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Friday, February 22, 2013

Key Issue Alert - Strange Tales #110 1st Appearance of Dr. Strange!

Strange Tales #110
1st Appearance of Dr. Strange 
Published July, 1963
 Key issue located:

ComicLink: This silver age key issue and the first appearance of Dr. Strange has been located at ComicLink in various grades. The highest is a CGC graded 8.5, and most there are CGC graded. Expect to shell out bucks for this Marve key issue. A low VF is listed at $1,950 and the bid price isn't far behind at $1,700. You can click the blue link above or this link right here to see for yourself.
Comic Connect: Comic Connect just got a whopping CGC 9.2, and this beauty goes on auction February 25th. Be sure to click the link to check out this high grade comic, and if you're on the hunt for this book, be sure to register and bid.

Comic Connect also has a raw/unslabbed (which means non CGC or PGX graded) Strange Tales #110 clocked in at a Fine plus (FN+). The asking price is $1,375, and the highest offer at $735.

Ebay: And of course, there's ebay. There are quite a few copies of this key issue comic up on ebay, and they're CGC graded as well. You know how I feel about buying non-CGC graded books on ebay. Buy unslabbed comics on ebay at your own peril.

Here's some options if you wanna go the ebay route.

Make no mistake that the first appearance of Dr. Strange in Strange Tales #110 is an extremely hot key issue to get right now. Especially since Kevin Feige has talked about how a Dr. Strange movie will help to kick off Marvel's cinematic Phase III.

A Dr. Strange movie will most likely appear post Avengers 2 in 2015 or 2016, meaning you have some time but not a lot. You can bet that demand for this book from now until then will continue to heat up, and the closer it gets to Dr. Strange hitting the theaters, the more deeper you'll dig into your pocket for this book.

So, you know what I always say, Get in on this one as soon as you can!

You can read the news about the Dr. Strange movie being part of Marvel's Phase 3 by clicking the link.   

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