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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wolverine Limited Series 1-4 CGC Graded 9.6

My Wolverine limited series 1 and 2 CGC 9.6 graded comics

With John Carter playing on my flat screen T.V. and Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life" playing on my laptop, I'm sitting here about to unleash another comic book goodie from my vault. Actually, I should say, unleash a set of goodies.

In this episode of My Comic Vault, I chose to share my Wolverine limited series 1-4 comics. Why? Because I've been harping people to get these bad boys for a while now.

Sure, a lot of it had to do with The Wolverine movie set to hit theaters next year. There's little doubt that the sequel is ramping up the demand for these issues. After all, the new Wolverine flick is based off this limited series.

That's right, my friends. Wolverine will be slashing it up in Japan, going up against ninjas and one mutant samurai. Claws against samurai steel! 

I'm expecting the sequel to be pretty awesome since the Wolverine limited series is one of my favorite comic stories out of the Marvel Comics Universe, and there's a pantheon of legendary stories from Marvel Comics.

Aside from that, these key Wolverine issues have always been in-demand. A lot of fans love this story arc by legendary writer Chris Claremont and legendary comic artist Frank Miller. 

Not to mention these issues are the very first self-titled Wolverine comics starring our favorite bezerker mutie outside the X-Men comic realm. Actually, Wolverine is my favorite character from the X-Men world.

My Wolverine limited series 3 and 4 CGC 9.6 comic images
So like I said in previous posts referring you all to get the jump on snagging these Wolverine key issues, I opted to get all the issues in high grade 9.6 since this series came out in 1982 near the end of the bronze age. Remember, there are quite a lot of high grade copies of these issues floating around.

I also decided to get CGC graded ones as well...actually all of them CGC graded. If you've been following Total Comic Mayhem for a while now, you know why I prefer to get CGC graded copies instead of raw/unslabbed ones.

I don't like arguing over grades when I do decide to sell off my comics or collection. The great thing about CGC is that their graded books are universal and widely accepted by both collectors and dealers. Always cover your back when it comes to investing in comics! Always!

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying you have to get slabbed copies of this series. I have a set of raw copies as well, but they aren't as high grade as these. 

So here are a few more of my lovely prized key issue comics from the vault. All high grade 9.6, and all CGC graded. 

Wondering what Woverine key issues you should be gunning for? No problem, bub! Just click the link to see my top Wolverine key issues to snag! 

Want to see more comics from my vault? Click the link below to read my previous article and stay tuned for more comics I'll share from my vault in do time!

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