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Friday, March 29, 2013

The List of Silver Age Batman Key Issues To Invest In!

Taking up where we left off with the golden age, we now venture into this great list of important and valuable silver age Batman key issues. Finally, right? It should be noted that the silver age of comics beginnings is typically marked by Showcase #4 published in Oct, 1956. Showcase #4 featured DC Comics revised, new version of Flash, and DC would quickly revise other popular characters such as Green Lantern during the silver age.

Batman #103 cover image
Batman #103
  •  First silver age Batman issue

The first ever Batman issue from the self-titled series that marks the Caped Crusader's adventures into the silver age. This is often an over-looked key Batman issue, but it shouldn't be. The silver age was an incredibly important era in comic history.

This comic also has one of the few rare appearances of Bat-Hound, but thank God the mutt was cancelled pretty quickly. All in all, this issue is often an over-looked Batman key issue comic to invest in. - Two copies are available here. One is going up for auction April 6th of this year, and there's another available as well. Both are lower grade copies, but none are CGC or PGX. This key is still pretty affordable in lower grades.

Comic Connect - A copy of Batman #103 is at Comic Connect for the time being, and it's also a non CGC, lower grade copy. 

ebay - One copy available on ebay for this key issue. Click the link to be brought to ebay's search results concerning this silver age Batman key issue.

ComicLink - Finally, a CGC copy located and available. ComicLink has a CGC graded 6.0 (FINE) available for those of you who don't like buying unslabbed (non-graded) comics.

Detective Comics #236 image cover - 1st Silver Age isue
Detective Comics #236
  • 1st silver age issue for this title
  • First Bat-Tank

As the key Detective Comics #235 is the last golden age issue for this title, Detective Comics #236 marks the very first silver age issue for Detective Comics. Although not really significant, this issue also has the first appearance of the Bat-Tank, but the Bat-Tank never really became an important trademark vehicle or weapon like the Batmobile or Batarangs. 

ebay - One lower grade, unslabbed copy available on ebay. 

Comic Connect - One low grade copy here, non-CGC.


Batman #105 comic image
  • 1st Batwoman in Batman series
  • 2nd appearance of Batwoman anywhere 

In this key issue we have Batwoman's first ever appearance in the Batman comic title, and her second appearance in comics. Batwoman made her debut during the late golden age of comics, and is on my list of important golden age Batman key issues. If you missed the very first appearance of Batwoman, you can find it by clicking the magical blue link.

This silver age comic investment is quite pricey in higher grades as well as even lower grades. I've found some copies of Batman #105 and you can check them out below.

mycomicshop - Two copies are available at Both are consignment items and neither are CGC or PGX graded.

ebay - Quite a few copies available on ebay, but they're in the lower grade range of Very Good and below. Higher grade silver age Batman key issues will be a hard find, and so will CGC graded copies of this issue.

Clicking the link will bring you to the search results page for Batman #105 on ebay.

ComicLink - Speaking of a CGC copy, it seems that ComicLink has one available, but it's a 3.5 (Very Good minus). I'm telling you, high grade silver age Batman key comics aren't easy finds at all.

Comic Connect - There are two copies here, but both are neither CGC or PGX nor high grade. The asking price isn't too bad, however, and below or near guide for their grades. You can always submit an offer also. It's worth a try. 

Detective Comics #265 comic cover imageDetective Comics #265
  • Origin retold with new facts

Another re-telling of the Batman origin but with added new information. This key issue expands further on the Batman lore, and the new facts seem to be important enough for this comic to be a pretty sought out and expensive silver age Batman key issue in higher grades. However, finding a high grade copy is another mystery altogether that would even have the world's greatest detective thrown off for a while.

ebay - Lots of unslabbed copies of Detective Comics #265. Most copies of this issue on ebay seem to be in the lower grade. 

ComicLink - A CGC 6.5 (FINE+) is available to be bid on or to buy it now. This is the highest silver age Batman key issue that I could locate so far as of this writing.

Detective Comics #267 comic book cover image
  • First appearance of Bat-Mite

This first appearance is an often over-looked key issue Batman comic. Bat-What? Bat-Who?

Bat-Mite is actually a pretty cool character. Remember the Superman villain Mister Mxyzptlk? Bat-Mite is an imp just like Mxyzptlk, and also seems to possess near-infinite power. 

