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Monday, February 11, 2013

NewKadia Clearance Sale Part 2! Get 20 to 25% Off!

Looks like NewKadia is having a Part 2 to their annual clearance sale, and that's just fine with me. More opportunity to get those key issue comics and save! If you haven't heard of NewKadia and looking for where to buy comics online, NewKadia is definitely a place to consider when it comes to buying comic books online.

So here's the deal. If you're a repeat costumer, you can save a nice 20% on orders of $20 to $249. Order $250 and up and get 25% off your order! Not bad, huh?

Just use the code: part2 at checkout.

I still see some really great golden, silver, and bronze age key issues to grab there. Here's just a few suggestions to consider for your collection:

Conan #1 (1970) - I'm still shocked and surprised to see this bronze age key issue still available, especially since Arnold (The Governator) Schwarzenegger has announced that he will return to the role of Conan, and that means a new Conan movie is in the works already. Check it out before the movie hype drives up the demand and value for this book.

Wonder Woman #45 - This golden age goodie is a rare find, and a low VF copy is an extremely awesome and gorgeous investment. Not a key issue, but these golden age comics of popular superhero comics are getting harder and harder to scrounge up.

If you're looking to add some golden age comics to your collection, there's no better time than to take advantage of NewKadia's Part 2 Clearance Sale and save an extra 25% on this comic. Click the link to check out this golden age comic and add it as another prized possession in your comic collection.

Amazing Spider-Man #28 - You can never go wrong with silver age Spider-Man comics, especially an issue in the lower numbers. They just keep going up and up even in lower grades. This is a key issue on top of that - The first appearance of the Molten Man. NewKadia still has two copies in the lower grades, so if you're looking to fill that gap in your collection, visit this link to check out this silver age key issue Spider-Man comic.

These are just some great comics to consider that NewKadia still have available. There's a whole lot more comics to buy online there, so visit NewKadia and save now!

Remember use the code:


at check out.

You'll save 20% on orders of $20 to $249. 
And 25% on orders $250 and up!

Not sure when this sale ends! Good luck and happy huntin'!

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