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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Total Comic Mayhem's Year In Review!

Well, my fellow comic fans, it seems like the world didn't end, and we'll be heading into another new year. This year has been great, and we've seen a lot in terms of comic related events. This is a recap on the amazing highlights of this year that's coming to an end.

Once again, the folks at Marvel pushed the social boundaries in the world of comics and made history. Back in June, the first gay marriage in comics was featured in Astonishing X-Men #51 between Canadian mutant Northstar and his long time partner Kyle. Of course, this issue created a huge controversy amongst more conservative comic fans who voiced their opinions strongly, especially when DC Comics, once again late to the punch, followed suit.

Yes, the year 2012 also saw a famous DC Comic character come out of the closet, and it was none other than Alan Scott - the original Green Lantern. Northstar became the first gay superhero in comics back in 1992, and some fans called "Scott's Coming Out" as DC jumping on the bandwagon.

Also in comics, two of Marvel's mightiest superhero teams decided to lay the smack down against each other in the Avengers vs. X-Men comic book series. Needless to say, this limited series and cross over event became a smash hit. No pun intended. 

DC Comics was no slouch in shaking things up in the world of comics as well. In February, DC announced that a series of prequel comics to the successful Watchmen graphic novel would be published. Various creators as well as famed comic writer Alan Moore voiced their objections to not having it happen.

However, one of the biggest highlights was the kiss and tell cover of the New 52 Justice League #12, featuring Superman and Wonder Woman getting their kissy faces on. Teasing a possible relationship between comics two most famous characters ever created a frenzy for this issue. 

But that's not all concerning DC. Those crazy cats also introduced a new Green Lantern into the DCU. Yep, in Green Lantern #0, DC Comics finally beat Marvel to the punch by creating and introducing Simon Baz, the first Muslim Arab-American superhero in comics.

Marvel also shook things up as well by forever changing one their most memorable and popular comic characters in Amazing Spider-Man #700. This issue marks the end of the extremely popular Spider-Man series and news of it created such an outcry from fans that a few even made death threats against writer Dan Slott.

However, fans are in a frenzy over getting the last 700th issue, and it's no surprise. I don't want to spoil anything for those of who don't know, but if you're curious, get a copy or digital comic of the 700th and last Amazing Spider-Man issue from the series.

As for record sales in the comic investing world, there was no better shock this year when a Walking Dead #1 CGC graded 9.9 sold for a whopping $10,000 dollars this year. 

Not bad for a modern age comic book. Actually, it's a really darn good investment, and one of the most valuable comics from the modern age. Yes, I do think the hit TV series had a lot to do with this comic breaking a record sales. However, will it continue to give the comics a jump in demand and value? We shall have to see, won't we?

In terms of comic book movies, 2012 had an onslaught of great films starring our favorite superheroes. Among them was the rebooted Amazing Spider-Man movie. I liked this remake and believe Andrew Garfield did a superb job capturing Peter Parker. 

The Avengers movie stillAlso, the Avengers became a huge smash hit at the box office. The movie became the number 3 highest grossing film at the box office right under Avatar! Disney and Marvel Studios are praised for pushing the envelop not only with their comics but also with their movies. The Avengers became the first cross-over comic book film in history, and also featured the first ever shared Marvel universe in film

This tie-in concept has lead to the faster paced emergence of Marvel Comics to get their characters to the big screen. In this year alone, Disney/Marvel confirmed a Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and Avengers 2 movie release dates. You can click the blue link to see a list of all comic book movies coming soon.

Not soon after the Avengers mega hit, we got to see the last final installment to Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise with The Dark Knight Rises. Although the Dark Knight Rises was weakest out of the three films, Many fans are hailing Nolan's Batman movies as the best comic book trilogies ever made. 

Actually, minus the first Superman film franchise with Christopher Reeves and the 80s - 90s Batman film franchise, Nolan's Batman trilogy is the fourth comic book movie franchise to even have a third installment. Marvel's only movie franchise to have a trilogy is the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, but that won't be for long.
In light of the Avengers movie success, Warner/DC also announced a release date for a Justice League movie to go up against Avengers 2 in the summer of 2015. Of course, no exact release date was confirmed, but we shall see how those folks at Warner/DC pull this off, especially since they confirmed that Will Beall will be writing the script. You can read more about the latest developments of the Justice League movie at the link.

And only two months ago, it seems another celebrity decided to get in touch with their geekness and don the costume of a famed comic book character. Following Kim Kardashian, her mom Kris Jenner also leaked a hot a photo of her in a sexy Wonder Woman costume that leaked out a few things of their own. Despite the criticism, Total Comic Mayhem has gives props to anyone who cosplays it up and pays homage to the wonderful ladies and female superheroes in comic books.

So it's a been a great year for comic fans. Well, depending how you saw it. Even if you didn't see it as a marvelous year in the world of comics, you have to admit it was at least an interesting one. 

So let's gear up for 2013, because there's a lot to look forward to comic fans! Oh, and be sure to have a safe and Happy New Year!

See ya in the new year,


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