However, unlike Mxyzptlk with Superman, Bat-Mite idolizes Batman and sets the superhero up just to see his hero in action. More a nuisance than a supervillain, Bat-Mite often leaves upon realizing he has angered his hero. 

This key is no easy find, but I've located some copies. -  Low Very Good found at mycomicshop for this first appearance of Bat-Mite. Only one copy available so click the link to check it out before somebody else gets smart and snags it.

ebay - Two copies on ebay. Both non-CGC and in the lower grade area. Still may be worth a look if you don't care for slabbed comics!

  • First appearance of Mr. Freeze
  • Origin of Mr. Freeze

Whether you prefer to spell his name Mister Freeze or Mr. Freeze, this super villain was actually first introduced as Mr. Zero in the world of comics. The character's super villain name was later first changed to Mr. Freeze on the 1960's Batman T.V. series. Yep, that's a true story in the historical chronicles of Batman.

Thank God that happened, too. Mr. Freeze is so much catchier than Mr. Zero. Anyways, this is a major silver age Batman key issue that will no doubt produce a nice dent in your wallet, but will be quite worth it for anyone looking to own some rare, Batman key issue comic investments.

mycomicshop - the wonderful online comic store has two CGC copies available for sale. One is a 4.5 Very Good Plus and the other a straight-up Good 2.0.

ebay - There are quite a few copies on ebay, and a few CGC. However, most are in the Very Good range. Watch out for the Toys R' Us reprints. You may think you're getting a hell of a deal on a rare and hard to find Batman key issue, but it just very well may be a reprint.

Comic Connect - 4 more copies are available at Comic Connect, all in the lower grades as well. No CGC copies available.

Batman #129 imageBatman #129
  • Origin of Robin retold 
  • Batwoman appearance

An early re-telling of Robin's origin makes this comic somewhat of a silver age key issue to get. This issue also has one of the few appearances of Batwoman as well. Batman #129 isn't a cheap comic to get either. A low Near Mint will cost you over $700 or more. That's if you can find one that's high grade. Finding mid-grade copies seems to be quite a hunt for many early silver age Batman keys. CGC copies seem to be even more of a hunt.
Well, let's see what we've located here!

ebay - Various copies are available on ebay, but no CGC copies. Also, most seem to fall in the Very Good range. 

Comic Connect - CC has one available lower grade copy available for sale. It's also an unslabbed or raw book (not CGC or PGX graded), and clocks in at a low Very Good.

Detective Comics #298 cover - 1st Silver Age Clayface
Detective Comics #298
  • 1st silver age Clay Face
  • Intro Matt Hagen

Many characters in the DC universe got revised or updated during the silver age, and Clay Face from the Batman universe was no exception. This issue introduces Clay Face II, and the character of Matt Hagen who had an unfortunate accident with a pool of radioactive protoplasm and takes up the mantle after the original Clay Face, Basil Karlo.

This issue is one of the major key issues within the Batman silver age era, and one of the best comics to invest in concerning silver age DC Comics. It also happens to be quite affordable in lower grades.

ebay - A lot of unslabbed copies on ebay. Most are in the lower grades, but there was a mid-grade and upper mid-grade copy I saw in the search results. Click the link to check them out.

Comic Connect - Low grade, VG- (low Very Good) available at Comic Connect. Affordable copy!

Batman #139
  •  1st appearance original Bat-Girl
  • Intro Betty Kane

Before there was Barbara Gordon, the Bat-Girl we all know of today, there was Betty Kane who appeared as the first and original superheroine to claim the title. Not too many people know this, but now you do.

Much like Batwoman, the original Bat-Girl was created because of allegations of Batman and Robin being homosexual. However, DC editor Julius Shwartz began pulling out characters like Bat-Mite, Ace the bathound, and the original Bat-Girl from the Batman stories to try to undo the campiness that plagued the title at time. 

Why is this a key issue? Well, this character did help pave the way for Barbara Gordon to become the new Bat-Girl, and the character has become a DC fan-favorite. 

ebay - The only place I could find available copies of this Batman key issue is at ebay. At the time of this writing, there are no CGC copies and most are unslabbed lower grade copies. If you don't mind much about very good copies for certain key issues, be sure to click the blue link above and check them out.

