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Monday, February 4, 2013

Justice League Movie Not Set In Stone? What the..???

Justice League of America - Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, and the Flash

Just when you thought it was safe to get all excited about DC and Warner Bros. announcing that they were serious about finally making a Justice League movie, the camp pulls the rug out from under fans once again.

Man of Steel film image
To summarize, the report by Variety Magazine alluded that the Justice League movie is by no means set in stone and the film ever hitting the theaters is dependent on how well Man of Steel does this summer. You can read the article by visiting this page.

I suppose this is news that I should put in the Comic Movie News section at Total Comic Mayhem, but I opted this to be a rant. Surely, not a rave by any means.

The news of DC's top brass waiting to see how Man of Steel performs before pushing ahead with the Justice League has further left me frustrated at the inept ability for DC/Warner to get their mainstream heroes up on the screen. I know that other fans have also felt this way as well.

The fact that Warner would announce a release date and then later doubt it makes me believe that Warner should sell the DC rights over and let a more competent movie studio with the guts and vision to bring DC's library of comic heroes to the screen. Or, do what Marvel did, and license the characters out if they can't handle them.

Either way, it shows absolutely no backbone, and this lame statement shows me, as a fan, that they don't really believe in the characters or the project.  

The mindset over at the Warner/DC camp seems to be the complete opposite of Marvel and Disney, who believe in their heroes enough to push forward and take risks when it comes to getting their characters on the screen. And it's not just their mainstream A-list characters, either. Those at Disney/Marvel are excited to even get their less popular characters like Gaurdians of the Galaxy, Iron Fist, and Doctor Strange from the comics to the screen.

Maybe the less than stellar performance of Green Lantern in 2011 has spooked Warner/DC. Still, Marvel is even talking aggressively about doing another Hulk movie even though the two predecessors didn't live up to expectations. 

Everything hinges on the Man of Steel, and if the movie sucks, Warner/DC may likely pull out of pushing ahead with a Justice League film. Can Superman carry the load for a film that could be a huge and major epic event in cinematic and comic book history?

Truthfully, I don't know the answer, and why should I be optimistic about it when it seems that the heads over at Warner even have doubts of their own Man of Steel film. Kevin Feige, president of production at Marvel Entertainment, was already talking excitedly about Marvel's Phase II before the Avengers movie even was released and proved itself successful. 

So, I say this as a comic fan to the DC/Warner camp, if you guys don't have the love, belief, and vision to get our beloved comic characters to the big screen, let them go to people who can take the reigns and make things happen! It will only be so long until we get tired of only Batman (in which Nolan's trilogy was quite amazing) and Superman reboots.

What are your thoughts about this? Be sure to comment below.  


  1. DC has been paranoid ever since Green Lantern if nobody could see that coming..I mean really he's having a conversation with his girlfriend, who's disappointed that he's afraid
    to go and possibly get killed...lame. His personality was too Jim Carey and not enough Hero. Anyways, you can bet your red capes that Superman is going to bring the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    back to Warner...this looks to be the Superhero movie of the year. Then they wll come out of hiding and go for it with JLA. With Warner, it just feels like they are half ass backwards in their movie no one's at the wheel for an order of releases. After all of Marvel's shortcomings in the comic world (spidey 700...poor Stan Lee must be scratching his head thinking..."oh boy...some 90th birthday gift ya' got me fellas...Sheesh!" and chapter 11 bout, it seems they have finally struck gold with their recent movie choices and the Heroes just keep on cming with no end in sight, and until DC gets their head out of the sand...Make Mine Marvel...Nuff Said!

    1. Heya L.K., thanks for joining the convo and dropping some of your thoughts on the matter. Man of Steel may bring the ka-ching this year and the Dark Knight Rises was a pretty good smash hit as well.

      DC has a library of heroes that they could bring to the screen if they just believed in the characters, the projects, and stopped making it all about money. If these things are just done all for the money, the final product will show and it'll suck.

      They should be a lot more confident and show excitement for their properties, instead of going, "Yeah, Avengers was a huge success we're gonna do a Justice League to...Oh, we don't know, we'll wait and see how Man of Steel does before we seriously consider Justice League."

      Doh! That really shows a lack of confidence and belief, and hell if they aren't super excited about their superhero projects and movies then why should anyone else be?

      I like Disney/Marvel's attitude. They go in thinking this is gonna be awesome...this movie will be an event! Let's make it work!

      Green Lantern bombed, but that doesn't mean they can't give it another try and make the reboot better. Everyone wants to see Sinestro and Hal Jordan go at it.

      I think Warner/DC just wants to beat the same horses until their finally dead.

      Thanks for chiming in and great points on the matter!