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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Putting The Super in Cosplay - The One & Only Victoria Schmidt aka Scruffy Rebel

Scruffy Rebel Jean Grey cosplay
Photoshop rendering by SGH PhotoArt.

Who says you can't be into geeky things and be super spectacular at the same time? Well, cosplayer extraordinaire Victoria Schmidt, who goes by the cosplay alias Scruffy Rebel, does just that, and I'm honored to have her be the first cosplayer featured on Total Comic Mayhem.

Scruffy Rebel as X-Man Jean Grey
Photoshop rendering by SGH PhotoArt.
Yes, this female cosplay gal grew up in the land of Geekdom, watching the Batman Animated Series as well as Japanese anime. She played D&D and could ramble on about topics like Transformers and Spider-Man with the best of them, often doing so with the close friends she grew up with. 

Victoria's first cosplay experience was at the Anime Expo when she was a freshman in highschool, and she's been an avid convention goer and costume enthusiast since. She's appeared at numerous conventions such as the San Diego Comic Con, Dragon Con, Comikaze Expo and many, many others. 

No matter what convention she's at, Victoria and her boyfriend, who helps in the costume creative process, has been churning out a wide array of amazing and accurately detailed costumes. Her first cosplay philosophy:

"Cosplay should be fun!" 

Scruffy Rebel Jean Grey pic taken by Tim Wang
Photo by Tim Wang @
I couldn't agree with her more on that philosophy, and there's no doubt Victoria takes that ideal to heart. She does an amazing job of looking as close to the characters she cosplays as super-humanly possible. The Jean Grey costume she created is superbly accurate to the Jim Lee design from the character's costume during the 90s.

It's extremely impressive just how much she actually looks and resembles the X-Men comic character Jean Grey. I would even go as far as to say she puts Famke Janssen to shame when it comes to resembling the character. Don't worry dear Famke, I still love you, but I gotta keep it real, you know? The truth is the truth. Victoria is one of the few convincing Jean Greys out there.

Scruffy Rebel Supergirl new 52 cosplay pic by Britt Dietz
Britt Dietz Photography

Not to mention that she resembles a pretty awesome Supergirl also. The costume, inspired by the new 52 look, is probably one of the best Supergirl outfits out there so far. 

Nevertheless, Victoria also knows that it's not just only about making a great costume. Making the costume as accurate as possible is only part of cosplay.

Like every good cosplayer knows, getting into the character and having fun with it is just as equally important. Actually, it's a prerequisite, and Victoria shows that she's passionate and dedicated to the craft, the art, and most of all the characters she's a fan of. 

Jaina Solo art by Chris Trevas
Art by Chris Trevas Copyright Lucasfilm, LTD
Victoria isn't only a comic fan. Outside the realm of comics and superhero costumes, she's also a huge Star Wars fan. Her favorite character is the Rogue Squadron pilot and Jedi, Jaina Solo, and the cosplay of the character she does is so well-known and beloved by fans that she caught the attention of Star Wars artist Chris Trevas. Victoria ended up  modeling the character for him, and the painting to the left, which Trevas used Victoria as a reference, ended up in the Star Wars: The Essential Reader's Companion book.
It's quite evident Victoria shares the love for her favorite characters through costuming and cosplay. The amount of time, effort and money it takes to craft these costumes is an enormous undertaking, and she absolutely  does the utmost justice to each character she recreates! 

In fact, she is such a dedicated costuming and cosplay enthusiast that Victoria has been interviewed quite a few times on T.V., the web, and magazines regarding this passion..

Yahoo, Russia Today RTAmerica, Japan Cinema, and the Fangirl Blog are just some of the media groups that wanted to have a few kind words with the cosplay heroine. Hopefully, Victoria will grace us with a possible interview someday here on Total Comic Mayhem.

A huge gracious thank you to Victoria for generously allowing me to use these wonderful pictures of her. Also much gratitude to her and other cosplayers for bringing our favorite characters to life and making comic conventions that much more fun and special for their fellow fans.

To learn more, be sure to visit Victoria's website at, as well as check out her facebook fan page to see more pics and drop a hello.

Photo by Jason Nishi - Light Saber effect by fan

Also a huge shout out to Britt Dietz Photography @, Tim Wang @, SGH PhotoArt, and Jason Nishi for shooting and rendering such amazing photographs of this amazing, dedicated female cosplayer.

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