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Part 4 To The Ultimate List of Golden Age Key Batman Issues

We are wrapping up this list of golden age key Batman issues, and Part 4 will be the last concerning key issues in Batman's golden era. This list will be short and sweet and these comics are direct preludes into what becomes silver age Batman.

Detective Comics #233 comic cover
Detective Comics #233 

  •  First appearance of Batwoman
  • Intro Kathy Kane
  • Origin of Batwoman

Before there ever was a Batgirl, there was a Batwoman that was introduced in the early dawn of Batman silver age comics. Her alter ego was Kathy Kane, and why she was created by Bob Kane, Sheldon Moldoff with writer Edmond Hamilton under the direction of editor Jack Schiff was to further expand Batman's universe of characters. 

Batwoman was introduced as a love interest for Batman. The reason for this was to clear up allegations that Batman was a homosexual contained within the book Seduction of the Innocent. Written by Fredric Wertham, Seduction of the Innocent alleged that comic books were a negative influence on American kids and caused juvenile delinquency. Whatta putz!

ebay - This is not an easy key issue to find. Both ComicLink and Comic Connect have none available. Of course, ebay has a few various copies of this silver age Batman key issue. If you're on the hunt for this issue, be sure to click the link to check them out.

 Detective Comics #235

  • Batman origin
  • Batman's costume origin
  • Reveals Bruce Wayne's father wore Bat-costume to fight crime

Not only does this issue retells Batman's origin in flashbacks, it also reveals a bit more about Bruce Wayne's mysterious father and that Thomas Wayne was actually a crime fighter marked for death. Discovering this in his father's diary, Batman learns that Joe Chill was just a tool for gangster Lew Moxon. Thus, Batman and Robin go after the real man behind the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. 

How easy of a find is this key issue?

ebay - There are only a few copies of Detective #235 on ebay, but none of them are CGC graded. One is up for auction at the time of this writing, and has 6 days left. You can click the link to check it out. The link will bring you directly to ebay's search results for this issue.

Comic Connect - More unslabbed and lower grade copies of Detective Comics #235 has been located at Comic Connect.

ComicLink - Finally a copy that's CGC graded. However, it's not a high grade book, but a 5.0 VG/F- (Very Good/Low Fine). Still, if you prefer graded books, this key issue is no easy find. It won't hurt to check it out.

Now, finally, I can say we are heading into the silver age Batman key issues that any serious Batman collector and comic investor needs to consider having in their collection. If you missed the other parts to this list of golden age Batman key issues you can visit the links below to check them out.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Wolverine Trailer Released! First Look At The Wolverine Movie!

The Wolverine movie image

No matter what you thought of X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, there's only a few more months until Hugh Jackman and the highly anticipated follow up The Wolverine slashes it's way into theaters. Based on the beloved story arc of the 1982 Wolverine limited series 1-4 by legendary comic scribe, Chris Claremont, and legendary comic writer and artist, Frank Miller, I had to admit I was a both nervous and excited when they announced this movie was going to happen.

Now that the first The Wolverine movie trailer has been released, I can honestly say it looks pretty good. Check it out below:

I have to say that this is probably one of the best first movie trailers of this year for a comic book movie. The first trailer for Iron Man 3 was incredibly weak. The second Iron Man 3 trailer was a lot more interesting.  The first movie trailer released for Man of Steel was extremely vague and non-exceptional. Actually, to be honest, both the Man of Steel trailers were pretty bland, the second being a little more intriguing than the first.

What I liked about The Wolverine trailer? We get a clue that Wolverine just may lose his infamous healing factor and become mortal. A vulnerable Wolverine is an interesting concept. I didn't see that one coming. However, a vulnerable Wolverine going up against ninja and samurai steel? That's even more intriguing!

Silver Samurai and The Viper on set
And speaking of samurai steel, the Silver Samurai looks pretty damn awesome. I thought he may look cheesy, but, then again, I thought the same thing about Captain America hitting the silver screen also. Well, I still think Cap's costume in The First Avenger was a lot cooler than his get-up in The Avengers.

image of Viper played by Svetlan Khodchenkova
So the Silver Samurai looks extremely promising as a badass, but what about the Viper, formerly known as Madame Hydra, played by Svetlana Khodchenkova? Yes, she looks hot as expected! Was there really any doubts about that? Hard to imagine that Hollywood hottie, Jessica Biel, had recently refused the role, but whatever.

