1st and only Joker/Penguin team up
This is issue marks the very team up between two major villains of Batman, and they happen to just be the Joker and the Penguin. In the comic book world, this rare villain team up between the Prince Clown of Crime and The Gentlemen of Crime is a one time deal, and you can only find it in this key Batman issue. - The awesome folks at has a CGC graded 6.0 Fine available. Click the link and visit the page to check it out.

Ebay has three copies available. All are unslabbed. You can see the slide show below and click on the one you want to check out.

ComicLink - There are a few copies available here, but the highest is an unslabbed 5.5 Low Fine copy. There is a CGC graded copy at a Low Very Good 3.5 available. 
It's the only CGC copy available at ComicLink as of now. That most likely will change, however.

Batman #47 cover
 Batman #47

  • 1st detailed origin of Batman
  • Batman tracks parent's killer
  • Reveals identity to killer of parents
  • 1st Batsignal on cover for this title 
Although this isn't the very first origin of Batman, this key issue is the very first time the comic digs deeper into the famous origin of how Bruce Wayne becomes the Batman. This key issue also marks the 1st time the Batsignal graces the cover for the Batman series title. The actual first use of the Batsignal on a cover was in Detective Comics #108.

One copy found on ebay. Grade stated is a Low Fine (FN-) and non-graded. You can make an offer on this comic book. It doesn't hurt to try.

Comic Connect - There are two copies here. One CGC VF 8.0 is going on auction in May. The other is an unslabbed VG/FN 5.0. The asking price is $1,000, and the highest offer is $825.

ComicLink - Another high grade CGC 8.0 VF has been newly listed at ComicLink. The asking price is a whopping $9,000 bucks, and there are no bids on it as of yet.

Detective Comics #140 cover. First appearance of the Riddler
 Detective Comics #140

  • 1st appearance of The Riddler
  • Origin of The Ridder
  • 1st introduction of Edward Nigma

Detective Comics #140 is the key issue that welcomes the Prince of Puzzlers to the world of Batman lore. We also get the origin of how Edward Nigma becomes the kooky super villain that would constantly challenge Batman's intelligence and wit. This is a major key issue that keeps climbing in demand despite a movie part to fuel it.

Two copies on ebay,and are both CGC graded but lower grades.


ComicLink - One CGC 6.5 FN+ is available to buy here. Bids are open and are pretty close to the asking price.

Batman #49 comic cover image
 Batman #49

  • 1st appearance of Mad Hatter
  • 1st appearance of Vicki Vale 
We got a double whammy key issue here that has two first appearances. One is a Batman villain, and the other a love interest of Bruce Wayne. 
Yep, we are talking about that Vicki Vale, the character who made her cinematic debut in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie and was played by actress, Kim Basinger. 

Only two copies I could find on ebay. One is a CGC Low Very Fine, but it is restored. The other is a PGX 5.5 Low Fine.

ComicLink - There's also two copies available at ComicLink. One is a restored CGC 6.5 Fine Plus and has a more reasonable price than the restored ebay copy. The asking price is only $395. The other copy is an ungraded 2.5 Good Plus (GD+). Click the link to check them out.

Batman #59 cover
Batman #59

  • 1st appearance of Deadshot

The assassin who never misses, Deadshot would become an important member of The Suicide Squad and Secret Six. He made his first appearance as a new crime fighter in the Gotham streets, but would soon become an enemy of Batman when Deadshot aims to take Batman's place. It's later revealed that his original plot was to become the undisputed lord of Gotham City's underworld. If that isn't a lofty goal, I don't know what is!

The copy available on ebay has a buy it now option and best offer option. There are already 12 offers. It doesn't hurt to make an offer.

Batman #61
 Batman #61
  • Origin of Batplane II 

The Batplane gets an upgrade, a stylish new look, and an origin story? You betcha! After all, when you're a millionaire like Bruce Wayne, you can afford lots of cool toys and upgrading them when needed. Remember, back then, he was a millionaire. Now Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, and he never seems to run out of money. God, it must be awesome being a comic book superhero!

Only low grade and non-CGC or PGX copies on ebay.

Comic Connect - Another unslabbed book here at a Low Good 1.8.

Detective Comics #168 Origin of The Joker comic cover Detective Comics #168

  • Origin of The Joker
  • 1st appearance of The Red Hood

Want to talk about a monster of a key Batman issue that's often overlooked? Well this is it - finally the very first origin of how the Joker came to be all sorts of crazy.

So who is this Red Hood character? For those of you who don't know, the Red Hood was The Joker before going undeniably coo-coo and rocking that trademark chalk-white skin and green hair.

Comic Connect - One copy CGC graded 4.5 VG+ that already has 9 offers.

Batman #62
Batman #62 
  • Origin of Catwoman

A pretty major key issue for a pretty major supporting character and villain in the Batman universe, this issue finally reveals the very first origin of the sultry Catwoman, Selina Kyle. Getting this key issue is pretty essential for any Batman or Catwoman fan who seriously wants to add major value to their comic collection. Definitely a solid investment, especially if the new Batman movie reboot features Catwoman again.

Finding high grade copies of this issue won't be easy. Actually, most copies of this issue that I could locate were lower graded copies, and I couldn't find any CGC copies.

Comic Connect - An ungraded 1.8 Good Minus (GD-) is available at Comic Connect. The Buy It price is $135, but the comic is open to offers. 


World's Finest Comics #71, 1st Batman Superman team up comic
World's Finest Comics #71  
  • 1st Batman/Superman team up begins

So Batman and Superman have graced comic covers together and were even within the same story prior to this issue. However, World's Finest Comics #71 marks the first time and begins the famous Batman and Superman team up to battle against evil forces. Superman #76 has the first Batman crossover, in which they do team up as well.  

They also find out each others secret identities. This issue is pretty scarce and even more scarce in higher grades. 


Comic Connect - Lots of copies available at Comic Connect. Most are unslabbed and only one CGC. The CGC copy is a Very Good 4.0. Highest grade is an unslabbed FINE 6.0.

Ready for the grand finale of golden age Batman key issues? Alrighty then! Just click the link to read Part 4>>

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