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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Uncanny X-Men 121 9.4 CGC Signature Series!

Yeah, you hear me a lot talking about get this and get that for this reason and that reason, but do I even put my money where my mouth is? I can understand if some are skeptical whether I even collect comics or not.

Well, welcome to the very first post in the Comics Vault section, where I'll either bring out some goodies from my secret vault or share my latest snags that I've added to my comic book collection.

I'm gonna kick this off with just one of my prized possessions from my vault to start, and that is my CGC 9.4 Signature Series Uncanny X-Men #121. I believe I snagged this issue back in 2010.

Uncanny X-Men #121 CGC 9.4 Signature Series Signed by Chris Claremont

So why this particular comic book? Well, let's start off with the first series X-Men title is my all time favorite. Absolutely love the mutants in the Marvel Universe!

It also happens to be issue 121, which is a key issue. It's the full first appearance of Alpha Flight.

But aside from being a bronze age key issue and a near mint 9.4 CGC grade, the book was also signed by legendary comic writer Chris Claremont. The run Claremont and John Byrne did on the X-Men series during the bronze age is one of the best runs in the X-Men world. A lot of fans will back me on that one.

Sure, a 9.6 or 9.8 would've been better, but let's look at the CGC census of how many Uncanny X-Men #121s are graded at 9.4. So far there are 221 copies at 9.4 recorded by CGC.

However, let's get a little deeper and look at how many CGC Signature Series are graded at a 9.4 near mint. So far there are only 4 copies of this issue graded within the Signature Series label.

Now that's rare! Even if all four of these copies at that grade are signed by Chris Claremont within the Signature Series, it's still a pretty rare copy I snagged. I highly doubt that at least one of the four isn't signed by John Byrne or the cover artist Terry Austin.

Is this comic a good investment? I believe it is with all the reasons I gave prior. It's also not an easy find.

Actually, just owning a decent copy of Uncanny X-Men #121 is a good comic investment choice. After all, it is a key issue and the first appearance of Alpha Flight.

I wouldn't go any lower than a very fine, however. This is a bronze age comic and a very fine/near mint 9.0 is considered high grade during this era.

So there you have a peek at just one of my prized comics in my vault. Be sure to click the link to see the next batch of my prized comics I brought out of The Comic Vault to geek out on.

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