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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Part 2 of The Ultimate List of Golden Age Key Batman Issues

This is Part 2 of the list of important key Batman issues. If you haven't read Part 1 yet, you can click on the link to do so and then come back. There's a lot of key issue Batman comics to cover, so let's get this on.

Batman #1 Cover image
  • 1st ongoing Batman comic series
  • 1st appearance of The Joker
  • 1st appearance of Catwoman
  • Origin reprinted

Another landmark and holy grail of Batman comics to own. This major key has the first appearance of Batman's arch nemesis and, perhaps, the greatest comic book villain of all time - The Joker. This key issue also has the very first appearance of The Cat, whom later becomes Catwoman. Catwoman also happens to be the first villainess within the Batman comics.

ComicLink - A high grade CGC 9.0 copy is pending at ComicLink, which means there's a wait list to get a stab at this high grade key issue copy. I imagine the wait list is probably pretty long as well. There are other CGC copies available but most are cover less.


Batman #2 cover image
  • 2nd appearance of The Joker
  • 2nd appearance of The Catwoman
  • 1st time character is called Catwoman

Not an easy find. Most golden age Batman comics won't be easy finds and are pretty rare. So if you can locate and afford even a low grade of this Batman key issue comic, you've made quite an accomplishment already.  

ComicLink - Various CGC graded copies available. The highest are mid-grade copies. All of them have "sales pending", but you can get on the wait list.

If waiting ain't for you, there's a few copies of Batman #2 on ebay for sale, but not many. Of course, they're all lower grade copies, which is still pretty rare for these golden age books.

Batman #3 comic cover image
  • 1st Catwoman in costume
  • 1st appearance of Puppet Master

How can you go wrong with one of the sexiest female comic villains donning her first ever costume in this issue? You can't! This issue also marks the 3rd appearance of Catwoman. 

Expect to shell out some dough for this key Batman issue even in lower grades. Here's some places I've located Batman #3: - PGX graded 4.0 (VG) is on consignment at Click the link to check it out.

As of this writing there's also an ungraded 4.0 Very Good copy and a PGX copy of the same grade for sale on ebay, as well as a few lower graded copies.


Detective Comics #40 comic cover image
Detective Comics #40 
  • 1st appearance of Clayface
  • 1st appearance of Basil Karlo
  • Origin of Clayface
  • 1st Joker cover appearance

To clear things up, Basil Karlo is the first and original Clayface in the Batman universe. This key issue has his first full appearance.

The Joker and his first appearance was originally intended for this issue, but his story and 1st appearance ended up being used in Batman #1. 

I've only been able to locate one copy of this key Batman issue on ebay. It's CGC graded 6.0, which is mid-grade, but it's also a restored copy.

Detective Comics #46
  • Death of Hugo Strange

The demise of Batman's first ever major super villian? Does anyone really die in comic books? I suppose we can all safely say that this key issue marks the first death of the character Hugo Strange, even though he doesn't really die but survives the fall. However, Overstreet and the comic collecting community treats this issue as a key issue Batman comic, and so shall I.

Is this an easy find? Not really. There's one copy CGC graded copy on ebay for sale at a 2.0 (Good) grade.

ComicLink - 2 copies are located at ComicLink. One is a .5 (Poor) grade and the other is a Very Good 4.0 grade. Both are CGC and the Poor grade copy is a "sale pending". The Very Good copy can be bid on or can be bought now if you want to meet the seller's asking price.

World's Finest Comics #3 First Appearance of Scarecrow image cover
World's Finest Comics #3

  • 1st Appearance of Scarecrow
  • Origin of Scarecrow 

One of the few Batman villains to have first appear outside of the Detective Comics and Batman titles, the Scarecrow has become quite a popular Batman villain, appearing in both Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins and a short cameo in The Dark Knight. 

Finding this golden age key issue isn't easy and even tougher in higher grades. The first appearance of Scarecrow will cost you more than a pretty penny even in lower grades as well, as you'll soon see if you're on the hunt for this golden age comic

Only two unslabbed copies are available on ebay, and both are pretty pricey. You can check them out below:

ComicLink - As of this writing, only one unslabbed mid grade copy is available to buy and bid on at ComicLink. The bid price is up to $650.00, and the asking price is at $1,300 smack-a-roos, which is well above it's guide price at a 6.0 Fine grade.

Batman #5 comic cover image
Batman #5
  • 1st appearance of the Batmobile

Oh, where does he get those wonderful toys? This issue marks the very first appearance of every comic fan's favorite automobile and coolest car in comics ever - The Batmobile!

This car has probably become the most popular car in history and pop culture, and it doesn't even exist. Yet, that still doesn't stop one from wanting their very own Batmobile. 

As of this writing, there's one copy on ebay that's CGC graded 4.0 Very Good.
ComicLink - There's quite a few copies of Batman #5 at ComicLink. Most are "Sale Pending," but there's one high grade CGC 8.5 VF+ there that you can bid on or buy right now if you meet the sellers asking price. 

  • 1st time Batman and Superman appear together in a story
  • 1st time both appear together with members of JSA

Batman and Superman may have been on covers together, but they never had been in the same story together. Although, this isn't really a team up, this key issue is the very first time that both Batman and Superman occupied the same storyline. They also appear together with members of The Justice Society of America. 

mycomicshop - One copy is available on consignment at mycomicshop. It's a non-graded Low Good (GD-) 1.8.

There are also two copies of All Star Comics #7 on ebay as well

ComicLink - There are two copies available at ComicLink to purchase. One is a very nice CGC 7.0 Fine/Very Fine. The other is a non-graded Low VG 3.5. Click the link to visit the page to check out these copies.

Comic Connect - Quite a few copies are available here. There's a nice high grade CGC 7.5 Low Very Fine up for auction, but there's an extremely high grade CGC 9.2 Low Near Mint available for sale. 

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  1. thanks for posting these awesome key issue lists! I'm new to comics as well as buying and selling so this really means a lot to me!

    1. Hi Gabriel, glad you found this helpful.

  2. thanks I'm writing down these key issues and turning it into a little book of key issues whenever I go shopping for comics!

    1. Awesome! Good stuff Gabriel! Any on this Batman list you've snagged so far?

  3. excellent list. Reading some of the issues right now through The Batman Chronicles. not the real deal but still a great physical anthology. already have vol. 1 and 4 (out of 11 vol). hopefully i can snag some selected volumes containing issues from your list or better, have them all. great article.

    1. Thanks and very cool! Sounds like you got a lot of great Batman reading material there. Always nice to read the classics and be swept up in that time era.