Now, what I didn't like about this trailer? Really, not much except for the fact that we didn't get a glimpse of Mariko Yashida, Wolverine's love interest in the comic book storyline. We did get a glimpse of Yukio, and I assume Yukio will be more important to the storyline. 

All in all, I'm pretty excited that The Wolverine just may deliver this time, and Hugh Jackman won't regret reprising his role as Marvel's most famous bezerker mutie. Then again, the trailers for X-Men Origins: Wolverine looked pretty badass as well.  

If you want to see more comic book movies and their trailers coming out soon, be sure to visit the link. For more comic book movie news, click right here!

So fellow fans, what do you think? Share your opinions below! Don't be shy!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dave Batista Joins Guardians of the Galaxy Cast As Drax The Destroyer!

Drax The Destroyer image

Only a few months ago, the rumors of who would fill the titular role of Peter Quill, a.k.a Star-Lord, for the Guardians of the Galaxy cast buzzed around the comic and movie world. Big names like Ben Barnes and Joseph Gordon-Levitt swirled around for quite a while until it was recently announced that Chris Pratt would bring the cosmic Guardians of the Galaxy leader to life.

Chris Pratt? Who's that? To be completely honest, I've never even heard of the dude until about a month ago, and to be completely honest, I'm pretty indifferent to the choice. I did, however, think that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was going to win that role. 

Regardless, whether you considered Chris Pratt as the choice for Star-Lord to be disappointing or not, Disney and Marvel have once again dropped another powerbomb on comic fans. Yes, it's true...WWE wrestler Dave Batista has signed on to play Jim Starlin's beloved cosmic comic book character, Drax the Destroyer.

Dave Batista image
This spine crushing move may have excited wrestling fans, but it's left many comic and movie fans scratching their heads a bit. It's true, after all, while Batista can talk the talk and walk the walk in a wrestling or MMA ring and sure enough has the body to play the cosmic warrior hell-bent on destroying Thanos, he isn't really well-known for his acting chops.

Then again, will Batista really need acting chops to convey Drax the Destroyer? The comic character is a scowling, menacing, hulk driven by revenge, and Dave Batista has the look down and had plenty of practice in the revenge arena playing his character in the WWE.

Then again, Tyler Mane was a former professional wrestler turned actor, and we all remember his portrayal of Sabretooth in the first X-Men movie.

Let's be fair, though. That disappointment can also be attributed to the way Sabretooth was written as well. Still though, does this mean that the character of Drax the Destroyer may be dumbed-down in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

I sure hope not. Pertaining to Thanos in the comics, Drax the Destroyer is a pretty important character. While driving through the desert, Arthur Douglas and his family were attacked and killed by a space ship flown by none other than Thanos.

An entity known as Kranos, the Titan God (Thanos is from the moon Titan orbiting Saturn), puts Arthur's spirit in a powerful body of increased strength and resilience. Dubbed Drax the Destroyer, his sole mission is to seek revenge and kill Thanos.

[Visit the link to find out the first appearance of Drax the Destroyer in comics]

Drax The Destroyer
I highly doubt that the movie will go into Drax's origin, and the one I provided was really a freeze-dried version of it. But, I still hope they do not make him a one-dimensional character either by just focusing the character on his lust for revenge on Thanos.

I also highly even doubt Drax the Destroyer will look like the character during the 70s and 80s, which really just looked like a cosmic version of The Vision. Chances are he will probably resemble his more modern comic era for the flick

I do have to admit that I like the appearance of the older version of Drax better than his more up to date look. Then again, I like vintage comics better than modern comics, and that really has no bearing on the comic book's movie aspect.

Anyways, it sure beats wondering whether or not the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is even gonna happen like we were wondering only a year ago. Now, there are two within the Guardians of the Galaxy cast - Chris Pratt and Batista - for Marvel Comic's space adventure movie coming out in 2014.  

Whether their acting choices were good or not still remains to be seen. I'm not overly impressed so far nor disappointed.

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