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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Superior Spider-Man #1 Comes Out Tomorrow!

If The Amazing Spider-Man #700 caused a frenzy then get ready for tomorrow when Superior Spider-Man #1 hits the comic shop shelves. Please believe, it will be a madhouse!

WARNING: Stop reading if you missed out on Amazing Spider-Man #700 and hate SPOILERS, 'cause I'm unloading some here. If you really don't care, keep reading.

Superior Spider-Man #1 cover! Alrighty! Now we got that out of the way! There's no doubt that Superior Spider-Man #1 is going to be a landmark Marvel Comics issue. After all, it's the start of the new on-going Spidey series.

No, not another Spidey titled comic! Nope, it ain't like that at all. Marvel Comics has ended the Amazing Spider-Man series. It's finito...Kaput...done!

Not only that, however. We get to see just how Doc Ock does as the new Spider-Man. Yes, this first issue will bring us into a completely new world than that of Peter Parker. This world will be through the eyes and mind of Otto Octavius dealing with a new life as a superhero. Okay, not just any superhero...Spider-Man and how he deals with Peter Parker's life as an impostor will propel us into a whole new, exciting drama.

Doc Ock as the new Spider-Man? Pretty preposterous!

Not only did Marvel kill off The Amazing Spider-Man series, they also killed off one of comics most beloved characters.

Peter Parker and Doc Ock's freaky friday switch-a-roo added some pretty cool drama. Yes, one couldn't help but root for Parker, while he struggled to break out of Doc Ock's dying body and return back to his life (literally)

And just when you thought Peter Parker would once again beat the odds, we now have Superior Spider-Man with the once villainous Doctor Octopus's mind occupying the body of Peter Parker.  

Even more mind-boggling is the fact Doc Ock managed to retain Peter Parker's memories and believes he can actually be a better Spider-Man. Even Mulder from the X-Files would have a hard time believing that one. 

Whether you believe this is the most absurd gimmick in comics since DC Comics killed off Superman, it's made Spidey fans completely bonkers. A lot of head scratching, forehead slapping, and verbal threats towards writer Dan Slott has been catching on worse than the flu virus.

Nevertheless, everyone's intrigued by how this will play out, and a lot are curious to how Superior Spidey will affect the Marvel Comics Universe. Oh, and this landmark issue will indeed kick off some pretty interesting mayhem to come!

Marvel has already stated that they do NOT plan to reverse this anytime soon. Well see how long that lasts. Remember, Superior Spider-Man #1 comes out tomorrow and is a DO-NOT-MISS issue!      


  1. Regardless of how they did this, it's pretty clear the Otto isn't going to be in control of Spider-man forever, somehow Peter will be back in a few years (I assumed at least half a year). I mean, Peter Parker IS Spider-Man.

    I thought it looked pretty preposterous too. But after I thought about it after #700 (and maybe after I saw the first few released pages of SSM) I thought this could be interesting.

    Then I read it. I was thoroughly enjoying it and thinking this could be my new favorite for the next few years. Lots and lots of possibilities as far as I was concerned. Insights in to Peter's thoughts and how Otto perceived him and his thoughts too.

    Then I got to the last page and as far as I was concerned they ruined it.

    1. I completely agree to every word in that comment hahaha

  2. I have to agree with you 100% on everything you said. The story was pretty intriguing, and I was liking how it was going all the way until the end.

    When I got to the end, I was like...really? Did they have to go that route so soon? They could've waited to do something like that until issue 30 or something.

    You are right...they did ruin the ending.